When I first took off travelling, I was forever on Google looking for the best sites to book accommodation, cheapest flights, tours or trying to answer any other questions I had. I honestly don’t know how people survived travelling before smart phones was my thought…

Only problem was the more I looked the more confused I got at times. There are just so many options out there these days.
Below are my favourite companies that I personally use and continually rely on to travel at the lowest price, keep my blog running smoothly and evolve my online knowledge, stay present on social media and the gadgets I can’t travel without.
I use these resources on a daily basis and I can personally assure they will make your vacation run a lot smoother.


Affiliate Marketing

Courses and training



Overland Travel

Photography & Tech Gear

Social Media

Tour Companies & Travel Agents

Travel blogging & websites

Travel Books

Travel Clothing

Travel gear

Travel Insurance

Travel Movies


Working Abroad

Extra bits

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