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Hi guys welcome and firstly I’d just like to say thanks for checking this blog post out and showing some interest in working with Aussieinwanderlust. We are a blog looking to share all the travel knowledge, experiences and tips we possibly can.

The blog started after I had been travelling about Europe, Africa and Australia and finding work along the way. I went back to Australia one Christmas and thought I just had to get away again and experience more of what life has to offer. I love meeting and understanding how different cultures live, tasting all the different cuisines and checking out the famous and not so famous landmarks mother nature has given us. I also enjoy trying out new skills that I can learn from others along the way.

My main goal is to share with my readers the knowledge I gain while travelling around, the photography I produce so it can inspire others to explore the same areas I have and to promote different places that maybe some people haven’t thought to explore. I have already worked with some amazing companies in various ways including promoting their products, tours and accommodation.

If you believe you could be the right fit for Aussieinwanderlust and we have potential to work together then I would be only too happy to hear from you further. Please contact me via email at [email protected]

Here are a few key stats from my social media accounts

Instagram – I have 4 accounts spread across varies subject and sections of travelling to engage with as many people as possible. Across the 4 accounts, I have over 40k of followers at the moment and that is rising daily. 

The accounts vary from food cuisine I find while travelling, landmarks and famous spots I go to and just general updates of where I am and what I have found on my journey





Facebook – I have a personal account that followers can enjoy as well as a company page where I share all my latest Instagram posts and blog posts. I have 5k following me across these 2 pages and that number is also increasing.

Brodie John Deverell


Twitter – Twitter is a place I also share all my latest blog projects and pictures of my current travels. At the moment I have not been on here as long and have a following of around 2k.


Pinterest – Pinterest is completely new to me but something I have heard amazing things from via various other bloggers. It is something I have just started and will begin to focus on as from now.


How I believe we could work together

Product reviews –

I’m travelling lots and am always looking for new gadgets r items that make travelling easier. Get in contact with me to test run a new product you have out or item you would like to gain some exposure in front of my loyal followers and subscribers. If it is a good fit with the Aussieinwanderlust brand we will be happy to discuss a partnership or collaboration.


Allow me to place your logo and link into my sidebar of blog posts or contact me to discuss adding some advertisement where you desire. If it fits in the Aussieinwanderlust theme it can expose your brand to thousands of travel lovers and fellow bloggers.

Sponsored collaboration on social media and website:

Would you like to have your gear or equipment featured in a post to be seen by followers across my social media pages? Contact me and let’s talk about it.

Tour reviews:

This is something I have completed with some great companies already. You could be next? Would you like to have a new or old tour you have released to be seen by thousands? I can advertise my whole trip or stay across my social media pages and blog. Let’s have a chat about what you require.

Sponsored content:

Do you have a travel item or brand you think my like minded followers and subsribers would like to see. Contact me and let’s discuss a natural way to get your content seen.

Social media account management:

Let me build and grow your social media accounts while you focus on your business 

Read more about how I can grow your account here.

Access to blog training:

I am part of a great organisation that are only to happy to help people grow and achieve what they set out to with their blog

Join the team here today and see some great results

Photography editing or photography work

I take great pride in capturing my travel adventures on my Nikon camera and I also spend just as much time editing and ensuring they look as best they possible can.

Contact me to edit the special captures you have taken, travel pictures, sporting events or a special day. I can edit them with amazing results.

Check out my Instagram accounts or request to see some of my shots for examples of the quality you can expect.

I would love the oppurtunty to work with you and continue my travelling adventure. Contact me today

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Please feel free to follow me along my travels via my Instagram, FacebookPinterest, YouTube or Twitter pages and be sure to subscribe to my page to find out when my next blog is published.

All reviews

Brodie’s 7 day blogging course has been invaluable to me. As a new start up in travel blogging he has personally replied to my questions and comments which have motivated me to continue. The course content was written so that an amateur like me could understand the terms in simplified language. The course is free and he has done a great job as similar courses out there charge for this. He has become my role model to follow as I have seen his progress and want to achieve similar success. I’m at an early stage of roll out so have lots to put into practice from his course. Join up to it, you won’t regret it

Barry Till

Very interesting course. What I really appreciate is the great and detailed list and description of resources. Also style and language are plan and easy to read. Congratulations.

Davide Trentarossi


My name is Dian. I am from Indonesia. I know Brodie from Intagram, and I join free course for “7 day travel blog and affiliating marketing crash course”. I am so excited and happy because I have so much valuable information there. Travelling is my passion, and travel around the world is one of my wish list. It would be great if I can earn online income while traveling, thats why I will start to make a blog and do all the steps. The course just great and Brodie is always helpful. And I love his blog, too. Love the thoughts of sharing idea and let people write their experience too, that is so human. Success and stay awesome 👏👍

Dian Milani Hakim
De Milan
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Happy Travels, Brodie