A large group of people celebrating St Patrick's Day outside the famous Temple Bar pub in Dublin

The One Night Out You Probably Won’t Remember But Also Never Forget

Published on: February 3rd, 2019 at 6:43 am

It was 2016 when an Irish mate of mine, who I had previously met in Australia rang me and said he was going to be back in his home country for St Paddy’s Day and that I should get over there and experience it with him. It was an offer to good to knock back, I was living in London, England at the time and I quickly found some appropriate flights with Ryanair and I was off.

The morning of St Paddy’s Day we left his place in Central Ireland and headed towards the bright lights of Dublin ready to paint the town green with all the locals and tourists alike. We had a full car load with his girlfriend, brother and sister joining us for the trip. We checked into our BnB on arrival into Dublin and then hit the pavement searching for our first spot to sample a creamy local Guinness.

St Paddys Day in Dublin, Ireland

To our shock none of the pubs was actually open as the time of day was only just on 11.30 am. I was amazed that on this day with the reputation that the Irish had of being big drinkers that pubs were not already well into the swing of pouring pint after pint. Nevertheless 30 minutes past quickly and gave us a good chance to find the perfect pub to enjoy our first of many local brews.

We didn’t waste any time and once 12 pm ticked over pub doors opened and immediately there were shouts of Guinness orders coming in from everywhere. After a few beers, we decided to head further into the Dublin centre to catch a glimpse of the parade that happens through the main streets to celebrate the day.

The parade was a very large celebration and young and old were all there to help celebrate the day. People had even come prepared with their own 6 ft ladder from the shed at home just so they could sit on the top step and capture the perfect view of the floats. Once this had finished we headed back into a pub on the main street where the parade was being held and continued to enjoy a couple more creamy pints of goodness.

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As the afternoon was getting on we decided to head out to Croke Park Stadium and watch the Hurling and Gaelic football, all Ireland finals. This was traditionally always held on St Paddy’s Day and a terrific atmosphere was provided at the ground. The hurling was a completely new game to me but it didn’t take long for me to pick up the basic rules and become a very interested spectator. The game hurling was unlike any other sport I had watched live before. It was brutal at times but also a very skilful game that has been played for thousands of years. It involves each team trying to score at either end of the ground and using specially designed paddles to hit the ball from teammate to teammate and through or over the goals. After the hurling, it was time for the Gaelic football. This was also a great sport to watch live and the atmosphere was very enjoyable.

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watching an Irish hurling game being played at Croke Park in Dublin
Hurling is a game I had never seen before but walked away from watching it in complete awe of the players
Waching a live gaelic football match at Croke Park in Dublin
Gaelic football is a great sport to watch live and the Irish crowd definitely add to the atmosphere

After both games were finished we headed into the area of Dublin known as the Temple Bar district. This place was home to all the live music and action-packed bars that were going to keep us entertained and our thirst quenched for the remainder of the evening. We chose a bar and decided to order some food before things got to busy and it was no longer an option. I went with the good old Irish lamb stew option, nothing too heavy but certainly super tasty. From then on we enjoyed the charm of the old Irish pubs, along with street parties between pubs and sang and danced until the wee hours of the morning. They bellowed out Irish songs and anthems that you had no choice but to get to know. The streets were full of the colour green and I saw more leprechauns than I had ever seen before. It was a lovely fun environment where all that were out enjoying a drink mingled together and smiled with one and other.

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After previously being shocked by the fact that there were no pubs open before 12 pm and starting to rethink all I thought I knew about the Irish, I’m pleased to say they more than made up for it throughout the course of the evening. The next morning was one huge struggle but well worth it for the many laughs we got to have during the previous day. For anyone around Ireland during this time of year do yourself a favour and join in the celebrations. St Paddy’s Day is one that you shouldn’t miss.

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The bright red bricked pub in Dublin called The Temple Bar is famous around the world
Famous pub in the Temple Bar district in Dublin, Ireland.
A group of perfectly poured Guinness beers sitting on a black bar top in Ireland
A selection of perfectly poured Guinness Beers were found everywhere I travelled throughout Ireland on my road trip

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