Victoria Falls waterfall in Zimbabwe at sunset with a heavy waterflow falling over the edge

Victoria Falls Travel Guide

Published on: March 3rd, 2020 at 12:18 pm

This is the ultimate Victoria Falls travel guide that is sure to help you plan your epic adventure to visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It pretty much has everything you need to know about travelling to the small but busy Zimbabwean town known as Victoria Falls.

I enjoyed a huge trip to Africa that included not only spending an extended time in Victoria Falls but also the broader African regions of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. I completely fell in love with the people, culture and sites I witnessed during my travelling the African continent.

Complete travel guide to assist with planning your vacation to Victoria Falls

Throughout this guide, you can expect to find suggestions on activities to do, the best-valued accommodation option in the town, restaurant advice, tips to enjoy the ultimate rafting experience on the Zambezi River, safari trips to take and much more. Use this Victoria Falls travel guide to plan your travel itinerary and to avoid making any easy travel mistakes.

Your complete travel guide to Victoria Falls

Below you will find all the information you need to plan and enjoy the best travel experience in Victoria Falls. Using this travel guide to Victoria Falls you can be assured that you will be prepared for your adventure to visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Find everything here to make your stay much more enjoyable including general travel tips, the best restaurants to eat at in town, recommendations on the best-valued hotel, a detailed list of adrenaline and family-friendly activities to do plus even visa information can be found below.

A complete guide to visiting Victoria Falls

Ultimate Victoria Falls Guide – Explore One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

An African safari vehicle driving along a road and other cars behind us
Driving along in a safari vehicle in Africa with a group of other cars behind us all searching for African wildlife

Looking for a one-stop place to answer all your travel-related questions before your trip to Victoria Falls. Throughout this complete guide to visiting Victoria Falls, I will cover all the essential information anyone needs to know prior to their trip. For such a small African town this place has a lot going on. Learn how to see devils pool and which visa you will need, figure out how to get to and from the airport, understand the climate and much more with this travel guide. Start planning your trip to Victoria Falls.

Who requires a visa to travel to Zimbabwe

Visa requirements for entry into Zimbabwe – Do you need one to travel

taking a scenic helicopter flight in clear blue skies overhead
Taking a scenic helicopter flight allows you to discover a different view of the surrounding areas below

Whenever you are looking to book a vacation it is important to take into consideration if and what travel visa you might require. This is something that has the potential to change from time to time and it is always recommended to seek up to date information. Here is an up to date guide on who requires a visa to visit Zimbabwe and how to apply for it before your trip.

When is the best time to travel to Victoria Falls?

The best time to visit Victoria Falls – When to see and do everything

Victoria Falls waterfall in Zimbabwe flowing with a large water flow
Victoria Falls waterfall is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and an awesome site to see when the water is flowing like this

Planning a trip to Victoria Falls but not sure exactly when to visit? This blog will ensure you time your vacation to suit your travel needs. The best time to visit Victoria Falls will vary depending on what you want to do on your trip. Are you visiting just to view Victoria Falls waterfall at it’s most powerful, do you want to raft the Zambezi River at the best time of the year or do you want to ensure devils pool is not closed due to high water levels? Find out the best time to visit Victoria Falls based on the activities you wish to do while there.

Why you should stay at Shearwater’s Explorers Village

Best value accommodation in Victoria Falls – Shearwater’s Explorers Village

A bright hotel room with a large double room and private bathroom
A beautiful double bedroom accommodation option that is available when staying at Shearwater Village in Victoria Falls

One thing that has the potential to ruin a trip, even before it has begun, is the accommodation. Booking somewhere that is not clean, has rude staff, is miles away from the action or just plain uncomfortable can turn a dream trip into a nightmare fast. While in Victoria Falls I found an accommodation option that is not only great value for money, close to the main street and waterfalls but also allowed me to book all the activities I wanted in one place. It also had a great restaurant, a swimming pool and different room options to suit any travellers budget. Ensure you look at this accommodation in Victoria Falls before you book anything else.

What are the best restaurants in Victoria Falls

10 Popular Restaurants in Victoria Falls – Budget Friendly Yet Delicious

A medium rare cooked beef steak sliced so you can see the middle
In my opinion, a good steak is worth looking for almost anytime. This is cooked just to my liking, medium-rare.

Whether you are travelling in Victoria Falls, Africa or anywhere else in the world, finding the best local restaurants is a real bonus. These restaurants offer a selection of local cuisine, typical western meals and even the option to eat Asian while in Africa. All of these restaurants offer great value for money but also an excellent selection of food meaning they are food for any type of traveller. The only problem now is trying to choose the destination you want to visit first.

The best adrenaline activities to do in Victoria Falls

9 Incredible Adrenaline Activities to do at Victoria Falls – Ignite Your Wild Side

A yellow raft with people on board crashing nose first into a rapid on a fast moving river
Many people wonder if is rafting the Zambezi safe. The guides are so well trained that I never had any concerns during my trip. Even when crashing on the last rapid of the day

Victoria Falls is home to some of the most adrenaline-fueled activities all in one place. It gives visitors the chance to go white-water rafting on one of the wildest river circuits in the world, swim in devils pool on the edge of Victoria Falls, bungee jump over the top of the Zambezi River and much more. If you are looking to increase your heart rate while on holidays then you need to tick a few of these adrenaline activities of your bucket list.

Things to do in Victoria Falls that will suit the whole family

Safe Tame or Family Activities at Victoria Falls – 9 of the best

A large grey elephant with tusks staring at a safari car in Africa
Coming face to face with a large Elephant in Africa is an amazing experience to enjoy

Not everyone that is travelling to Victoria Falls will want to be jumping from bridges or going rafting. So for you, I have also compiled a list of the best family-friendly activities to complete during your vacation to Victoria Falls. Here you can enjoy canoeing trips at a more leisurely pace, visit a range of National Parks to complete a safari, visit local townships and interact with the locals and more. Check out some slower-paced yet fun-filled things to do in Victoria Falls.

What you need to know before rafting in Victoria Falls

Essential Knowledge You Must Know About Rafting the Wild Zambezi River – Victoria Falls

a group of three white water rafts about to go through a set of rapids on a river
White-water rafting the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls is one of the most sought after outdoor activities for visitors to the area

Rafting one of the most famous rivers in the world is sure to throw up a selection of challenges along the way and quite possibly might even scare a few people off enjoying the trip at all. In this post, you will learn some valuable information about rafting the Zambezi River and also an insight into what to expect. Find out if this trip is suitable for you

Travel tips to think about before travelling

Fail-Proof Hints and Tips for an Unforgettable Trip Visiting Victoria Falls

A large amount of water spray being forced up from the bottom of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, located on the Zambezi River on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Use my best Victoria Falls guide to plan the best time of the year to see Victoria Falls.

Find out some important travel tips to Victoria Falls that you should think about while planning your trip. Learn if it’s required to hire a guide to visit Victoria Falls, how to visit nearby Chobe National Park, why planning the trip matters for viewing the waterfalls and much more. Some of these tips will save you money and others will just assist you to have a good time while visiting Victoria Falls.

A 72-hour itinerary of how to visit Victoria Falls

Impressive 72 Hours in Victoria Falls – The Epic Story of my Trip

the Victoria Falls waterfall with a large amount of water going over the edge and spray forming at the bottom
Visiting Victoria Falls at the right time of year to do the activities you want means you need to plan ahead and think about when to visit

A had a long time to explore my way around the things to do in Victoria Falls at a relaxed pace but what if you only have a few days, which should you do? This 72-hour itinerary is aimed to try and assist you with planning your trip to Victoria Falls if you have limited time. There are a number of activities to do, restaurants to eat at and sights to see in such a small town. Plan your trip well and pack as much into a vacation at Victoria Falls as possible.

My story about white-water rafting the Zambezi River

Explosive White Water Rafting on the Absurd Zambezi River – Are You Game?

A group of friends white water rafting down rapids in a river
The start of rafting the Zambezi River will begin with a few smaller rapids before you work your way up to same of the famous category 4 and 5 rapids

White-water rafting the Zambezi River is regarded as one of the best circuits to complete this activity on in the world. It has an absurd 20 plus category 4 or 5 level rapids that will be sure to test the most experienced of rafter yet also safe enough to allow novices to enjoy. White-water rafting the Zambezi River ended up being one of the highlights of not only my time in Victoria Falls but also my whole Africa trip. Read all about my trip.

Travel companies I used while in Victoria Falls

Below is a selection of the brands I use on a regular basis not only in Africa and Victoria Falls but for almost all of the trips I do. Use them to assist you while using this Victoria Falls travel guide.


Viator offers a selection of worldwide travel tours of various excursions. It a great place to not only book your trips but also read reviews from fellow travellers and see if the trip is well run and value for money. I use Viator or GetYourGuide, which I mention next for all my trips.


Similar to the company mentioned above GetYourGuide offer some of the best tours available in each region I travel to. As Victoria Falls has so many things to do it is always good to compare both prices and reviews of a destination and activity.


The website I always use to book my flights for any upcoming trip. Their prices are the most competitive I find anywhere on the internet. I have managed to grab one-way and return flights at bargain prices while travelling in both Africa and Europe. I brought my flights from Victoria Falls to Cape Town once my safari ended.

World Nomads

When you are travelling in a place with as much action and adrenaline activities such as Victoria Falls it is really important to ensure you are protected just in case the unlikely does occur. World Nomads Travel Insurance is one of the biggest and best names in the travel insurance industry and I have used them while I’ve been travelling the world.

Organise Your Trip: Travel Advice and Tricks I Personally Use

Book Your Flight

Heading to either Skyscanner or Momondo are my methods of choice for this. They are my favourite as they search for flights from different companies all over the world. You can filter the results to suit your needs and ensure you land the best price every-time.

Book Your Accommodation

This is an important part of any holiday you’re going on. Read all the reviews and get the right accommodation via TripAdvisor. They even show you the best prices available at the time for that room from suppliers like booking a hostel your best bet is to start with HostelWorld or possible even use CouchSurfing if you’re on a real budget.

Recommended Accommodation in Victoria Falls:

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must these days so you have a piece of mind you’re covered for anything that could go wrong while on your trip. I now never go on a trip away without travel insurance. I’ve been using World Nomads for the past few years.

My favourite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (cheaper option to just cover you for health issues)

Looking for the best companies to save money with?

As I have been travelling frequently over the last few years I’ve learnt some great tools to use for saving money when travelling. I have a travel resource page that lists all the trusted companies I personally use and rely on. I think you will find them good as well.

I also have a couple of great blogs that share quick and easy ways to save money on flights or accommodation. Take a look and save some cash on your next trip.

The Best Place To Book Your Tours

If you are someone you likes to have the best tours in one place and read reviews from other travellers about their personal experiences of each different tour then the best platform to use is GetYourGuide.

They offer the best tours, have money-back offers in case your trip is cancelled and ensure the price of each tour is the lowest possible.

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