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Traveling Guide to Canada

Canada is a popular destination for outdoor travel lovers as the National Parks and beautiful landscape is ideal for hiking, rafting, camping, fishing and even hunting. There are also lively cities to find as well with a friendly local population.

Canada covers a large land area and is actually the second-largest country in the world. Famous National Parks for hikers and camping enthusiasts include Banff National Park Of Canada, Jasper National Park Of Canada and Yoho National Park Of Canada. Some care is certainly required when opting to go hiking or camping though as black bear, Canada lynx, grizzly bears, mountain lion and American bison roam the surroundings.

Popular cities to visit in Canada include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa. Both English and French are common languages spoken in areas throughout Canada while another few languages are also spoken in various areas. Other things to do in Canada include snow skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey and viewing the Horseshoe Falls which forms part of the famous Niagara Falls. You also shouldn’t leave Canada without trying their famous maple syrup.

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