The main stage at Tomorrowland Music Festival

Tomorrowland Music Festival Tips

Published on: February 3rd, 2019 at 6:42 am

*Update* The Tomorrowland Music Festival is cancelled for 2020 due to the Coronavirus issues facing the world

I have been lucky enough to experience the Tomorrowland Festival twice now. It’s an amazing festival which you can read in more detail via my full blog post. Below I have put together a list of tips that I think someone heading to the festival for the first time might find handy.

If you have any questions then as always never hesitate to get in contact with me.

Tomorrowland Festival

Tip 1.

Unless you are used to camping and prepared to put up with extremely hot weather, rain or anything in between then it would be your best bet to opt to stay near Tomorrowland Festival and enter and exit each day. I’ve grown up camping in Tasmania, which is known to throw up any if not all four seasons in one day, but I decided it was a better idea to stay in Antwerp rather than stay the 3 nights at the festival. This was partly due to me finding accommodation and transport to/from Tomorrowland Festival a cheaper and more comfortable way to go.

I was able to enjoy a comfy bed of an evening and a warm shower the next morning before heading back to the festival around lunchtime each day. The festival is very well set up and entering and exiting the festival is minimal effort.

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The crowd at Tomorrowland Music Festival at the main stage
Looking from the main stage area of the Tomorrowland Festival up towards the thousands of people lining the banks and enjoying the music on offer

Tip 2.

If you decide to stay elsewhere rather than camp at Tomorrowland Festival and need to catch the train, then it is easier to have train tickets pre-purchased and either downloaded on your phone or better still have a copy printed out with you ready to show. You never know, if your phone goes flat during your day filming your favourite bands or worse still gets lost in the madness of enjoying the mosh pit you can still get back easily each night.

Find some great places to stay away from the festival here

Tip 3.

Make sure you grab some food throughout the day. The food is fairly priced for a festival and is also of high quality. It is a must if you are enjoying the beers or other alcoholic options from start to finish.

Tip 4.

Tomorrowland Festival is a cashless festival. You load funds onto your entry bracelet and this doubles as the way you pay for anything during your time at the festival. It is best to load a good amount on the first day and then leave your cash and bank card in your tent or room, so you don’t lose it.

Tip 5.

When you get given your entry bracelet on arrival be sure to take a picture of the serial number in case you lose it. I would also advise to email a copy of the picture to yourself in case it does gets lost/stolen or your mobile phone happens to be flat. This way they can access the picture via your emails.

A smaller stage at Tomorrowland Music Festival
The main stage is certainly not the only stage you need to see at the festival, they all are amazing in their own way

Tip 6.

Have a good look around the whole of Tomorrowland Festival and check out all the stages on offer. They are all amazing in their own way and should all be explored.

Tip 7.

Whatever you do make sure you’re at the main stage to witness Tomorrowland Festival come to a close on the last evening. It is a great spectacle and will be the perfect way to bring an end to what I’m sure will be a great few days for you.

There are seven easy to follow tips for attending the next Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium. If you would more useful information on the festival I suggest you read my full Tomorrowland festival guide.

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Tomorrowland Music Festival Tips

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