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How to Start Your Own WordPress blog with the best hosting plan

Published on: April 16th, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Today I want to teach you just how simple and easy it is to start a blog for yourself and this won’t be just any blog it will be made with WordPress. I started blogging around a year ago now and without it, I wouldn’t have been able to continue travelling like I am today, so I owe a lot to blogging and it is something I now generally love to do. Making and running a blog is more affordable than most people think as well, I run mine for only a few dollars a month.

Since starting with HostGator I have been able to discuss a discount price for followers of Aussieinwanderlust so that you can start a blog for even less. This is a promo offer though so be sure to check it out soon, you will also receive a FREE domain and SSL certificate by using my link.

How to Start Your Own WordPress blog

Take advantage of the Promo and start your own WordPress blog then simply follow the step by step guide below for easy instructions.

hostgator promo page for Aussieinwanderlust.
If you see this page then you know you are getting the best possible HostGator price.

When starting your WordPress blog the first thing you will look for is a reliable hosting partner and I certainly recommend HostGator for a cheap but complete option. I have found them to be an amazing hosting company and have enjoyed a great personal experience with them.

Blogging has been an amazing and unexpected success for me since starting, I have scaled Europe’s most active volcano, learnt to surfed in Morocco (yes, this Aussie didn’t know how to surf) and found ways to earn CASH BACK from almost all my travel bookings. I have partnered up with some amazing travel companies in a short amount of time that include G Adventures, Busabout and TravelTalk.

I have been able to start travelling full-time while working wherever I want a few hours a day or every few days, I have a flexible schedule that I can decide on and generally loving my life. I honestly can’t believe how my life has changed since starting a blog 12 months ago.

I put off starting a blog because of the fear of the technical side of things as well as thinking it was far too expensive to run. I was so wrong though, WordPress make starting a blog easier than ever and it’s nothing to be scared of, I even made the money back for my 3-year hosting plan with HostGator in no time at all.

A quick Google search will show that HostGator are one of the most reliable and popular web hosting companies out there and you can start your own WordPress blog with them for as little as $2.78p/m (only available with my promo code). On top of the amazing price they are offering you as an Aussieinwanderlust reader, you will also receive a web domain name and a FREE SSL certificate. Have a look at what package suits you, I suggest going at least a 12-month option to bring the cost p/m down. The 36-month plan offers the best value and is the one I opted for as it gives you a lower monthly rate.

You could have seen lower prices for hosting out there on sites like Blogger or Blogspot Blog but for the price you pay with HostGator, less than a cup of coffee per month, for a reliable web hosting it really is a bad idea to opt elsewhere. It is a much better and safer option to go with WordPress and HostGator from the start.

From the start, you are probably just interested in getting a blog out there and seeing what happens right? I know I was but if I hadn’t decided to start off with the right hosting and website building tools then I certainly wouldn’t be still travelling today and possibly not even still be blogging.

If making an income, freelancing or turning your blog into a business is even a thought then doing it right from the start and paying for an inexpensive HostGator hosting plan is a NECESSITY. Remember a months hosting is less than your daily expense for a cup of coffee so it is extremely affordable, plus you can take advantage of getting a domain name and FREE SSL certificate. You have the freedom you need on a blog run by HostGator to have affiliate marketing throughout your site as well as advertising for yourself or others. This makes the possibility of making an income from your blog much easier. With websites on Blogger or Blogspot Blog, the chances of this happening are decreased considerably and, in most cases, never happen at all. The reason for this is advertising companies tend to steer clear of these platforms as they view them far less professional, another reason having a self-hosted HostGator site is a HUGE advantage.

There is a stack of reasons I choose to host my website with HostGator and below are some of the main reasons you will be happy to as well:

HostGator make it simple to use. With the tutorial below you can easily start your own WordPress blog hosted by HostGator in no time at all.

The technical support is amazing with HostGator and is available 24/7.

The price is extremely affordable, remember it’s less per month than a daily cup of coffee. Plus, they reward you with a lower rate the more months you opt for. How does $2.78 p/m sound for your own blogging website?

You will get a domain name and FREE SSL certificate

Adding WordPress to your HostGator site is FREE and easy. Follow my start your own WordPress blog tutorial below and it will be done sooner than you ever thought.

HostGator have a generous 45-day money-back offer. Obviously, this is not what you want so if you need any extra assistance to what I give in the tutorial below just get in contact with me. I’m happy to assist.

With HostGator you are self-hosted, meaning you will be able to monetize your blog and earn from it. This is a MUST.

You will look far more professional to potential sponsors, fellow reader/bloggers and companies if you are self-hosted with HostGator rather than with Blogger or Blogspot Blog.

The first step to getting your blog running is by heading over to the HostGator website (use my link to get the special price offer). A quick Google search will prove that there are many hosting options out there but HostGator is one of the best by far and it’s no coincidence that so many bloggers use them for their site.

If the next step for you is to start your own WordPress blog with HostGator then simply follow along and in no time at all you will have it online for everyone to see. Don’t forget, I want you to succeed and have a stress-free start to your blogging life so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any issues to start your own WordPress blog with HostGator.

Click here to get things started

Step by Step Guide on How to Start Your Own WordPress Blog with HostGator.

Enter and Register Your Domain Name:

You simply need to click here to enter your domain name and start your blog, then just follow the steps below. Take your time.

The first step is a crucial one straight from the start as this is going to be your domain name and in turn the name of your business if you want it to turn into a money-making website. I really thought long and hard over my blog name as I wanted it to represent me and that is why I opted for Aussieinwanderlust. Wanderlust simple means to have a strong desire to travel and I’m an Australian who loves and want to travel so the name made sense to me. Let me know in the comments section if you think I made a good choice?

Once you have decided on your own domain name you can register it nice and easy through HostGator. It is a simple process that shouldn’t cause you any headaches. Remember that the longer you sign up for the lower the monthly fee works out to be.

I would start off with the basic package on a minimum 12-month plan. It is probably the best as you will need to get things going. As mentioned above I opted for the 36-month plan to reduce costs as low as possible.

Start Your Own WordPress Blog with HostGator
These are the different plans HostGator will offer

Buying Hosting for Your Blog:

Having a blog set up on HostGator will be a quick and easy experience. Before you jump to that stage let me just break down the costs involved with running a blog.

To start off your blogging journey with the cheapest price possible I would choose the hatchling plan. It is basically all you will need to get you started so why pay any more than required. It’s only $2.78 per month with my link (as with all leading hosting price is paid in full upfront) on the 36-month plan, the price will slightly increase to $3.98 on a 24-month plan and $5.37 if you opt for a 12-month plan. As mentioned already I would look to sign up to a minimum 12-month plan to give you a great price and the best chance to succeed.

The best price is the 36-month plan at $2.78 per month

The other option I would include when signing up with HostGator is their site lock monitoring option. This is billed at $1.67p/m and will monitor your site daily to ensure no issues are found throughout your site.

Anything extra is completely up to your personal choice but I would opt to not include any other extras.

Let’s just cover some of the reasons again why I strongly encourage you to purchase a minimum 12-month hatchling plan when you are starting off in blogging. Month-to-month is an option HostGator provide but the cost is far less effective than a 12 or more-month contract. To pay a 12-month contract up front you are looking at $64.44, only $100.08 if you take the 36-month option, yet if you choose monthly it will cost you $7.67 plus $2.99 for the site lock monitoring. This adds up to $92.04 for 12-months, almost as much as a 36-month plan.

Once I have hopefully encouraged you to be brave commit for 12 months and give blogging a real go then just follow the below steps:

1. Jump over to HostGator and click the “Get Started” yellow button

2.  Enter your chosen domain name

3. Choose the hosting plan and length that interests you. Remember I suggest the hatchling plan is a great start and the longer you choose the cheaper the monthly rate.

4. Enter a username and security pin for your site

5. Enter all the required personal details

6. Choose the add-ons you would like, personally, I would just leave the protect your site from hacker’s option checked.

7. Make sure your coupon code is automatically inserted to ensure you are getting the best price. The code is AUSSIEINWANDERLUST.

8. Check over the options and final price, check the “terms of service” box and click the “Checkout Now” button.

Connect Your Domain and Your Hosting

Step 3 is super easy if you have gone with my advice and opted for the HostGator hosting platform as this is done automatically.

If you have brought your Domain name from elsewhere just check with who you received your domain name from your contact HostGator Support to get individual assistance. If all else fails, get in contact with me and I will try and assist you.

Install WordPress on HostGator:

Righto, you have followed along patiently and I’m sure this is the exciting part you have been waiting for. If you are going to take advantage of using WordPress for FREE for your blog here is how to do it.

This part is nothing to be worried about. HostGator have done an awesome job in making it super easy and most importantly FREE.

1. First, you need to locate the WordPress icon in your cPanel of HostGator.

2. From here you just need to follow these simple steps and add in your personal details as you go. (remember you can contact me anytime you require extra assistance)

3. Congratulations you have just followed the steps and now WordPress has been added to your blogging site.

Now you have the fun task of building your WordPress website. You basically have 3 options for this, choose a free blog theme from WordPress, choose a premium theme or get a web designer to design your website for you. I cover these options in more detail in Starting WordPress off the Right Way if you want more details on these different options.

Personally, I would stay clear of the generic free theme options as you want to make a bit of an impact with your blog from the start. The option I recommend is to get a Premium WordPress Theme and the ones at StudioPress are my top choice. They start at a really affordable price and will ensure you gain the attention right from the outset.

If once you have started your WordPress blogging site with HostGator and find yourself confused with any of the processes mentioned above or are finding it hard to operate WordPress, then I highly encourage you to get in contact with me and I’ll be only too happy to try and help.

If opening WordPress for the first time has freaked you out, then take a deep breath and follow these useful tips:

You add posts or edit posts once created by simply going to the Posts section in the sidebar on the left-hand side. Go to add new to create a new blog post or all posts to find an existing one.

Find the appearance section in the sidebar to edit or add items in your sidebar, footer or any other options like that.

Add media items by clicking on the media banner in the left sidebar.

If you are wanting to find the perfect WordPress Premium Theme, then remember to have a look at some great option on StudioPress. If you want to find the free themes go to the appearance tab and go to the “theme” option.

If you are wanting to quickly expand your blogging knowledge and fast track your climb from hobby blogger to possibly full-time blogger, as I have done in 12 months, then I would highly recommend completing the SuperStar Blogging Course run by the number one travel blogger on the planet, Nomadic Matt. This really is a great course and super helpful when starting out as it also comes with the help of an expert WordPress guru in the name of Chris.

Another great course and amazing value for money option are the Off the Record mentor program run by Rebecca and Mario in New Zealand. I have been learning and getting guidance from this duo throughout my whole 12 months so far and really can’t talk them up enough.

I encourage you to have a read of The Game Changer to My Blog as this explains in far more detail the amazing program they run.

If making money is your overall aim with this blog, then also look at learning from one of the best in the business via the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. I have recently done this course myself and have learnt so much in such a short period of time.

Here are some more blogs that might be of some interest to you as you start your early stages in the blogging world, best of luck on making your own path to success and remember I’m here anytime you need some advice.

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If you have your own personal experience of starting a blog, if this blog helps you start on your own amazing online journey or you would like to discuss things further look at leaving your comments in the section below.

I hope you are now ready or have already begun to Start Your Own WordPress Blog. Best of luck.

Starting a travel blog the right way

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How to Start Your Own WordPress blog

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