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TravelTalk – Felucca Odyssey 9-Day Tour

Published on: February 3rd, 2019 at 6:42 am

Not so long ago I had the pleasure of enjoying a trip with TravelTalk tour company. I say pleasure as the whole experience was nothing short of exactly that. I opted to join the TravelTalk 9-day Felucca Odyssey tour through Egypt, which seemed to include all the major reasons most people would want to travel to the country.

I booked this tour through TravelTalk directly at a travel show in London when I was lucky enough to be living there. Booking some 6 months out of my departure date allowed me the time to pay the tour off in instalments and booking during this travel show gave me access to a great deal.

9 day felucca tour egypt with TravelTalk
The Great Sphinx statue that is found in Egypt
The Sphinx has to be seen to be believed in Egypt. One of the most amazing sites I’ve been lucky enough to see

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The correspondence between TravelTalk and myself was first class and organising my airport pickup and drop off, which was included as part of the tour, was a breeze. I just informed them of my flight number and time once I had jumped on Skyscanner and that was it. They were just as organised upon my arrival and I was quickly transferred from the airport to the hotel without any hassles whatsoever.

Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust standing outside the temple in Egypt
You travel some long days on this tour but it’s the only way to fit everything in and manage to see all the sites

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From there, things continued to run smoothly for the remainder of the trip. The tour guides gave us a welcoming meeting the first night, once everyone had arrived at the hotel. They outlined the itinerary in more detail of what to expect over the next 9 days and they also explained the optional extras available over the course of the tour. We had time to think about which, if any, we wanted to do and there was never a sense of pressure from the guides trying to convince you to spend any extra money.

The optional extra tours included a group dinner cruise in Cairo, a Nubian dinner at a local family’s traditional home, an early morning visit to Abu Simbel temples and a hot air ballooning trip over the Valley of the Kings. Personally, I was lucky enough to do them all and had absolutely no regrets about doing any of them. If I had to choose I would certainly say the hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings while watching the sunrise was a must do while on this trip. If Egypt interests you there are lots of TravelTalk tours that will interest you throughout both Egypt & Jordan by Felucca.

Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust riding a hot air balloon in Egypt over the Valley of the Kings
Hot air ballooning over the Valley of Kings is one extra you shouldn’t skip on this tour

Another highlight and the main reason I chose to do the TravelTalk 9-day Felucca Odyssey tour at all was for the chance to literally spend 2 nights and days just floating along the famous Nile River. It is an amazing experience and one I will think back on fondly for a long time. The sunrises you wake up to each morning and the chance of swimming in the Nile River are just too good of an experience to pass up. The other obvious reason to come to Egypt is for the chance to check out the famous Egyptian Pyramids, with this tour you spend a few hours doing just that. You also have the chance to go inside one if you want to pay for it and also enjoy a camel ride while looking back over these incredible creations.

The remaining and impressive stone Pyramids found in Egypt
The Great Pyramids of Egypt was one of the most amazing places I’ve been to. No idea how they managed to make such impressive creations

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The guides were all well-spoken English-speaking guides and our group was lucky enough to have one of the best in the business. Sammy was an absolute genius when it comes to all things Egypt and ancient history. The knowledge he passed onto the group was incredible and the passion he had for his country was infectious. The bus drivers do an amazing job as well, there is a lot of ground to cover during the 9 days to ensure visitors get to see as much and as many famous landmarks as possible. TravelTalk ensures they pick the perfect guides and drivers to make this possible and safe.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and cruisy 9-day holiday then honestly this tour probably isn’t for you. Like I said above you travel by bus and travel quite some distance. It involves some early mornings and late evenings, which means by the end of the 9 days you are completely exhausted, TravelTalk were honest about this from the start. In saying that, you also leave knowing that you have seen so much of amazing Egypt and having ticked off all the major reasons most people travel to this country in the first place. You have the chance to make some great friends over the 9 days as well

A traditional wooden boat called a felucca that they use to travel along the Nile River in Egypt
The traditional Felucca boats you get to spend 2 nights on while floating along the Nile River.

If Egypt or anywhere else in Africa is on your bucket list and you are not afraid of a few busy days exploring with some early starts and late nights, then this trip is exactly what you are after. Check out the TravelTalk website and contact them to ensure you to get the chance to visit Egypt and its world-famous river, temples and landmarks.

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A bright orange and yellow sunset while travelling along the Nile River in Egypt
Getting spoilt with sunsets like these while staying on the Nile River make this trip one you will always remember

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