The festival grounds of Rock Werchter with a large crowd

Rock Werchter Music Festival Guide – What to expect while attending this festival

Published on: February 3rd, 2019 at 6:44 am

*Update* The Rock Werchter Music Festival is cancelled for 2020 due to the Coronavirus issues facing the world

Wanting to attend a European music festival where you don’t have to be sitting by your laptop for hours attempting to get one of the limited number of tickets available. There is a certain festival held each year in Belgium that seems to not only fly under the radar for most European citizens but also the many travellers from around the world that spend an exciting period of time exploring the small continent each and every year. Let’s take a look at what exactly the Rock Werchter Music Festival is and also get a general understanding of what to expect when attending the event. Here is my Rock Werchter guide to the music festival. 

The line up to the festival for 2020

Introducing the Rock Werchter Music Festival   

the large crowd of people attending Rock Werchter Music Festival in Belgium
Heading to a festival or two is a good idea while travelling throughout Europe. Busabout and Contiki both offer festival packages

Rock Werchter Music Festival is an annual festival that was first held in 1967 in Werchter, Belgium. It has a unique value for the world festival scene and the music scene in general. It has slowly but surely become one of the biggest festivals in Europe and across the world. It hosts around 320,000 people each year across the duration of the festival. It offers a wide range of genres and hosts artists with all kinds of backgrounds and different creative goals. It is a  wonderful chance for you to discover the diversity of the music of today, from rock to rap, to electronic music, there is something for everybody. It will widen your horizons when it comes to performing arts and sound. 

Rock Werchter ​2020 ​dates are from the 2nd of July to 5th of July. There is an amazing list of artists from all around the world that will be there to make you feel like home, to inspire you to shake your body or sing along. It is a chance for you to pause your ‘musts’ and ‘to-dos’ for a few days and just enjoy the beauty of creation and good vibes.

If you are spending the summer in Europe travelling around then I would highly suggest adding it to your Europe travel itinerary if possible. Travel companies such as Busabout, find out why I think they are the best way to travel around Europe, will offer you the flexibility to include this into your travel plans easily.

Since I attended the festival, I decided to make a quick guide to Rock Werchter that is aimed at introducing this European music festival to you. I have also created this handy tips for Rock Werchter blog if you have already booked and looking forward to the festival.  

How to book a ticket to the Rock Werchter Music Festival?  

If you decide that going to Rock Werchter is on your must-do list in 2020, you can purchase your tickets from Ticketmaster.

Although, if you contact me then you can potentially get a discounted price for attending the festival.

There are two options when buying tickets: 

If you decide that going to Rock Werchter for one day is enough, the ​single-day price​ is €110.  Whereas if you purchase a Combi Ticket to the festival this ​gives you the right to attend Rock Werchter from 2nd to 5th of July and the price is €243.  

How to arrive at Rock Werchter  

The site is located 30km from the main city of Brussels and 15km from Leuven. 

If you come from abroad, there are flights landing into Antwerp, Brussels, London and Paris frequently from all over the world.  Brussels and Charleroi are two central airports in Belgium and they are well connected to Leuven. From these points, you can choose whether you take a bus, a train, a bike or a car. The mode of transport is a matter of both your budget and personal choice.  Here is some basic info about arriving from different places to the Rock Werchter festival site. The train ride from Brussels is free once you have your festival event ticket.  


Two bus lines 333 and 520.  

2 hours and 10min.  

The price is around 12€.  

The ride is 45km long.  


From Brux. Nord two trains to Leuven ( IC, P and S2).   

Leuven Station, on the Perron 11 you take one of these buses; 333, 433, 513.  

Price of the trip is around 11€   

Time of the trip is 1 hour 20min.  

From Werchter De Burg, it is a 10min walk to the Rock Werchter.  


By train  

2 hours to get to Brussels. 

And from there the same as written above.  

The price of the train is around 80€.  

By bus  

4 hours to arrive in Brussels.  

The Busses are scheduled every hour.  

You can also choose to travel by plane or by car.  


Train to Antwerp or Leuven and then transfer to a bus from there.  

Approximate time of the journey is 4 hours.  

Flight to Brussels lasts 45min.  


You can take a flight to Amsterdam or Rotterdam and then take a train.  

You can choose to fly directly to Brussels.  

Train to Brussels takes around 4 hours.  

A bus to Werchter is 9 hours long drive. 

Camping at Rock Werchter 

Camping at Rock Werchter is a great option so you can enjoy the music festival to its full potential. Of course, if you are only attending the festival for one day it may not be required. Below the camping options that festival-goers have is explained in a little more detail. Even if you are not the camping type of person, Rock Werchter Music Festival has an option to suit you.

There are two options if you decide to go camping on Rock Werchter:  

Regular Camping (A1, C3 and C7)  

These campsites offer basic comfort. The price is €30 regardless of the duration of your stay. You pay €5 for a shower and €0.5 cents to go to the toilet. You will also need to bring your own tent and your camping area will be located at the Hive.  

The Hive Resort   

This would be a more satisfying option and provides far more comforts for the duration of your time attending the Rock Werchter Music Festival. You have tents waiting for you (all kinds of them, even some lodges), yoga sessions, chill areas, free showers, flush toilets, daily events and much more. You can choose many combinations to suit your needs for this camping option.   

Here is where you can choose your ideal package and purchase your Hive camping ticket

Tips for attending Rock Werchter

Purchase the Food And Drink Vouchers  

Download the program on your phone before you go  

Try their amazing food  

Bring your food to save some money, but don’t bring anything made of glass!  

Know your limits  

Lock up your tent  

Wake up early to enjoy hot showers  

No pets! 

No fire on the festival site! 

Carry only as much as you need with you  

What to pack for the festival  

Recycle your bottles and cups and save some money  

Check the Weather in advance  

Be open and relaxed, yet responsible to other dancers and the environment.  

If you want to find out more on these, check out my blog Tips for attending Rock Werchter.  

Rock Werchter Line-up

Some of the names that got my attention this year are The Strokes, Kendrick Lamar, Lianne Las Havas, System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Disclosure and so on.  As I said, diversity and quality. Everybody will find something for themselves. For the full lineup check my article Tips for attending Rock Werchter

The Rock Werchter music festival 2017 line-up
A list of the bands and the time they played at Rock Werchter music Festival in 2017

For the full lineup of this year head to the Tips for attending Rock Werchter blog post. 

What is onsite at Rock Werchter?

Variety of tasty food options to choose from – ​from Asian to smoothies  

ATM’s – ​even though cards are accepted (Visa/Maestro/Master)  

Phone Charging Stations  

Free Wifi  

A really good merch stand! ​- be sure to buy what you like right away since it may be sold out later  

Lockers​ – which will also be sold out very fast and cannot be booked in advance  

Showers and toilets 

Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust and a friend drinking cocktails out of a glass at Rock Werchter Music Festival
Taking a break from the beers and indulging in a cocktail. You can enjoy such luxuries while at Rock Wechter

Is Rock Werchter disability-friendly?  

Rock Werchter is dedicated to making the festival accessible to the disabled. There is a specially designated entrance for visitors with a disability. At the Main Stage, KluB C and The Barn some big screens are offering better views to people with disabilities. To make sure that the screens are used for their right purpose,  those with disabilities can be accompanied only by one person. Accessible toilets are all around the venue as well. Also, the festival has a specific camping site for those with disabilities to ensure access to required facilities is at it’s most convenient. ADL assistants are all around ready to help those in need. It is a safe place to attend a music festival for all people and overall has a really inclusive vibe.  

To conclude, go and visit this music festival in Europe as part of a full summer of fun! Rock Werchter is a very well organised festival that attracts mostly Belgium, French and Dutch people. We were asked on multiple occasions how we had even heard about the festival and what made us choose to attend it. 

The ticket prices are reasonable compared to some other festivals throughout Europe, which you can find a list of in the tips for Rock Werchter blog or by heading to the Busabout website. The people at the festival are very friendly and there to enjoy a good time with little drama. The facilities were all well-positioned at the venue as well as the camp areas. Over the 4 nights, we danced, sang and drank our way through Rock Werchter with lots of fun and laughs. I would highly recommend this festival to anyone looking to start summer with a bang.

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Another European festival I had a great time at was the Tomorrowland Music Festival which is also held annually in Belgium. See my travel guide for Tomorrowland and the tips I recommend to visit this festival.

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