The main stage area at Tomorrowland Music Festival

Tomorrowland is the greatest music festival on the planet

Published on: February 3rd, 2019 at 6:42 am

*Update* The Tomorrowland Music Festival is cancelled for 2020 due to the Coronavirus issues facing the world

As soon as I knew I was going to London for 2 years I pencilled the Tomorrowland Music Festival right towards the top of my bucket list of must do’s while there. It is known as the best music festival going about and was something I really wanted to experience for myself. I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest EDM fan but I knew once I was there it would be as much about the experience and the crazy atmosphere as it was the music and artists on offer.

I had done all the right things to ensure I had a chance to snag these tickets, I had pre-listed with the website to get the link for the release date of the tickets but I was well aware just how hard these tickets are to get. Unfortunately, once again these tickets blocked up the Internet and log jammed the website. Within minutes they were sold out and I had missed out on the official website tickets.

The entrance statue at Tomorrowland Music Festival
Here is the entrance to Tomorrowland and the start of a great few days

I checked out eBay and Viagogo and to my complete outrage, there were already tickets being advertised on both sites. It really is a shame that people can somehow beat the system and then financially gain from it, robbing others from potentially booking the concert or event they have been looking forward to going to. 

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I was caught up in the moment and had received confirmation that a few mates had gotten some tickets so I decided to take a chance and grab a full event pass on Viagogo. It was more expensive but something I wanted to do far too much to turn down.

I was a little nervous that the tickets would be fakes but lucky enough once at the festival I had no problems transferring the ticket over in exchange for my Tomorrowland Music Festival entrance bracelet. This bracelet is pretty much your best friend for the festival as it acts as your entrance ticket as well as your way to purchase drinks and food. I have written a blog post on some of my Tips for Tomorrowland Music Festival, check it out as it has some handy hints on what to do when you get your bracelet.

Inside Tomorrowland Music Fesival you will find many awesome stages for different music bands
It’s not just the main stage of Tomorrowland you need to stay at. Get around and experience the whole festival and all the stages

Once inside I grabbed a map with the layout of all the stages and the times of each artist, located my friends who were just starting to travel Europe for the summer and began to explore the magical world of Tomorrowland Music Festival. The first thing that grabbed all of our attention was the amount of detail everything had. There was no expense spared with anything, whether it be stage effects, props, the walkways, signage, shops, restaurants, lighting and speakers’ systems. The area was large with 15 stages in total, some small and some huge but all with a different twist and offering their own reason for being there. The theme for 2016 was “The Elixir Of Life” and the massive lineup was packed full of big names including David Guetta, Tiesto, Axwell & Ingrosso, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, and many more.

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We decided to just start making our way around some of the stages and begin to soak in the chilled out vibes that were present as soon as you entered the main gates. We had no real artists that were must-see events for us at this stage so we loaded up our bracelets with “pearls”, the Tomorrowland Music Festival currency, grabbed a drink or 2 and hit one stage after another. The artists all sounded fantastic and even with 15 stages dotted around the place you really didn’t hear too much noise from any other one while you were listening to a set.

A small music stage at Tomorrowland Music Festival
All the stages are set up in such great detail at Tomorrowland Music Festival and you really need to take the time to explore all of the stages on offer

The three nights are all just a fun blur in some ways, with plenty of laughs and great memories had. At some stages on the second day, they even had a local DJ setup in one of the toilet areas next to the main stage that was providing tune after tune whenever nature called. The stalls at the festival were pretty much everything and anything you could think of. Varying from massage parlours to tattoo artists and everything in between. I can only imagine the regret some people left with after they had sobered up and found the tattoo they decided to get in the early hours of the morning. Tomorrowland Music Festival memories will always be with those people. It is about music but Tomorrowland certainly has plenty of other things to keep people entertained.

The highlights would certainly be attending Tiger Lily and Timmy Trumpet with thousands of other Australians supporting our countries own, watching people get “caked” by Steve Aoki and watching David Guetta and The Chainsmokers doing their thing on the main stage. The end of Tomorrowland Music Festival is also something that sent chills down my spine. There is something about the way they narrate and tell a story throughout the 3 days that is also a special feature of Tomorrowland’s style. This all finishes with an impressive firework display and whatever you do, don’t miss being at the main stage when the festival comes to an end.

Watching Tigerlily play a set at the Tomorrowland Music Festival in Europe
Wouldn’t have been Australian if I didn’t go and support our own Tigerlily rocking it on stage

The amount of Australians that attend Tomorrowland Music Festival is something that completely shocked me. It is so far away from Australian soil yet one section of the hill at the main stage area was fully represented by Australians and Australian flags the whole time. I even happened to lose the mates I was with for the whole of Saturday afternoon but didn’t once feel alone. I just made my way up to the Aussie contingent up on the hill and continued to keep the party rolling with a group of instant new mates.

Tomorrowland Music Festival has a vibe like no other music festival I’ve attended before in Australia or elsewhere in the world. It is a peaceful and relaxing festival where everyone is there to just have a great time. No judgement by anyone at all and I can’t remember a single fight occurring during my time there. On top of this, there was none of the “shredding” crowd wearing singlets that are 3 times too small for them or shorts that only show the lack of respect they have for leg days in the gym.

The main stage at Tomorrowland Music Festival
The main stage at Tomorrowland Music Festival is always telling an interesting story

I can’t talk up this experience any more other than to say it left me that impressed I just had to experience it again so I bought tickets the next year. If you get the chance you certainly won’t regret attending what is known as the greatest music festival in the world.

The best way to check out flights is via Skyscanner and if you are anything like me and fancy enjoy Tomorrowland Music Festival but returning home to a hotel each evening for a hot shower and comfy bed I have a great selection not too far from the train station if you follow this link.

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