Papua New Guinea travel tips and guide

Traveling Guide to Papua New Guinea

Travelling to Papua New Guinea will allow you to capture a part of the world that is still proudly holding on to its rich and decorated history and traditional ways of life. Without a doubt, the South Pacific Island has an array of attractive natural landscape locations at its doorstep.

Papua New Guinea is surrounded by some truly stunning beaches and coastlines that would certainly make any other destination in the world jealous. These crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are home to many colourful coral reefs where snorkelling and diving should be taken advantage of. Inland there are active volcanoes and rugged mountain ranges coupled with dense rainforest jungles.

Spending some time staying at a traditional tribal village or completing a hike through the challenging landscape should be added to a travel itinerary when visiting Papua New Guinea. The most famous of the hikes is called The Kokoda Trail and it has both a stunning natural beauty but also an extremely important story. It is voted in the top 10 most dangerous hikes in the world but if travelling with the right company is an experience not to miss.

Below are travel tips, hacks, advice and adventure stories that will ensure you are ready to travel any destination in Papua New Guinea.

Adventure Activities in Papua New Guinea

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