Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

Did you know you can earn a full-time income working with leading fashion and travel brands online? Wanting to find the latest social media tips and techniques to get your platform noticed. Below are some easy strategies I’ve used to get my social platforms noticed by leading travel brands.

If you are wanting to make social media really work for your then investing in some courses or online automation and scheduling tools is almost a must. Below are some free and paid social media tools and courses to get you started.

Social media Tools

Canva – This is a fantastic tool I use every time I create a blog post. I use it to make Pinterest pins, social media banners and story images and much more. I have had no issues using the free version, but I also know many bloggers you use the premium version with extra benefits.

TailWind – A must have scheduling system if you really want to take Pinterest seriously. This will ensure you can maintain a large presence on the platform even if you are away from your computer for a few days or even weeks. Get a 30-day FREE trial.

Later – A free or paid tool that allows you to schedule social media posts to one or more of your accounts. I use the free version and find it perfect.

Deposit Photos – A destination with a large selection of professional photos you can use throughout your website, newsletters and Pinterest Pins. This will be a HUGE game breaker in your Pinterest strategy.

Lightroom – A program to ensure your own photos are edited beautifully and up to a high standard on your social media or website.

Fiverr – Use this to find a social media VA to take care of your accounts for you and allow more time for your blog.

Once you have your social media platforms running well you will need to begin reaching out to brands. Make sure you have a MediaKit ready that is professional looking and will scream HIRE ME. Check out my current MediaKit I reach out to travel brands with.

Social Media Courses

Pinterest Avalanche Traffic Course – SEO can be a long game to play before you see major improvements in your traffic. Yet you can easily begin to gain traffic to your blog straight away with a good knowledge of Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to share photos of travel destinations as well and lead them to a landing page or social media account to gain followers.

Pinteresting Strategies Training Course - If you are not ready to fully commit to purchasing TailWind for your Pinterest marketing strategy then this is the perfect option for you. Find out how you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog, website or online platform via manual pinning only. No scheduling platform required.

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