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Reliable Travel Equipment Guaranteed To Keep Me Blogging and Earning Across The World

Published on: May 21st, 2019 at 4:16 am

When I first started travelling some years back, I was always on a budget. I would save enough to travel and then experience each trip to its absolute fullest. The only issue is I don’t have many memories to show for those early trips as I wasn’t using the right travel equipment.

My first ever overseas holiday was to Thailand, I stayed in Bangkok and Phuket on this trip and had a great time but unfortunately to this day I don’t have any pictures or videos to show. Unlike nowadays I simply went with a phone to take both pictures and videos, this would have been OK if I had of backed those pictures up but not long after this trip, I broke my phone and everything on it was lost.

The Travel Equipment I rely on to blog

Since then I’ve realised the importance of having reliable and trusted travel equipment accompanying me when I travel. I love showing other people where I have been and how other cultures go about their day to day lives, after all, that is why I also started Aussieinwanderlust in the first place.

So today I wanted to share with you the collection of travel equipment I have slowly but surely collected since I first started travelling some 10 years ago.

If you are interested to see the resources and equipment, I use to keep Aussieinwanderlust running and myself travelling head over to my Travel Resources Page.

the nikon camera gear I use to run the travel blog Aussieinwanderlust inside my camera bag
This is the camera equipment and tech gear I carry with me while travelling to run this blog

My Travel Equipment:

Camera, drone and video devices

Olympus Tough Camera

When I first started travelling, I was still pretty raw to photography and also looking for a device to be able to complete as many actions in one as I could find. I settled for this Olympus camera as it was a tough and reliable option that I could use above and below water as well as record or take pictures.

It has served me well and still is hiding in my travel bag for when required, they weren’t lying when they said tough. There are many new models out these days and I think they are a great choice if you want to combine underwater photography and videos with on land use.

It was my first ever piece of travel equipment so it holds a special place in my memory.

Nikon D5300

When I made the nerve-wracking decision to invest in a new camera, I compared almost all of them and got numerous electronic store workers to explain the differences to me, sorry to you all. Truth is I really had no idea what half the functions were that I was comparing. I finally settled for this Nikon camera as it seemed the perfect balance of professional and novice.

It has served me well and I relied on this camera for many of my adventures up until recently.

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm lens

This is the lens that comes with my first Nikon camera and the one I generally used for my first few years. It is a nice lens that allows you to use it in a variety of situations from close-ups or wide group shots to portrait or landscape. It delivers sharp images every time.

Tamron 70-300mm macro lens for Nikon

When heading to Africa on my first trip I decided I needed to finally get a bigger lens if I wanted to have a chance of capturing some of the amazing wildlife I was hoping to spot, read all about my African trips here. I opted to go with this lens from Amazon to add to my travel equipment collection as it was more in my price range compared to some of the others in the same size range.

As I’m certainly no professional photographer this lens has proved exceptional and I haven’t been compromised in image quality at all.

Nikon D7500

Recently I invested in my newest addition to my Nikon Range, the latest D7500. It is a really lovely camera and has proved a worthwhile investment ready for my trip to South America. The main differences in the 2 cameras are a higher max ISO level, more focus and cross focus points, better battery life, it has an environmental seal, has Bluetooth and has a larger pixel area.

Hopefully, with all this, my photos will be impressing a whole new set of followers on Instagram before I know it.

This is the most expensive bit of travel equipment I have in my bag but it has already been worth it since starting to travel around South America.

Nikon AF-S 18-140mm Lens

This lens is the one that came standard with my camera when I upgraded to the Nikon D7500. I was tempted to just buy the camera body as I believed I already had two good quality lenses that had served me well but in the end, I decided that if I was upgrading my camera I should do it right and upgrade the lens too.

So I went with a 18-140 lens.

DJI Spark Drone

This bad boy is my latest and greatest addition to the travel equipment kit. I am focusing on producing some amazing videos in 2019 to add another layer to my blog and social media following so I needed to invest in some decent equipment. I can’t wait to see what the DJI Spark can capture.

As many of you probably know this is not the best of the best when it comes to drones, but it is a product from the best drone makers in the business. I couldn’t justify spending over $1.5K on the DJI Mavic Pro 2 as my first one so I opted for the baby brother. All indications so far are I’ll have just what I need to take my YouTube from nothing to flying in 2019.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and check out my latest video.

GoPro Hero 4

This action camera rounds out the collection of my picture and recording gear I carry. This is a great camera to capture all the action activities I have done while travelling although I must admit I have 9/10 times been too busy getting straight to the task and I forget to actually record what I’m doing. That will change in 2019 though with my focus on YouTube going to heat up I promise.

There are obviously plenty of newer models of GoPro out now and they offer a far superior experience than the older models but for me, this old favourite still delivers the goods.

  • Update I have now given in to temptation and brought the GoPro Hero 7 and I have seen a huge improvement

Camera Bag

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack 

When I found myself with all this travel equipment, that I have mentioned above, so it was time for me to upgrade my bag set up to handle the extra gear and future plans I now had. I opted for the Lowepro range as I had seen a fellow traveller using one while in Africa. It has great options to easily get your gear out in no time. I can carry everything in one location meaning I always know I have the right gear for every shot or video option I come across.

There is even plenty of room for extra batteries, propellers, cords and my laptop.

Laptop, Tablet and Phone

Lenovo Yoga 310

I rely on this great compact laptop to do everything for me when it comes to the running of Aussieinwanderlust. I write my blogs, edit pictures and videos, run my social media, upload blogs and keep the overall operation of my digital nomad lifestyle running thanks largely to this one device.

What are you waiting for? Start the Digital Nomad life for yourself today.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

I find this is a great extra device to use whenever I only have small tasks to complete. It is the perfect balance between getting my laptop out and using my small phone screen. It syncs with my phone and allows me to have the same apps across each device.

Huawei P20 Pro

I have been using Samsung phones for as long as I can remember but recently made the switch to this phone instead. Everything can be synced together still. The camera and storage on this device are great and most of my food images for @backpackandfork are done via just my phone.

I use Lightroom to edit all my Instagram pictures. It is an easy program to use and makes even a novice photographer like me look better than I am.

Laptop Case – Tucano

I have chosen a wetsuit material soft laptop case to travel with. It offers protection for both my laptop and tablet but yet still is not too bulky or heavy to travel with.

Tablet Case

I cover my tablet with a universal leather case that offers protection for the tablet without making it any larger in size or heavier in weight. This ensures I can still fit it in the above case with my laptop so I carry everything together or can lock them away all at once.

Travel Equipment Accessories

Extra Nikon Batteries x2

I always make a habit to have an extra couple of Nikon batteries available to use. It is common for me to go camping or hiking meaning power sources are not always available. I would rather have an extra battery and not use it than miss the shot I desperately wanted.

Lens Cover

This is the best extra I have ever purchased for my camera lens. They protect the glass from scratches and dust perfectly. I know I would rather replace this cheaper cover than the lens every day of the week and for the little amount you spend on them, they are worth every penny.

Extra DJI Drone Batteries x3

Same reason as the one above and a drone’s battery time is even more precious, so this is even more of a need. I have opted for 3 and usually keeps me pretty happy.

Extra GoPro Batteries x3

Following on with the battery theme on my last device.

Sandisk SD Card cards – 64 and 128GB

I have SD cards everywhere and copies of copies to ensure I don’t have a disaster on my hands if I accidentally push delete instead of send. In my camera’s, GoPro and DJI Spark I opt to use a 64 GB micro SD card and then make copies onto bigger 128GB cards. This enables me to remove footage from each device when required and leave the cards empty ready for my next adventure.

Portable Waterproof Powerpack – 25000mAh and solar charger

This is a blog-saving piece of equipment that I would encourage everyone to get these days. All of our devices we rely on so much are operated by batteries, so it makes sense to have a great device capable of charging them.

This is an extra handy piece of equipment as you can charge it via the solar light so you can use it over and over without needing to charge it every time. You manage to sneak an extra few charges into batteries you might not normally get.

Manfrotto Travel Camera Tripod 

These are essential pieces of gear now to enable you to progress into evening shots of the night sky and to create awesome time-lapse pictures. Both things I’m looking to invest more time into this upcoming trip around South America.

Follow my trip via my Instagram account, it would be great to hear from you via a comment or like during my trip.

GoPro Accessory Kit

If you have a GoPro, then you almost certainly need a decent accessory kit, so you can have the chance to use your action camera whenever you have the urge. Afterall there is no point having one if you can’t use it. I suggest the wrist, helmet, chest, float, selfie stick, waterproof case and mini tripod are essential tools to make the most of it.

USB mouse for laptop

When I have an extended time working on my laptop, I ensure I use a mouse to make things easier and faster. This is just my personal preference but, in my opinion, saves me heaps of time and is worth carrying with me.


I’d love to tell you I have the latest and greatest headphones on the market, but the honest truth is I break or lose these items so often that I generally only replace them with cheap ones I find at a market place travelling or even the ones that airlines hand out at times on the planes. If using aeroplane ones, ensure they are the one pin end not dual so they will work on your laptop or phone.

If you are in the market for some good ones, I would suggest the Beats or Jam which are noise cancelling and I’m sure a massive bonus when on a plane or public transport with a screaming baby or loud group of adults.

Universal Travel Adaptor

There is absolutely zero point having all the above gear if you can’t keep it charged while travelling. An all in one universal travel adaptor solves this issue where ever you happen to be in the world. One less worry than I had before purchasing this let me tell you.

I think that pretty much wraps up my collection of tech gear that I usually have with me or close by when I am on the road. All of these suggested items can be found in my travel shop with the brands and information to each item easily found.

Nikon camera hanging in a tree with the Andorra Mountains covered with snow in the background
I have really come to love using my Nikon travel equipment when travelling.

Thanks to this amazing set of gear I keep my Instagram accounts @aussie_in_wanderlust, @earth_through_images and @backpackandfork as well as my other social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest looking good, updated and current while I continue to travel and live the digital nomad life.

If you have any questions on one of the products above or would like to know more about the laptop lifestyle I’m currently living, then please comment below or take the chance to get in contact with me. There is no reason at all you can’t be exploring the world or doing exactly as you like while earning online as well.

Starting a travel blog the right way

Free Resources

I have either taught myself a lot by doing loads of research or enrolling in desired courses and mentor groups. Some certainly have been more beneficial than others. Below are some blogs I have written that can give you some great FREE advice.

Amazing Courses

As I said I have tried and tested a few of the so-called “great courses” on the market. Some have been fantastic and others have been a complete flop. Below are the three that have really benefited my learning and earning capacity online.

Blogging Resources

We all love to find tools or resources that make things easier and quicker in life. In blogging, this is no exception and can be vital to ensure you get the time you need for more important tasks. Below are some of my favourite blogging resources.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must these days so you have a piece of mind you’re covered for anything that could go wrong while on your trip. I now never go on a trip away without travel insurance. I’ve been using World Nomads for the past few years.

My favourite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (cheaper option to just cover you for health issues)

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Other tools I use to run my website

StudioPress Theme with Genisis Framework – The WordPress free themes are a good basic platform but don’t allow much customisation and can be limited for your website. Purchasing a premium theme will give you large and noticeable differences right from the start. 

OptinMonsterOnce you begin to gain traffic to your blog or website the next step is to start converting those visitors into subscribers. This way you can begin to communicate with your visitors in a more personal way. Share your latest blog posts with people you know are interested in your content and share deals on travel or sales etc for products you use.

ConvertKit – The software I use to ensure I stay in contact and in the thoughts of my loyal subscribers. You can now join ConvertKit for FREE and begin using their amazing service. 

Tailwind – The platform that allows me to schedule my pins to Pinterest automatically. This saves me hours of time a week and ensures that Pinterest stays my number one traffic source for visitors to my blog. Try Tailwind FREE for a month and watch your blog traffic skyrocket.

Canva – This is a FREE or premium tool you will find so useful when it comes to making your social media banners and graphics for your website. I make all my Pinterest pins for my website with Canva.

Grammarly – A free tool you can attach to your website that will auto check your word documents for spelling and grammar errors. It also allows you to fix the errors with a simple click of the mouse.

Courses I have taken to improve my blog, grow my traffic and monetize my blog

The SuperStar Blogging course by Nomadic Matt – A blogging course offered by arguably the most successful travel blogger on the internet. It steps you through the complete process to of starting a blog and even offers website tech support.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing – Once your blog is up and running the next step for most is to begin finding ways to monetize it. Michelle is a genius at explaining how to do exactly this through affiliate marketing. There is also a really engaging Facebook Group where other members support each other.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course – Alex and Lauren were one of the first people to harness the powers of Pinterest and deliver huge amounts of traffic to their website. With it comes many different ways to monetize your blog further. The course comes with videos, guides and support to get your Pinterest account delivering traffic to your website for free.

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Essential travel items and equipment needed to run a travel blog

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