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Travel Insurance is something I have always hated buying and on occasions even opted to travel without. That was a mistake and I got extremely lucky something didn’t go wrong on those few trips. Now that I’ve had first-hand knowledge of the benefits associated with having travel insurance I’m aware of just how important travel insurance is. I never leave on a trip without it and I now strongly believe it is the most important thing any long term traveller needs. I’ve been required to rush home for family emergencies, required surgery overseas and even had all my belongings stolen in Chile. If it wasn’t for having travel insurance these unfortunate issues would have cost me many thousands of dollars.

If you are taking a cheap weekend escape then maybe you can risk not having travel insurance but if you are going on a backpacking, extended holiday or adventure type trip then it’s simply a travel expense you can’t leave without.


Below are some benefits of when travel insurance becomes invaluable. It covers you for almost anything that could go wrong while on a vacation, travel adventure, backpacking holiday and any other trip. Normal health insurance plans that many people have in their home country simply doesn't cover you when your travelling.

  • It covers you on your travels when you become ill and require medical attention from a doctor
  • You would be covered if you were required to be sent home for a medical reason
  • It would cover you if you had a family emergency and need to return home instantly
  • It covers you if you need to be evacuated out of somewhere via helicopter or other transportation needs
  • It covers you if your electronics are damaged on the trip
  • It covers you if your belongings are stolen (as happened to me in Chile)
  • It covers you in case cancelling or delaying your trip is required
  • It keeps you stress free leading up to your trip and while on vacation
  • It is far cheaper to get than having to deal with expenses for any of the above situations
  • You can extend your cover if you travel longer or your initial coverage expires

For the cost of only a couple of dollars per day on your trip you can have all the above covered. It may seem like an extra and possibly unwanted expense at the start of your vacation but if it is needed you will be thanking your lucky stars you have it. Below you can grab a quick quote from two leading travel insurance companies.


Below are two of the leading travel insurance companies on the market and both serve a purpose to different travellers. I recommend using World Nomad Travel Insurance on extended backpacking type trips when you are carrying valuable belongings.

If you are just travelling for a short trip or weekend getaway though without valuable electronic items such as cameras, laptops etc then SafetyWing Travel Insurance is a great budget freindly way to get covered.

Compare both quotes and see which one will suit your travel plans the best.




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World Nomads Travel Insurance – Get A Quote Today

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