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Traveling Guide to Western Australia

Western Australia is an isolated state of Australia because of the large distance between its capital city of Perth and the rest of Australia’s eastern states. The Nullarbor is a stretch of almost lifeless land that separates Western Australia to its neighbouring state of South Australia. This section of road is home to the largest collection of limestone bedrock found anywhere in the world and not much else. Even trees find it hard to survive in this tough section of the planet.

Those that make the effort to either complete the road trip across The Nullarbor over multiple days or fly from elsewhere in Australia to Perth are undoubtedly rewarded. Perth is another of Australia’s capital cities that feels relaxing and easy to enjoy the moment you arrive. Things to do in Perth include strolling along the Swan River that runs beside the city, relax at Cottesloe Beach which is one of the most iconic beaches in Australia, visit the Margaret River wine region or grab a ferry to Rottnest Island for some snorkelling and while you’re there try to spot the elusive Quokkas that call this island home.

Being Australia’s largest state there is certainly much more to see in Western Australia than just the city of Perth. When heading north, either via a road trip or flying, popular destinations to visit are Geraldton, Exmouth and Broome. Riding camels across the sandy beaches of Broome while watching an Aussie sunset is a popular activity to do. Exmouth offers some stunning places to go snorkelling or diving and is also home to some amazing reef fishing locations as well.

If heading south of Perth then destinations such as Fremantle, Mandurah, Bunbury and Margaret River should be on your travel itinerary.

Adventure Activities in Western Australia

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