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Traveling Guide to Turkey

Turkey is an affordable country to travel throughout and offers some beautiful places for backpackers and adventure travellers to discover. There are many amazing hikes including the most famous hiking trail in Turkey called Lycian Trail.

Other things to do in Turkey include exploring the capital city of Istanbul, flying in a hot air balloon at Cappadocia, visiting the natural sites of Pamukkale, bath in the Dead Sea, the Archaeological Site Of Troy and completing a cruise along the southern coastline of Turkey.

As an Australian, I was brought up learning and remembering the conflict that occurred between the Turkish and Australian armies as part of World War 1. I was able to complete the ANZAC trip to Gallipoli and witness the dawn service where the Australian soldiers first landed on Turkey soil. This is a trip I encourage anyone travelling to Turkey to complete, especially if you are an Australian. I did the trip with G Adventures and I highly recommend their tours in Turkey.

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