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North America Travel Facts

Number of countries: 23
Climate: North America is a huge mixture of the most varied climate conditions you can imagine. It has the snowy mountains of Canada, dry desert of Nevada and standard areas that experience a hot and cold temperature change throughout the year. Plan ahead depending on the areas yyou plan to visit.
Population: 366,600,964
Highest Mountain: Denali (6,141 metres)
Famous Locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, Denali National Park, Alaska, Grand Canyon, Arizona, Yellowstone National Park, Time Square, New York, Chichén Itzá, Mexico and Banff National Park, Canada.
Budget Level: Travelling in North America is one of the most popular locations thanks to saught after travel destinations such as the United States and Canada. It is an easy location to travel around and you can stick to a tight travel budget if that is required.
Safety: Travelling in North America is generally a safe and enjoyable destination to travel in. Locations such as Canada and USA are well ventured paths for travellers. Locations such as Mexico require a little more care while walking the streets and in public places with large crowds as pick pocketing is a common crime.

Travel Destinations in North America

Choose your North American travel destination from the list below and find travel tips, destination guides, recommendations for things to do in each country, accommodation advice, personal stories from my travels plus more. Be prepared to travel in North America.

United States

United States Travel tips and advice
Travel tips, things to do, accommodation ideas, personal stories and outdoor adventure activities for travel in the United States


Canada Travel tips and advice
Travel tips, things to do, accommodation ideas, personal stories and outdoor adventure activities for travel in Canada

North America Travel Tips and Advice

Some handy travel tips and ideas to ensure you have your next trip to North America all planned out. Travel through snowy mountains, eat huge meals and get caught up in the bright lights of huge cities. It is important to plan ahead with what to pack, have your accommodation planned and transport booked. Below are some items to help you before heading to North America.

The best travel insurance to use when travelling North America
The best National Parks to visit in North America
How to pack for a trip in North America
What foods you will eat while on a travel adventure in North America

Budget Travel Tips

Things to do in North America

North America Blog Posts

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