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SiteGround Hosting Review – Should You Use SiteGround For Your Blog?

Published on: March 30th, 2020 at 5:36 pm

I’ve been running my travel blog, Aussieinwanderlust, now since the start of 2017. The time has flown by, to be honest, but every day feels like I’m learning something new and completely different. I certainly wasn’t a tech type of guy when I started out with my website and to be honest, I’m still not completely comfortable with things I need to do to run my blog on a day to day basis but I’m getting better and better. Recently I had to make one of the largest structural changes to my website since I began and since these changes, I have seen some fantastic results. So today I wanted to take the time to share with you what those changes were. The change I made? Switching web hosting providers to SiteGround. 

A review of the best web hosting service SiteGround

What is SiteGround hosting

SiteGround is the web hosting service upon which enables your website to stand online to produce a visible result in the shortest span of time. Every working website must have the professional assistance of a hosting service provider, where the site can be promoted with the highest accuracy.

Throughout this blog, I want to explore the type of services, support and performance delivered by SiteGround. They are known as a reliable and pioneer hosting provider throughout the industry worldwide and I’ll explain why I thought it was necessary to switch web hosting providers. But first, let’s look at a little bit of the tech stuff and I’ll try and explain it in a little more detail.

What is Web Hosting?

Today, most of the companies and organizations wish to have their own online presence and thereby seek professional web hosting services to add a web page or site onto the Internet. The web hosting services offered by a specific company or a group of IT professionals essentially include the updated technologies & beneficial plans required for the website to appear on the web. 

Your website is likely to be stored or hosted and maintained on the server of the particular web hosting service provider you’ve appointed for your businesses website. The typical web hosting plans and services make it convenient for your online visitors & potential customers to find your business site easily by simply typing the web address or domain name into a web browser.

The foremost hosting providers like Siteground hosting persuade their clients to purchase their own domain for obtaining the facility to host the website with their hosting partner. It is their accountability to help you buy the most suitable domain for your company website. Web hosting services actually revolve around offering multi-faceted benefits including website building, email accounts, database, uploading FTP files, WordPress support and so on. 

A leading web host offers their corporate or business clients much more than mere hosting services & technical support. Every web hosting company employees in-house professionals & technicians to ensure that all the websites of their clients are in proper working order while running 24X7 hours without any hiccup.    

How to choose the right web hosting?

Needless to say, it’s important to choose the right online hosting for the website you’re planning to create as this will be representing your brand. The job is not easy and it requires the business owner to take into account multiple factors when selecting a good hosting provider. One factor is the price of the web hosting plan, this is likely to be one of the first things that will influence a new website or business owners decision on which hosting is best. 

Luckily I’m happy to let you know that a low-cost hosting service or package can be more suitable for your exact requirements than an exclusive one. You will find Siteground pricing highly affordable & budget-friendly for every hosting plan from normal to superior.

Find all of the hosting plans and pricing options for SiteGround 

Secondly, the domain name plays a key role in choosing the proper hosting company for your site. As a result, almost every service provider offers a hosting plan that comes with a one-year domain name registration that is free of extra cost. So you should not hastily purchase a domain prior to deciding which hosting plan to use. 

It’s essential to factor in other and possibly more important extras such as whether the hosting company you’re considering offers extra additional services like SSL certificates, dedicated IPs, additional backups etc to ensure you have all the support you require for your business site.

All of which come included with SiteGround web hosting

Another notable point to consider is the hosting cPanel or control panel through which you can work with the web hosting plan you’ve purchased. The cPanel should undergo a testing session from your side right before buying a specific hosting plan. Most of the leading hosting companies have demos of their own cPanel to show you. This will ensure you have a clear understanding of what you’re going to deal with in the years to come. Remember, the cPanel of your hosting provider should be comprehensible, user-friendly and seamless to provide a convenient way for you to get in touch with technical support.   

Why SiteGround hosting is a good option?

As mentioned and clearly discussed in the above sections, there are certain parameters & qualities a web hosting service provider should deliver before you consider them the best & most reliable option for your business needs. SiteGround has built up such a trusted name and reputation in the industry to ensure they deliver the expectations that every company or business category has when launching an online business presence. 

The company is gaining wide recognition in the global IT industry for their fast servers as well as their offering of cost-effective plans with brilliant features such as SSL certificates and free CDNs. You will hardly find another hosting provider on the market to overpower them on this ground. It is because of these features I actually made the switch from my existing web hosting company to SiteGround and I’ve noticed a positive change ever since.

Extremely fast & superior quality servers are the key feature of Siteground hosting. The company firmly believes in promoting a wide assortment of hosting services in order to assure complete satisfaction and meet the changing requirements of different corporate clients. They provide WordPress, cloud, shared and dedicated hosting plans along with several specialized plans to reach more & more potential clients from varied sectors.

Compare all of the plans SiteGround offer

In addition to that, what has made SiteGround stand apart from their rivals in the industry further is their approach to offer utmost beneficial SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDNs to their clients at no extra cost. You will find their shared hosting plans crowded with excellent features as well. 

Apart from the featured plans, reliable services and extra bonuses they deliver, it is their never-ending support and maintenance care for your website/business throughout the year that will stand out as one of the main reasons you should choose SiteGround as the perfect hosting partner.

The hosting plans SiteGround offer

Among different hosting plans SiteGround claims to offer at a reasonable cost in the field, there are some featured plans extensively required by corporate as well as business clients on an ongoing basis. These include WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting and high-end customized hosting. 

These probably don’t make much sense to someone looking at starting a travel blog for the first time so let’s have a look at what each hosting plan really means and which one is right for you and your business.

Shared hosting: most of the general business clients seek out a shared hosting service plan to maintain their site. SiteGround has already excelled in the market of shared hosting by creating a long-term impression among the clients they’ve served for. Moreover, Siteground pricing for a shared hosting plan is also an important factor to separate the company from others, it is one of the most competitive in the market.

Cloud hosting: the cloud hosting plan is suitable for capital-intensive & popular websites that are frequently visited by online users. Keeping this point in mind, SiteGround presents four lucrative plans for superb cloud hosting services: Entry plan, Business plan, Business Plus plan and Super Power plan. However, each cloud hosting plan offers 5 TB of data transfer on a monthly basis.

Reseller hosting: with a reseller hosting plan, any business can generate an optional source of revenue as web hosting gets included with their regular services. The plan allows you to establish your own business of web hosting and reach your target clients with different services. The specific package offered by SiteGround contains 10 GB disk space and the capacity to host innumerable customers of your choice.

WooCommerce hosting: this particular plan is a variant of SiteGround’s shared hosting services. The business or corporate clients looking or willing to create a WooCommerce website will benefit from this hosting plan.

Hosting WordPress with SiteGround

If you love blogging and claim to be an enthusiastic owner of one or more effective blogging sites, then it can be assumed you know WordPress well but if you are just starting out on your travel blog I suggest you take the time to download my FREE travel blog starter course. It is undeniable that the WordPress platform provides you with all the basic features & excellent amenities to equip a blogging website or web page customised to your dream site. 

Siteground for WordPress hosting services is rapidly gathering high acclaim from every different corporate or business client they’ve worked with till date. WordPress runs on PHP at its background. Being the most updated version released to date, PHP 7.2 holds the ability to speed up your website by two or three times as well. Today, almost half of the WordPress sites prevailing on the web are successfully running on PHP 5.6 version.

Siteground holds absolute trust in keeping their software and infrastructure up-to-date with the latest technology & inventions in order to ensure uncompromising performance around the clock. As a result, Siteground itself runs on the latest version of PHP – PHP 7.1 and the provider urges their clients to make use of the updated versions for the best possible outcome. To help you run WordPress with utmost convenience, the Siteground team offers maximum host supports and tremendous benefits such as SSD storage, domestically improved plug-in SG Supercacher, Cloudflare CDN etc.

Siteground has the capacity to take your site performance to the highest level in a short span of time. That means your site is bound to load fast & smoothly with increasing speeds, leaving you with no worries about common server-side problems. They store all of their clients’ websites in C-panel that is completely updated to the newest WordPress versions. Plus, in case of any update confirmed by WordPress, Siteground will swiftly inform you of this by sending a notification via email without delay.

The extra services you get with SiteGround hosting

There are several other factors and additional services or supports that make a hosting service provider stand out from the crowd. Among these qualities, the potential to receive security calls for unusual activity, as your website should be protected from unauthorized access & activities on the Internet. On this ground, Siteground owns a striking feature which is Website Isolation. 

This brilliant feature can easily isolate the affected or malicious website to assure utmost security of all other websites left behind on the server. Furthermore, they are the first web hosting provider to implement such innovative technology while inspiring other web hosting firms to start adopting the same.

According to the Siteground reviews found on the web, which I encourage you to read before deciding on any particular hosting plan, the hosting company provides you with many other exciting facilities along with ease of operation. You can simply activate the optional features like Cloudflare CDN & SSL certificate by simply clicking a push of the button. 

The brilliant hosting services offered by Siteground may have a great & long-term impact on the SEO of your website as well. Some of the aspects of web hosting such as server location, IP address of the server, SSL certificate and page loading speed highly influence the SEO of your site.

I personally have noticed a greater amount of traffic coming from Google search results since switching from my old web hosting provider to SiteGround. I have also noticed a decrease in loading time and increase in site performance.

Technical Support

This crucial feature is something every client expects from a reliable web hosting company especially when first starting a blog online. The availability of technical support at SiteGround is highly impressive & commendable to satisfy your needs and respond to your queries when and if you have any. They offer various lines of communication to get in touch with their representatives such as emailing, online chatting and making direct phone calls.

They are prepared to guide you through your initial start online by providing an idea of what type of hosting plan is perfect for your future website. The technical support obtained from SiteGround will surely help you curtail your resource capital so that you can maintain the parameters of your purchased hosting plan without any hassle. For such unparalleled technical support, the company can easily build strong & long-term relationship with each one of their large clientele and the technicians love to stay by your side throughout the year.

Get in contact with them to find out what plan is best for you

The difference between SiteGround and HostGator

Being two giant hosting providers in the market, SiteGround and HostGator hold some distinct features to separate themselves from each other. The Siteground vs Hostgator competition is well known in the industry because of the brilliant hosting packages offered by both service providers at a reasonable cost. 

In several benchmark tests, HostGator has scored well compared to SiteGround as the company has some of the cheapest hosting plans to offer. But, in terms of reliability & industry-grade technical support, SiteGround would definitely outperform its major rival in the market. Apart from that, SiteGround will be a better choice than HostGator if you are longing for the best WordPress hosting services to promote your personal blog site.

The difference between SiteGround and HostGator

I actually made the switch from Hostgator to SiteGround and have seen immediate results that have improved my website status online for both customers and Google. In my how to start a travel blog post I actually step people through starting a travel blog in less than one hour and use HostGator as the web host, although I’m in the process of creating the same post with a step by step guide to joining with the hosting provider being SiteGround.

Learn how to start a blog from scratch now with this step by step guide


If you are seeking the right support, top-notch site performance, great pricing and high online uptime from your web hosting provider, then SiteGround will be a great option for you. From the very beginning, this hosting company will guide you in every stage of your decision-making situation related to choosing the right hosting plan and enhancing your site performance. 

As several corporate and business clients have submitted in their reviews online, SiteGround would be a perfect choice for small business websites, content-based blogging sites, and small traffic eCommerce sites. In addition to that, the shared hosting plan offered by Siteground absolutely suit any website full of high-quality images & videos because of their excellent storage space. 

Have a look at the web hosting plan options today and decide for yourself if they are the right fit for your new or existing website.

Other tools I use to run my website

StudioPress Theme with Genisis Framework – The WordPress free themes are a good basic platform but don’t allow much customisation and can be limited for your website. Purchasing a premium theme will give you large and noticeable differences right from the start. 

OptinMonsterOnce you begin to gain traffic to your blog or website the next step is to start converting those visitors into subscribers. This way you can begin to communicate with your visitors in a more personal way. Share your latest blog posts with people you know are interested in your content and share deals on travel or sales etc for products you use.

ConvertKit – The software I use to ensure I stay in contact and in the thoughts of my loyal subscribers. You can now join ConvertKit for FREE and begin using their amazing service. 

Tailwind – The platform that allows me to schedule my pins to Pinterest automatically. This saves me hours of time a week and ensures that Pinterest stays my number one traffic source for visitors to my blog. Try Tailwind FREE for a month and watch your blog traffic skyrocket.

Canva – This is a FREE or premium tool you will find so useful when it comes to making your social media banners and graphics for your website. I make all my Pinterest pins for my website with Canva.

Grammarly – A free tool you can attach to your website that will auto check your word documents for spelling and grammar errors. It also allows you to fix the errors with a simple click of the mouse.

Courses I have taken to improve my blog, grow my traffic and monetize my blog

The SuperStar Blogging course by Nomadic Matt – A blogging course offered by arguably the most successful travel blogger on the internet. It steps you through the complete process to of starting a blog and even offers website tech support.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing – Once your blog is up and running the next step for most is to begin finding ways to monetize it. Michelle is a genius at explaining how to do exactly this through affiliate marketing. There is also a really engaging Facebook Group where other members support each other.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course – Alex and Lauren were one of the first people to harness the powers of Pinterest and deliver huge amounts of traffic to their website. With it comes many different ways to monetize your blog further. The course comes with videos, guides and support to get your Pinterest account delivering traffic to your website for free.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know which web hosting you should be using, either HostGator or SiteGround, it is time to begin that blog you have been putting off for far to long. I have a great FREE course that will make setting up and beginning your blog a lot easier. Download my “creating a travel blog e-book” and let me assist you with starting your blogging journey.

Without my blog, I’m sure I would have been required to return to Australia some years ago but now I’m lucky enough to still be seeing the world and finding new and exciting destinations to explore all the while “working” on my laptop.

Get your copy of my FREE TRAVEL BLOG E-BOOK now.

Starting a travel blog the right way

Free Resources

I have either taught myself a lot by doing loads of research or enrolling in desired courses and mentor groups. Some certainly have been more beneficial than others. Below are some blogs I have written that can give you some great FREE advice.

Amazing Courses

As I said I have tried and tested a few of the so-called “great courses” on the market. Some have been fantastic and others have been a complete flop. Below are the three that have really benefited my learning and earning capacity online.

Blogging Resources

We all love to find tools or resources that make things easier and quicker in life. In blogging, this is no exception and can be vital to ensure you get the time you need for more important tasks. Below are some of my favourite blogging resources.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must these days so you have a piece of mind you’re covered for anything that could go wrong while on your trip. I now never go on a trip away without travel insurance. I’ve been using World Nomads for the past few years.

My favourite companies that offer the best service and value are:
  • SafetyWing (cheaper option to just cover you for health issues)

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