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The only way to travel Europe

Published on: September 18th, 2018 at 10:54 am

Are you looking into travelling around Europe but don’t know exactly how to do it???

Should you travel independently or travel with a tour company???

Do you want more freedom to travel how you want but with the easy of having someone there to help if needed???

If you’re anything like me the first time I left Australia you are probably pretty nervous about heading to countries that don’t speak English as their first language. I know it can be a daunting and scary thing, unless you are like me and discover Busabout.

Find out my favourite way to explore Europe

I also didn’t know exactly how I wanted to travel around Europe for my first big summer trip. I had been living in London for a few months before this and had got comfortable with being away from Australia but travelling through and around places where English wasn’t the first choice of language still had me a little concerned. I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about travelling around for such a long time.

I knew I didn’t want to be in a tour group for an extended period of time though.

After lots of research, I discovered the travel company Busabout while at a travel expo in London. Instantly the travel idea they had seemed to fit my style.

Learn all about the best way to travel  Europe on Busabout

Basically what Busabout does is operate a fleet of buses that run different loops around Europe. On each bus is an expert driver that has done each section of road numerous times as well as a guide. 

I know what your thinking it sounds like a tour.

While yes, the guide is with you for the day and points out local attractions as you drive by, informs you about certain places of interest and all the other guide type stuff you come to expect they also operate completely different.

Check out the awesome 72 hours I had in Krakow thanks to Busabout

Instead of having to follow them around the city or town you stop at they simply explain the history and main areas of interest on the way into the city on the bus. They drop you off at a certain drop-off/pick- up location and you decide how long you spend in each location. It could be 1 night, 1 week or 1 month the choice is completely yours.

When arriving into each place Busabout have a group of activities they recommend for you to do, they can offer you discounts on certain activities as well. They also have preferred accommodation options you can choose and that is the location the guides and buses meet you each morning when you decide to leave for a new destination. I chose this method a lot for the ease of waking up where the bus was departing from but of course other options for finding accommodation are the reliable ones of, Trivago, Air BnB and Hostelworld.

Busabout has a great website, which you can access via this link, where you can plan your route in advance and book all your accommodation options if you choose to book with their recommended options. This can be altered during your trip if you have planned in advance or also only completed each time you are ready to move onto a new destination.

The buses are comfortable and clean, have Wi-Fi if you want to purchase it as an extra, show movies when long haul driving from each place is required and the drivers are the complete professionals.

Busabout truly is an organisation that I have yet to discover anywhere else. Whether you are a solo traveller, a couple or a group on the trip of a lifetime Busabout are a great option. They are a terrific option for budget travellers as well. You virtually purchase the bus pass at the start of the planning stages of your holiday and don’t need to budget for anything while your travelling. No chasing last minute plane or train tickets, that is a huge bonus in it’s self trust me.

On top of the bus circuits, they offer you can also find them offering accommodation and travel options to top events like Octoberfest, La Tomatina, Sziget festival as well as sailing trips throughout Greece, Croatia and Turkey. They also have small conventional type tour trips the various places off the beaten track of most tourists.

Learn all about the best way to travel  Europe on Busabout

If you want to check out more of what Busabout have to offer follow this link

They now also operate in destinations including Africa, Asia, USA and Canada. Again check out their website for further information or feel free to contact me here, via Facebook or email [email protected] if you fancy any more information from a bloke that travelled with them to festivals, sails and on the road for over 4 months.

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The only way to travel Europe in my opinion is with Busabout

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Happy Travels, Brodie

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