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Traveling Guide to Victoria

Victoria is the southeasternmost state of Australia on the mainland. It is a location that can vary greatly in climate throughout the year because of its location, summers can be dry and hot while winters witness periods of cool, wet and at times freezing temperatures. The huge Port Phillip Bay region shelters much of Melbourne and surrounding cities from the rough seas that can occur in the Bass Strait, the stretch of water that separates Victoria and the rest of Australia to Tasmania.

You could quite easily make the argument that the state of Victoria almost has everything you want in a holiday region. There are beautiful mountain ranges, stunning National Parks, world-renowned wineries, gorgeous beaches, buzzing cities, famous rivers and much more. With all this amazing beauty in its own backyard, the state of Victoria has much to see and do.

Popular things to do in Victoria include watching an iconic game of Australian Rules Football at the famous MCG Stadium, spend multiple days drifting down the longest river in Australia the Murrey River on a houseboat, catch a wave or two at a renowned surf spot known as Bells Beach, go snapper or tuna fishing, complete one of the nicest road trips in Australia along the Great Ocean Road and finish by viewing the Twelve Apostles, go snowboarding or skiing at Mount Buller or just relax and eat and drink your way around the city of Melbourne.

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