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When I first took off travelling, I was forever on Google looking for the best sites to book accommodation, cheapest flights, tours or trying to answer any other questions I had. I honestly don’t know how people survived travelling before smartphones were my thoughts…

The only problem was the more I looked online the more confused I got. There are just so many different travel companies and options out there these days. Below are my favourite travel resources and companies that I personally use and continually rely on to keep me travelling at the lowest price, evolve my travel knowledge, stay present on social media and the handy travel gadgets I can’t travel without.

I use these resources on a daily basis and I can personally assure they will make your vacation run a lot smoother. If you are also like me and running a travel blog online while exploring the world I suggest you also check out the blogging resources page.



    airbnb travel accommodation

    Airbnb is probably my favourite way to stay now when travelling with a group of people. It usually works out at prices comparable to a hostel per night plus you have access to a whole house and kitchen. The review system also allows you to find the perfect place for your trip. You need to be a member to use Airbnb but you can sign up below. You will get $35 off your first booking if you are signing up for the first time.

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    agoda travel accommodation

    Agoda is one of the big names in the Accommodation field whenever you are travelling through Asia. Personally I have not used them that often as I have done most of my travels throughout other regions but when I have used them they have been a reliable choice and delivered great value for money. If you are looking for accommodation in Bali or other areas throughout Asia then I suggest checking with Agoda.

    More Info travel accommodation is one of my favourite apps I use online and certainly one of the more trusted sites I have found for booking hotel-style accommodation. They generally have some great sales and are always one of the cheapest accommodation options I find. Becoming a member with them is easy and you can get some great bonuses like free upgrades to your room, free breakfast or late checkouts.

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    hostelworld travel accommodation

    The best place I know to find and compare hostel accommodation in your area or intended vacation destination. It is a must to have this app on your phone when you are backpacking around and looking for places to stay on short notice.

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    couchsurfing budget accommodation

    One of the cheapest (free) and most fun ways you can enjoy a trip. If you are open enough to make some easy conversation with strangers then before you know it you will have a great local guide and a new friend for life. I have great memories of doing this type of travelling.

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    Trip Advisor

    trip advisor travel accommodation

    TripAdvisor is the world’s biggest travel site and offers reviews for restaurants, attractions, tour operators, and other travel-related services. A new feature just launched on TripAdvisor is the ability to book accommodation through it. Worth a look.

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    Finding FLIGHTS


    skyscanner flight booking platform

    This used to be my go-to flight finder and I still always check here before making any bookings. It has lots of filter options so you can narrow your search to exactly what you want. Good search results for flexible dates and country-to-country trip without a specified city destination. The best extra is the option to choose “everywhere” and compare prices from your closest airport.

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    momondo flight booking platform

    This is almost my go-to site nowadays when looking for flights for my next trip. Easy navigation, a graph showing you the rising and falling prices of flights, and the fares are probably the cheapest of all flight search engines. If you are looking for the cheapest flight prices using Momondo and these flight saving tips will assist you.

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    kayak flight booking platform

    Another competitive option to use when looking to plan your next trip. One of the best and most popular search sites for finding great flights. It offers some really good fares.

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    Google Flights

    google flights flight finding platform

    A really cool search engine for your flights from the best search engine out there. You simply enter your departure point and date, and Google Flight will show you a map of the world with destinations and prices that suit your budget. It’s an easy to use interface and the fastest return of results.

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    geyyourguide travel tour company

    GetYourGuide has an ever-growing and large selection of private or group tours all over the world. Grabbing a wine tour in Cape Town, Tapas tour in Barcelona or road trip in Australia is all possible with GetYourGuide.

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    viator travel tour company

    Almost identical to GetYourGuide in that they have day tours and multi-day adventures located right around the world. They have a review system where you can read what previous travellers thought of their trip.

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    busabout travel tour company

    Busabout is my favourite travel company to travel with. They combine the perfect amount of group travel with complete freedom to do as you like. The best way to travel Europe in my opinion and the cheapest.

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    G Advenures

    g adventures travel tour company

    Another of my favourite adventure travel companies that operate in various locations throughout the world. I have travelled with them to Africa and Turkey. They even offer group trips to travel to Antarctica. 

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    contiki travel tour company

    Contiki organises and delivers pre-scheduled group tours for travellers between the ages of 18-35. They are known to provide a fun, party-like atmosphere while travelling to awesome sites. Compare the difference between Busabout and Contiki before you book either.

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    traveltalk travel tour company

    Another travel company offering group style trips at a budget price. I managed to travel across four countries in Africa on a TravelTalk tour and had a great experience. Highly recommend comparing their trips and prices before booking a group tour.

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    Intrepid Travel

    intrepid travel runs travel tour companies

    The last place I would suggest to look for a tour. Intrepid Travel offers great adventure-style tours that can take you to some incredible places while staying safe. If you want a travel adventure check out the tours with Intrepid Travel.

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    Overland Travel Options


    busabout travel tour company

    As previously mentioned I really love how Busabout operates throughout Europe. They have many different ways you can travel and the flexibility to change your trip as often as you like with no extra cost is appealing when backpacking Europe for multiple months.

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    eurail train service through Europe

    Eurail is the “twin” of Interrail, but for non-European citizens. If you are a non-European resident, but you can prove your residency in Europe, you can use Interrail instead. These guys offer a Global Pass for travelling to 5 or more countries, a pass to one country, or a so-called Select Pass with which you can use to travel to 2, 3, or 4 bordering countries. Note: similarly to Interrail, you can also use the pass for some buses and ferries.

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    interrail train service through Europe

    If you’re a European citizen (or an official resident) and you plan to travel around Europe by train, then consider an Interrail Pass that can take you to up to 30 countries in Europe and over 40,000 destinations. You can pick either a single country pass or a Global Pass that allows you to travel up to 30 days to as many countries in Europe as you want. Note: even if Interrail is predominantly a train pass, you’ll also get special offers on some bus services and ferries.

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    europcar car hiring and rental company

    One of the most reliable and honest car hires companies I have dealt with. They regularly have great prices or are willing to match a competitor’s price if presented with a better price found online. Generally, my go-to car hire dealership when looking to travel independently on a road trip adventure.

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    megabus travel transport company

    MegaBus is a transport company that operates in over 100 cities throughout the US and right across the United Kingdom. A budget-friendly and comfortable transport option if travelling in those areas.

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    peruhop bus service in South America

    Travelling throughout South America can be a little tricky and at times downright confusing. Finding the right bus at a fair price is difficult and PeruHop allows you to avoid all that while travelling across Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

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    rome2rio travel transport booking platform

    Rome2Rio enables you the chance to set a destination and then shares the cheapest and easiest ways to arrive on various transport options. Simply enter the location you will leave from and your arrival destination and then choose the routes of buses, train, plane or even boat. You can compare the cost, length of travel time and much more. A really awesome transport website when travelling.

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    Check My Bus

    check my bus bus transport booking platform

    Check my bus operates in over 70 countries across the world and is a really good option for booking bus trips in Australia and the USA. They also operate throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

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    Travel Insurance

    World Nomads

    world nomads travel insurance company

    World Nomads are the premium travel insurance choice in my opinion, especially when travelling to areas of high crime or known criminal spots. They cover you a little more than the standard insurance companies but with that comes the little higher price.

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    Safety Wing

    safety wing travel insurance company

    If you're only taking a quick weekend break away from home or are travelling with minimal travel gear then Safety Wing is a good travel insurance option. You can get coverage for the period you want and it will only cover injury and sickness needs.

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    Roam Right

    roam right travel insurance company

    A really good option to compare Travel Insurance with World Nomads if you're looking for complete travel coverage. It never hurts to double-check that the deal you are getting is a good one. I have heard great reviews from these guys as well.

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    On Water Travel

    Cruise Direct

    cruise direct cruise ship booking platform

    Cruise Direct offers a great selection of cruises in many parts of the world. They also often advertise great deals that will save you lots of money before you even start your trip. The only hard question is where to actually take the cruise?

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    busabout travel tour company

    Apart from having awesome ways to travel across land Busabout also offers various cruise style trips in locations across not only Europe but also Asia. Sailing through Greece, Thailand, Turkey and more is possible.

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    seascanner the cruise ship booking platform

    Seascanner is almost the exact same things as Skyscanner but on water. You can search a large selection of cruise options and find one that suits your style, price and duration requirements.

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    Travel Books and guides

    Lonely Planet

    lonely planet travel guide books

    Having a travelling bible or travel guide with you while exploring a new destination is incredibly helpful. The set of Lonely Planet guide books are the best I have found. I have used Europe, South America and specific destination ones on numerous trips. The information and resources inside are fantastic.

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    Reliable Travel Gear

    North Face

    the north face travel clothing

    North Face is the European version of the Kathmandu and an extremely popular brand for outdoor and adventure travellers. I have found them a little more expensive when compared to the prices I know from Kathmandu. However, the quality is still certainly there and a really good choice while in Europe and completing any hiking or outdoor travel.

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    salomon travel clothing

    When looking for new hiking foots this is the first brand I look for. I have had nothing but super shoes from Salomon and now choose them as my shoe of choice. Each pair I have had offered an exceptional life span and comfort for each hike I went on. No wearing them inn either was a huge bonus. No one wants blisters mid-hike.

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    kathmandu travel and outdoor gear

    I might be a little biased as Kathmandu is a leading brand in Australia and NZ but since travelling, I still believe these guys are one of the best on the market for outdoor travelling and travel accessories. Their quality is unbelievable and even after travelling since 2015, I still own items that I use regularly on my trips. My first choice for anything travel clothing related.

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    decathlon travel gear

    Decathlon is a really good all-round shop that I have visited on numerous occasions while travelling. If I have had to replace items while moving between locations I have used and relied on to replace it. Offers prices that are not often beaten by others for outdoor and camping supplies and clothing.

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    Miscellaneous Travel Items


    city pass travel tours and passes

    CityPASS is a simple way to vacation in North America's most popular destinations including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tampa Bay. CityPASS tickets contain admission to the most famous and popular attractions in each city and are priced up to 50% less than the combined regular price of admissions.

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    rakuten cashback offer and online buying platform

    This could possibly be one of the biggest undiscovered tricks by many travellers out there. Nowadays we all buy items online whether it be flights, accommodation, clothes or anything else. If you have Rakuten, formally known as Ebates, which is completely free, then you automatically get CASHBACK on items you are going to buy anyway. Check out more about Rakuten. If you sign up here, you will also receive $10 credit on your account.

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    Teppy WiFi

    travel wifi portable wifi device

    There are times when I love to be completely off-grid and reachable when travelling. Hiking for days away from technology is a dream but there are also days and moments where relying on other locations wifi just isn't an option. Having your own portable Teppy WiFi device makes that a none issue.

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    workaway travel volunteering platform

    WorkAway offers a list of hosts from all around the world where you can source and find work abroad. The 2-year membership is a few dollars to pay upfront, but they have a selection of both volunteer as well as paid job opportunities. A great job finding website to help you while travelling the world.

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    Blogging Resources


    SiteGround web hosting

    I recently changed my web hosting service to Siteground and have found them amazing. They transfered my complete site over with minimal downtime and have extras features that have improved my website speed and performance.

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    StudioPress Theme

    One of the best WordPress managed themes for a new blogging website. It will have your site looking great right from the start of your online journey.

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    ConvertKit email service

    An email automation service that also enables the building of sales funnel landing pages and optin forms. Has a free sign up option to get started. Has a free sign up option to get started.

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    Semrush SEO tool

    The one stop place for all your online SEO tools. Get your blogs ranking high on search platforms and watch your traffic grow.

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    Blogging Courses

    Travel Blog and Affiliate Marketing Crash Course - A free 68 page E-BOOK designed to fast track your blog start-up process and also learn how to begin laying the foundations to earn an income online from the start.

    SuperStar Blogging Course – A blogging course run by Nomadic Matt who is arguably the #1 travel blogger in the world. Learning from the best makes sense.

    Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Another course that has assisted me greatly when it comes to growing my blog and earning capacity online. Perfect for new bloggers just starting out.

    Pinterest Avalanche Traffic Course – SEO can be a long game to play before you see major improvements in your traffic. Yet you can easily begin to gain traffic to your blog straight away with a good knowledge of Pinterest.

    Pinteresting Strategies Training Course - If you are not ready to fully commit to purchasing TailWind for your Pinterest marketing strategy then this is the perfect option for you. Find out how you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog, website or online platform via manual pinning only. No scheduling platform required.

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