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Tips for Rock Werchter Music Festival

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Below are some great tips to get you through one of Europe’s the best-hidden gems, Rock Werchter Music Festival.

The festival itself takes place in a little known town in Belgium called Werchter and this is where the name of the festival comes from.

Many are unaware of this festival and I was one of those people until a mate of mine stumbled across it after we missed out on Tomorrowland Festival. To our surprise, this little festival packed one hell of a punch and we had an amazing time. Check out a blog all about our great trip in a separate blog.

One of Europes secret gems, Rock Werchter Music Festival

Below are just some easy to follow tips to make your first Rock Werchter festival one to remember:

Tip 1.

Buy at least some of your food and drink vouchers before arriving at Rock Werchter Music Festival off their website. They offer them at a discounted rate and this will obviously save you some cash. 

Tip 2.

Get your hands on a Rock Werchter Music Festival program (“The Bible”) and go through the days you are going to attend. Be sure to highlight any of your must-see acts and if possible arrive at them at least 20 minutes prior to them playing if they are performing on an inside stage. Probably one of the most important tips I can give.

Music stage at the camping area of Rock Werchter

DJ area at the camping grounds.

Tip 3.

Be sure to try out the food at Rock Werchter Music Festival. I know the old saying, eating is cheating but trust me some of the food stalls here serve up some amazing food and you will be missing out if you don’t try some.

Tip 4.

Avoid taking to much cash or pre-purchased drink vouchers into Rock Werchter Music Festival. Try and work out what you think you will need then take a little extra just in case.

Tip 5.

Pack a lock for your tent if you take any valuables with you but best still avoid taking anything that you don’t generally need.

Tip 6.

Get up early if you want to enjoy a hot shower without too big of a queue. Easier sound than done and something I failed to do throughout my time there.

Find out exactly how my Rock Werchter Festival experience was here

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Tips to enjoy Rock Werchter

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If you find this blog helpful, please share for others to find as well!!!