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Traveling Guide to South Australia

South Australia is often a state that is overlooked as a desirable tourist destination in Australia but it has plenty of things to do and places to visit for a range of different travellers. The capital city of Adelaide is an easy city to explore both by foot or with your own transport. South Australia also has its fair share of stunning natural landscape and gorgeous coastlines. With plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping and four-wheel driving on offer as well.

Outside of the capital city and there are certainly some attractive options for visitors to explore. The best wine region in Australia, The Barossa Valley, is only a short distance away from Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is home to amazing wildlife and gorgeous and unspoilt coastlines, Victor Habor has a range of sea life including seals, dolphins and sea lions. All of these locations can make great day trips from Adelaide.

Other locations to be seen in South Australia include, Mount Gambier where past volcanos and Blue Lake make for a wild sight, Innes National Park on the underrated Yorke Peninsula is possibly one of the best beaches yet most unviewed spots in Australia, while the dusty outback of Australia is also part of South Australia’s backyard. A small town known as Coober Pedy is well worth a visit if you have the time or are doing the road trip from Adelaide to Uluru or Darwin. This opal-mining town is famous for having most of the houses built underground as a way to escape the fierce day time sun.

Adventure Activities in South Australia

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