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Wanting to begin a life of travel or simply looking for travel tips to use on your next vacation? Either way, the information below should assist with planning a trip, travelling on a budget and saving money, keeping safe, packing and most importantly improving your overall travel experience.

Travelling is meant to be enjoyable so use the travel tips I’ve learnt to ensure you have the best time.

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The beach at Binalong Bay in St Helens, Tasmania

5 Unexpected Reasons St Helens Is A Mesmerizing Destination In Tasmania

So, you have decided to pack a tent, tow a caravan or hire a car/campervan and tour Tasmania. Great decision, the only criticism I have is what took you so long? Tasmania or “Tassie” as it is known by locals is an island state in Australia separated from the mainland ...
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Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust getting a photo with the Victoria Falls flowing fast in the background

5 Priceless Safari Extras Everyone Should Visit From Cape Town to Victoria Falls

When visiting or going on safari in Africa or just visiting a certain part of Africa itself chances are you will be wanting to do some tours and see the amazing wildlife and nature this magical place has to offer. After all, that is probably the main reason you are ...
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someone using their laptop to shop online

The Secret Way To Earn Cash Back Online – Plus Get A $10 FREE Bonus Using Ebates

Since I’ve been travelling for as long as I have, I’ve needed to find ways to make my money stretch much further. As a result, I always get excited when I find an amazing way to do this and I think it’s only fair to let my awesome readers in ...
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A man mounatin bike riding along a grass path with large trees either side

MTB Holidays Can Be Epic – So Long As You Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes

Going on a mountain biking adventure is one of the best ways to see the world. Not only do you get aerobic exercise during the climbs and the thrills of the descents, but you also get to see some of the most majestic, untamed wildernesses on Earth, high up in ...
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A view of the House of Parliament in London from riding the London Eye

Best Markets in London: The Five You Must Visit

Have a trip planned to London or already call the United Kingdom home? Then I’m sure one of these iconic markets held in the capital city will hold your interest. Below I have handpicked the five best markets in London that I enjoyed the most. Camden Market I wasn’t going ...
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two people looking at the view of green trees and water from a cliff edge

Backpacking South East Asia: 12 Essential Asia Travel Tips

Thinking of backpacking South East Asia? Before you jet off, it could be worth reading this guide – especially if it’s your first time exploring the tropical subcontinent. Renowned for its cheap prices, South East Asia can have its hidden costs if you’re not careful. There can also be health ...
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Looking over Wine Glass Bay with views of the National Park trees as well as the ocean and white beach

Freycinet National Park – Guide to what to do and how to visit

Let me first start by saying this slice of paradise is a must visit if you are touring Tasmania. It is simply beautiful. Right, now that is out in the open let me tell you a little about the place I love so much. Wineglass Bay is actually located in ...
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The Wawel Castle in Krakow with a set of small towers and blue/green roof

72 Fascinating Hours In Krakow & The Heartbreaking Auschwitz Camp

Whether you find yourself in Krakow for 72 hours as a stop between cities or for an affordable weekend city break, you will be amazed by what it has to offer. Krakow is the second-largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. It dates back to the 7th century ...
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The large main square of Krakow with a brick building and yellow umbrellas amoungst people

Fascinating things to do in Krakow in 2020 – The ultimate travel guide

If Krakow is your next destination for a group, family or solo holiday then congratulations you are onto a winner and in luck as I am going to list the top things to do while visiting Krakow below. Not only is Krakow rich in history that is still extremely raw ...
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