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Best Places to Visit in Ireland – Add These to Create a Charming Road Trip

Published on: April 7th, 2020 at 12:05 am

Let’s discuss the best places to visit in Ireland in some detail so you can plan an epic road trip or tour around one of my favourite countries in Europe. When visiting Ireland you’re sure to quickly notice there are many beautiful cities in Ireland to visit and some truly stunning small towns, friendly people who love a chat (even if you can’t understand what they are saying to you) as well as some truly special countryside so listing these must see places in Ireland was a difficult task. It is a country that reminds me a lot to Tasmania, the state I grew up in in Australia. I think for that reason, I instantly fell in love with the Ireland countryside on my first trip a few years ago.

Since then I have been back half a dozen times, I’ve hired a car on multiple occasions and just took off in search of new beautiful places in Ireland I haven’t yet discovered. Below are of some of the best places in Ireland to visit if you too want to take off for an Irish adventure you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.

Right now let’s dig a little deeper into the points of interest in Ireland, when is best to go and of course the best places to visit in Ireland.

The ultimate Ireland travel bucket list.

Ireland sights – Why visit

As mention, Ireland is a country that has found a special place in my heart. I went on a road trip around Ireland a few years ago and fell in love. Since then, I visit this magical island often, every time discovering new sights of Ireland I hadn’t seen before and getting lost in the natural beauty it has to offer.

The biggest destination of the British Isles is a place you shouldn’t miss when looking at planning your next travel destination. Northern Ireland (part of Great Britain) and the Republic of Ireland are the two regions that make up this beautiful island and visiting Northern Ireland shouldn’t be forgotten. The country got its identity from the name of Erie, today the goddess of Ireland.

When to visit Ireland and Why

The weather, in general, is funny and makes it tough to plan a perfect time to visit Ireland. The weather will vary depending on the period of the day, but something that can be everlasting is the wind. The moody weather conditions through the days are almost like in a movie, so it is hardly predictable yet never boring.

The climate is moderate and affected greatly by the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the island country. From January to February it is wet and chilly making the countryside of Ireland a sight of green lush fields, but it becomes more affordable, has lower tourist crowds and is perfect for those wanting to see the sights of Ireland while travelling on a budget. April to May and September to October are most convenient for a tourist to visit, as it’s warm, still green and has moderate travel prices. This is the perfect time to visit the largest cities in Ireland while still not finding them overcrowded.

Ireland is a large musical country, as a result, it is not uncommon to randomly run into an amazing live music concert and have the time of your life. One of my favourite places in Ireland to discover the best Ireland musical talent is the city of Galway. I have enjoyed a few evenings in local pubs there watching great talent over a few pints of Guinness beer. I’ve also found unique local bands in a few other charming small towns across the country. These people appreciate having a good time and are young in their spirit regardless of their actual age. Everybody can find something that suits them and their style, be it a psytrance DJ or a traditional instrumental band. Just get ready for Ireland’s best talent to surprise you.

The food is amazing and if you choose to cook, it is pretty affordable to purchase items from the supermarket. They have a unique and recognised industry of dairy products as well as stunning varieties of restaurants and street food to choose from. A serving of Irish curry cheese chips are one of the best sights to see in Ireland after a night of partying, trust me.

There are so many things to do in Ireland and below I will introduce you to some of the best sights of Ireland that I’ve found while travelling the country on multiple epic road trips. Each of the Irish places listed below offers the chance to discover unique places in Ireland to visit that are known for their beauty and top experiences.

If you’re spending most of your time in the capital city and wanting to see some of Dublin’s top attractions while avoiding the city crowds, I suggest you read the list of unique things to do in Dublin as well.

Cities to visit in Ireland

Below is a list of the Irish cities I think you should try to visit if completing a road trip around Ireland. Organising a road trip itinerary for Ireland and driving from location to location as you please is certainly the best way I suggest to see the country. The roads are easy to drive and the views as you travel are ever-changing yet so beautiful. As you will see below the top Ireland attractions are found right around the whole country.

Capital city of Ireland – Dublin

The capital city of Ireland, Dublin, is a multicultural, friendly, colourful and generally warm place to be. Being the countries capital it has many tour options for visiting Ireland’s tourist attractions and makes this city one of the most frequently visited locations in Ireland. The friendly locals are known as “Dubliners” and they are always ready to talk and meet new people, usually over a pint of Guinness.

There are many souls from different parts of the world to be found, which allows you to feel like you’re somewhere familiar even if you are miles away from home. It is a melting point of people with many different languages, races and backgrounds yet everyone comes together in the most natural of ways. It leaves you thinking what if only more of the world could manage to be like this?

The capital of Ireland is rich in history, culture and experiences and has plenty to offer. It is nothing like any place you have visited before. Some of this is contributed to the age demographic of the city, Dublin is the third youngest capital city in Europe, and the general vibe of the place. Find out more about that and the unique things to do in Dublin.

Things to do in Dublin – The Cities Top Attractions

Below are three of the most common things to do in Dublin for visitors to the capital city of Ireland. These are of course top attractions in Ireland and highly recommended activities to do in Dublin but if you are looking to escape the tourist crowds and yet still see some of Irelands best sights I suggest this list of unique things to do in Dublin. As you can probably guess, that list is full of off top things to do in Dublin that are a little off the main tourist route and slightly unusual.

Temple Bar District of Dublin

One of the most popular Ireland destinations to visit anywhere in the country is the Temple Bar District of Dublin. In this area, you can feel what it means to party like an Irishman. The Temple Bar is one of the most iconic bars in the world, it dates back to the early 1300s and holds the Irish tradition in its walls. Get ready to enjoy some live music while partying with both tourists and locals alike.

The bright red bricked pub in Dublin called The Temple Bar is famous around the world
Famous pub in the Temple Bar district in Dublin, Ireland.

Must See in Ireland – St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This Cathedral is of huge spiritual importance for Irish people and is known as both the largest and tallest church in Ireland. Within these walls, numerous ceremonies have been held and it is a top place to visit in Ireland if you wish to understand more of the history of the country. The architecture is majestic and it’s a wonderful blend of creative and scientific work depicted in a sacred building.

There are many other top things to do in Dublin, which I talk about in more detail throughout this article, what to do in Dublin

Guinness Storehouse Factory – Best Place in Ireland for a Fresh Beer

One of the most iconic tourist attractions in Ireland is also home to one of it’s most iconic drinks. When you think of Irish beer, I bet the nice buttery taste of the most famous dark beer covers your taste buds, a creamy pint of Guinness. Maybe you like it, maybe it’s not your cup of beer, however, the quality of this beer is pure art, each sip is a special experience, or maybe that’s just me? Let me know. 

A brick wall with the Guinness Storehouse direction sign
The Guinness Storehouse Factory is an iconic area found in Dublin

Either way, without a doubt visiting the legendary Guinness factory should be on your list of things to do in Ireland. The Guinness Factory tour gives you all the information on how this famous beer company started and who it began with. You will find out the processes involved in making Guinness beer and what “some” of the special ingredients used to create it.

The best part of any Guinness Storehouse Factory tour, of course, is the taste test. Here you will have the chance to learn how to pour your own and then enjoy it before getting the chance to sample another cold beer, which is also included in the price of your entry ticket. You have the option to enjoy your second beer in the same place or finish the Guinness Factory experience by heading to the top floor and enjoying your cold beer while soaking in the aerial views overlooking Dublin. 

A group of perfectly poured Guinness beers sitting on a black bar top in Ireland
A selection of perfectly poured Guinness Beers were found everywhere I travelled throughout Ireland on my road trip

Keep in mind: Dedicating a few hours of your Irish vacation to one of the most famous places in Ireland is best. The price is 20€ and you can grab your tickets with skip the line access here.

Below is a list of popular things to do in Dublin:

The best option for visitors to visit multiple locations throughout Dublin at the cheapest price is to purchase The Dublin pass with Hop On Hop Off bus access. It includes bus transport and entry to over 30 popular attraction with skip the line access to ensure you visit all the tourist locations fast and easily.

Ireland Must See – City of Galway

Galway is an Ireland must see city situated in the West of the country on the River Corrib. This charming town blends traditional values and modern culture which easily make it one of the top places to visit in Ireland. It is packed with cute little cafes, alternative pubs, authentic shops and seafood restaurants. Walking around Galway will inspire you to live lightly and enjoy yourself.

It is easygoing and rich in history, yet very cool and has a strong artsy vibe. Street artists are found all around the Irish city, be it by playing live music or leaving their mark on the shop designs and walls. The locals, like most in Ireland, are super friendly and just generally lovely people who are happy to have a chat with you. They love finding out more about the adventures you are on and what brought you to their lovely city.

The Galway Cathedral is impossible to miss on your entry/exit from one of the best towns to visit in Ireland and it is worth a look as you drive by. The city of Galway remains one of the places that always calls me back, I’m not sure what it is but it’s a must see in Ireland.

Some of the best points of interest in Ireland are found close to Galway. This makes it one of the best cities to visit in Ireland and use as a base for a few days. It allows you to stay in an awesome city while enjoying the best places of Ireland at your fingertips. Connemara National Park is arguably the most beautiful place in Ireland and is found around 80km away from the Galway. Plenty of tours head to Connemara National Park and the nearby Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden each day or you can hire a car and take a beautiful day trip yourself.

The Cliffs of Moher are also easily visited from the city of Galway.

Things to do in Galway and close by

Places to see in Ireland – Cork City

The second-largest city is situated on the River Lee and has plenty of Ireland sights to see. Cork city is one of the cultural centres of Ireland and the locals refer to it as the “real capital of Ireland”. Packed with old-fashioned pubs, cute little cafes, wonderful architecture and good vibes, Cork is one of the coolest places in Ireland and one you shouldn’t miss.

If you consider yourself a foodie, one of the best things to do in Cork is to visit the English Market. The market is rich in all kinds of foods, from traditional Irish food specialities to local fruits and veggies. It is a colourful and fun place to visit and rich in its variety of choice.

My advice would be to explore Cork city by simply walking around, there are numerous historical sites, art venues and architectural wonders. The streets in Cork are a museum of sorts, observing the pulse of the city and how the locals live is an experience of its own. So, if you don’t feel like watching dramatic gothic art hanging from the walls of beautiful old buildings, pick the cutest cafe or pub you can find and sit back and enjoy the rhythm of one of the top places to see in Ireland.

Things to do in Cork

Where to go in Ireland – Dingle and Dingle Peninsula

Dingle is known as one of the most beautiful places on Earth and so it has to be one of the places to visit in Ireland. Situated on the Dingle Peninsula, this town’s known for its majestic nature, indigenous historical heritage and amazing food and beverages (especially Dingle gin, hint hint). This is why it’s recognised as one of the places to see in Ireland.

There are many ways to plan your trip visit to Dingle. You can choose to go on a tour of the peninsula and see the scenic beaches that lay on its edges or opt to trek the Dingle Peninsula on a multi-day hike. The most famous attractions regarding natural and historical sites are Gallarus Oratory, Coumeenoole Beach, Eask Tower and FaHan Beehive huts. Some other important sites would be Dingle Distillery, Dingle Ocean World and some of the cities most amazing churches.

Dingle Ireland is rich in culture and has a variety of very interesting pubs that are paired with shops. This can make for a fun experience to drink and sing while shopping among unique clothes.

Donegal Ireland – In the Top Ten Places to Visit Ireland

Donegal Ireland offers some of the most amazing and unspoiled natural sites in the country. It’s a perfect place to visit when on a road trip around Ireland since it has a long and beautiful coastal route. One of the routes is called the Atlantic drive, which offers views that feel like a dream. It is covered in stone forts and amazing historical sites.

One of the castles of Ireland you should not miss is found in Donegal County and called Doe Castle. This castle, that dates back to the 15th century, is built on the end of a small peninsula, hugged by the sea from three sides. You can choose to go on a tour of the castle or just walk around it yourself (which is my suggestion). There are picnic tables outside, so it can be a unique lunch break on your road trip if planned well.

One of the places to visit in Ireland is Glenveagh National Park. It is one of those locations that make you feel like fairies and a hidden wonderland can exist. The heavenly nature, peaceful environment and endless beauty that surrounds anyone who visits, will make you fall in love with the place. Rich in freshwaters, this area is covered with amazing lakes, which all collect their water from the inside of the National Park, this assures they are crystal clear and not polluted. Beautiful woodland, unique flora and fauna and amazing wildlife are what makes this place a must-see. Most of the park is semi-natural and not destroyed by the human hand. 

In the centre of the national park, the Glenveagh Castle is located, this was built in the 19th century. It’s one of the treasures of Irish traditional architecture.

Keep in mind: Entrance to the National Park is free.

Donegal County is a stunning and well-preserved piece of Mother Earth. Ideal to visit when on a road trip around Ireland.

Castles of Ireland Not to Miss

  • Glenveagh Castle
  • Doe Castle
  • Bunratty Castle
  • Kilkenny Castle
  • Blarney Castle
  • The Rock of Cashel
  • Dublin Castle
  • Ashford Castle
  • King’s John Castle
  • Ross Castle

Ireland’s Attractions – Sligo Ireland

Sligo County is the second centre of Western Ireland, with Galway being the first. The name Sligo is a variation of a Galic name Sligeach, meaning the places of shells. This seaport is situated on the river called Garavogue, meaning “little rough one”. You can imagine how magical this Irish County is just by hearing the origin of its name.

Also known as Yeats county, it is a place frequently visited by one of the most beautiful poetic souls Ireland has gifted us with, W.B. Yeats.

Here is his poem called “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”:

“I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,

And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made:

Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee,

And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day

I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;

While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,

I hear it in the deep heart’s core.“

This is a nice way to introduce you to one of the best Ireland places to visit. Lough Gill is an 8 km long and 2 km wide lake which is born out of cooperation between the river Bonnet and the river Garavogue. It offers some of the most beautiful places in Ireland.

Sligo County is rich in ancient monuments and tombs, in the countryside you can find some of the most amazing historical sites in Ireland. The Carrowmore cemetery is one such place in Ireland which offers a unique neolithic site. Neolithic Art was actually found here and that gave away a lot of information about our ancestors and their evolution. If you are into this kind of information, don’t hesitate to visit the info point where you can learn much more about the site and of course us as humans.

Also, Benbulben is another place you should not miss when visiting Sligo. It is known as the Irish Table Mountain, in reference to the famous Table Mountain found in Cape Town, South Africa. The Irish version of Table Mountain is a rock formation with a flat top that offers a home to a variety of plant and animal life. The top also has amazing views of unique Irish nature. For hiking lovers, this is a chance for you to stretch your legs while on your road trip.

The hike is an easy loop trail that climbs an elevation of around 60m. The length of the trail is a manageable 5.5km and should take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours depending on your fitness levels and the amount of photo stops you take. One of Irelands easiest hikes I would say but still certainly rewarding.

This area of Ireland is very photogenic, so be sure to bring your camera since you can catch some pretty amazing perspectives without much effort while on your road trip around Ireland.

Limerick Ireland

The city of Limerick is the fourth most populous city on the Island which is laid on the river Shannon. Offering many historical sites, a variety of museums and some amazing architecture, Limerick County should be on your list of Ireland places to visit.

King’s John Castle is one of the top-visited attractions in Limerick. The 13th-century castle is located just above the river. It is an easy 15-minute walk from the city centre and offers amazing views from the outside as well as the inside. Some of its rooms are used as exhibition spaces where you can discover the historical background of this majestic building. It is one of the most famous castles in Ireland.

Keep in mind: The admission fee to this castle is 9€ which is a little bit pricey in my opinion. If you’re interested though grab your tickets with skip the line access here to ensure you lose minimum time waiting in line.

When it comes to galleries and museums in Limerick, there are a few of them I would recommend.

Firstly, Limerick City Gallery of art. It is one of the largest contemporary art galleries you can see in that part of Ireland. It offers a permanent collection of 831 contemporary artworks from 456 artists. You can see The National Collection Of Contemporary Drawing and the Micheal O’Connor Poster collection. It is a good spot to be if you are looking for some contemporary art catharsis. Colourful, deep and moving.

Good to know: Admission is free.

Some of the attractions and activities you can also consider paying a visit to is The Limerick Museum, taking a relaxing walk around People’s Park, natural and contemplation time at Lough Gur Prehistoric Site and witnessing some traditional architecture at Bunratty Castle.

Things to do and see in Ireland

The above was a list of the Ireland places I suggest adding to your road trip itinerary if planning a trip around the gorgeous country. Now below is a list of top tourist attractions Ireland has to offer while travelling throughout the country. Without doubt one of the most visited places to go in Ireland is, of course, the Cliffs of Moher but beyond that, there are still many other Ireland tourist attractions worth considering to visit. These include National Parks, castles and some other of the best places to go in Ireland.

Let’s start with the most famous of those locations, the Cliffs of Moher.

Cliffs Of Moher – Natural Tourist Attraction of Ireland

Out of all the Ireland famous places I’m going to mention the Cliffs of Moher is the tourist attraction of Ireland that gets the second most visits every year. On average this natural destination sees close to 2 million visitors going through its entry gates a year, as mentioned this is enough to make it the second most visited attraction in Ireland behind only the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. This wonder of nature is situated on the West Coast of Ireland.

Cliffs Of Moher are exactly what you imagine when you decided to visit one of the best places to see in Ireland. Your trip will not be complete if you skip this Irish location and the entrance price is a fair and reasonable amount so your travel budget shouldn’t be an excuse to miss it. The Cliffs Of Moher are located an easy 80km drive South of Galway making this a great city to stay in either before or after visiting them and they stretch for 8km.

Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust standing at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
Standing at the edge of the Cliffs of Moher can really make you feel small

The views are breathtaking. These giant masses standing below you and around you dancing with the endlessness of the ocean makes you remember how small you are, yet more importantly just how powerful Mother Nature can be.

I visited the cliffs in the early morning and it was a really good decision that I would recommend for you as well as the ocean was very calm and there weren’t many people visiting so early. You can take a guided tour from cities such as Dublin or Galway or make it part of your road trip as I did.

Keep in mind: It is very windy and cold, so dress appropriately. The entrance fee is 6€ which is pretty fair in my opinion for one of the not to miss places in Ireland.

Tours that include visiting the Cliffs Of Moher

Connemara National Park – Best Sights of Ireland

Connemara National Park is one of the six parks located on the island of Ireland and it’s situated only 85km from Galway. This place offers 2000 hectares of scenic natural beauty. If you are looking for sights to see in Ireland, this is a great place to head.

If you have the time and don’t mind driving then I’d suggest checking out google maps and doing the circle navigation of the park. Turn right at the town of Glynsk to go to the park and on the way home return via Cleggan. Once you check it out on a map it will become very clear. 

See Connemara National Park on Google Maps

The rolling hills, lakes and grazing sheep make this very special indeed and one of my favourite and best places to travel in Ireland with a car. If you have turned right at Glynsk then before entering the Connemara National Park you will come to Kylemore Abbey. It is well worth stopping and checking this place out.

Inside there are some beautiful spots to take some holiday snaps and you can use the onsite restrooms or visit the cute cafe for a morning snack, lunch or afternoon treat. It does, however, cost to enter past a certain point to visit the inside of the Abbey and the surrounding yards. This is something I didn’t opt to do and photos like the one below are possible while staying in the free section.

An old white castle known as the Kylemore Abbey in Ireland with a wooden fence and lake in front of it
Kylemore Abbey is worth a stop while you are exploring the nearby National Park.

The scenery here even makes me look like a handy photographer. Simply a stunning part of the world so try not to miss it while discovering the sights of Ireland.

A cloudy grey sky over the top of a mountain range in Ireland and at the front is a white sheep and large lake
Looking out over one of the stunning Irish lakes in Connemara National Park with one added extra in the picture

After finishing at the Kylemore Abbey the entrance to Connemara National Park is only another short 10-minute drive down the road. At the park there are lots of walks and activities to do, I suggest looking on their website if you would like to check out some of the walks in more detail. Here is the website.

Tours that include visiting the Connemara National Park

Killarney National Park – Ireland Countryside

Breathtaking scenery, calm lakes and dynamic mountain views make this Ireland Countryside almost fairy-like and offer the perfect chance to restore your energy for your further trip.

What makes it even more special though, is that all these wonderful hills, waterfalls, mountains, lakes and canyons are located just a few minutes drive from one of the best towns to visit in Ireland, called Killarney. Killarney is a developed urban centre, which is surrounded by untouched nature. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

A still lake surrounded by mountains all reflecting into the water below at Connemara National Park
This is one of my favourite pictures of my time in Ireland and it is at Connemara National Park near Galway

When you finish recharging your batteries inside in Killarney National Park, I would recommend cherishing the beauty you saw by visiting the Killarney Pub. Go sing a song, grab a beer and enjoy the beauty of the world we live in.

Good to know: There is no entrance fee.

The Rock Of Cashel – Castle in Ireland

The Rock of Cashel, which I mentioned in my list of the Castles of Ireland not to miss, is undoubtedly one of the most famous historical sites in all of Ireland. The site offers views of some unique buildings such as the Round Tower, Cormac’s Chapel and the Cathedral. Also monuments, crosses and the walls surrounding all of the buildings.

Visiting The Rock Of Cashel means discovering the beauty of medieval architecture and the ancient rhythm of life of Irishmen. The site dates back to the 6th century and is an area that will better help you understand the history of the country you are visiting and is a place of enormous value to the people of the Island.

Go, walk around The Rock of Cashel, listen to the song of the roots of this nation.

Keep in mind: Entrance fee is 6€.

Glenda Lough

The meaning of its name says a lot about this natural site, it is “Valley of two Lakes”. You can choose what you want to make out of this visit, it can be a picnic, a rock-climbing trip, a relaxed walk around the site or a touristic visit.

Glenda Lough is a valley situated in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. It is one of the best day trips from Dublin and I highly recommend a visit via a tour or with your own car. It offers various activities for its visitors, from enjoying the observation of the Monastic Site and the Round Tower to walking different paths and trails in the valley or just connecting with its heavenly nature formed in lakes and smaller valleys. The choice of how you enjoy this top Ireland tourist attraction is yours, it’s just important that you see it.

Keep in mind: There is no entrance fee to the National Park, but you have to pay to park your car.

Tours to Wicklow Mountains National Park

The Giants Causeway – Visiting Northern Ireland

This magical rock formation offers one of the most special sights in Northern Ireland, not technically part of the country of Ireland but still easy to visit while completing a road trip of Ireland. The Giant’s Causeway is a natural artwork that was born from a volcanic eruption. It is a World Heritage Site under the UNESCO protection and named a national nature reserve by the Department of the Environment of Northern Ireland.

Keep in mind: The entrance fee is 15.50€. A little expensive and they also charge an additional fee to park your car in the parking area as well. I actually chose to park my car a little away from the entrance and walk about 10 minutes to avoid the extra fee.

Tours to the Giants Causeway

Boyne Valley

This Irish historical site is located on the Boyne River. Boyne Valley is home to numerous important cultural, historical and national gems of the Island. If you are on a road trip, I would recommend taking a full day to explore this magical mythological place.

It is a wonderful escape from the city since it is only around 50km from the capital city of Ireland. If you want to dive deep into the atmosphere of ancient Ireland, visiting Boney Valley is possibly one of the most underrated tourist attractions for Ireland but a great addition.

You can discover the historical sites such as Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Fourknocks, Hill of Tara and Loughcrew.

There is a hidden jewel that offers a blend of modern and ancient, Slane Castle. The amphitheatre offers various concerts and happenings in its mystical environment. You can find out more about their upcoming events here

Keep in mind: The entrance fee to certain sites vary and are a bit pricey, but if you choose to visit the Boney Valley, it is worth it.

Tours that include visiting the Boyne Valley

How to see the best places to visit in Ireland

We have covered where to visit in Ireland so now let’s discuss how the best way to discover these Ireland destinations is.

You can choose to do a round trip of Ireland via different means of transport. Here I listed most of the options you can use. In my opinion, hiring a car and exploring the gorgeous island at your own pace is the best option available to visitors. However, if hiring a car and having that extra responsibility is not your idea of the best vacation in Ireland then you have other options.


As just mentioned above, hiring a car is, in my opinion, by far the best option you can choose. You are able to create a flexible travel itinerary that can be adjusted as you wish, are able to reach certain points of interest in Ireland and you are managing your own time without affecting other peoples plans. By choosing to rent a car you have a chance to discover Ireland at your own pace. This country is full of wonders and vacation spots in Ireland and you will need time to integrate all the beauty you wish to see.

It is a little bit more expensive than just travelling via public transport between the best cities to visit in Ireland, but it is worth it and you can see the extra areas you want while moving between destinations.

Just be sure to find a good car rental company and to check all the expenses in advance so you don’t end up having any hidden and unnecessary costs. I recommend hiring your car and starting to plan your road trip.


Discovering Ireland by train is a very good way to enjoy the views and feel the vibe of the Ireland countryside.

You can find out all the information about the costs and routes here. If you are planning to travel around multiple destinations in Europe I suggest to either look at purchasing a Eurail pass if you are a non-EU citizen or an InterRail pass for EU nationals or checking out the travel company Busabout.

I have a full review of why I think Busabout is the best way to see Europe and if you’re interested in reading it you can find it here


The buses in Ireland are cheaper and better connected than the trains. they also offer a certain commodity and flexibility. All of the top place to visit in Ireland can be seen from nearby cities via tours if driving is not an option for you.

You can discover the prices and the routes here.

Day Tours from the best cities of Ireland

Day tours can be arranged from all the major cities in Ireland that I mentioned above. Visiting locations such as the Cliffs Of Moher or The Rock of Cashel can be done from multiple cities including the Dublin and Galway.

To find and review well run day tours in Ireland I would suggest heading to both the Viator and GetYourGuide websites and comparing the prices, tour options and customer reviews for tours that interest you.

Multi-day guided tours around Ireland

If you would prefer to just enjoy seeing the country of Ireland in a well organised and programmed tour over a few days then that is certainly possible as well. This option ensures you can just sit back and see all the sights in Ireland without having to organise a thing. This is the easiest and possibly the most relaxing way to travel around Ireland.

The travel company Busabout offers a variety of multi-day tours to various or all sections of Ireland. I have personally travelled with them numerous times throughout multiple Europe destinations and had great and most importantly well run trips with them every time. There Ireland tour selections include visiting the south, west, north or a complete selection of Ireland.

Other multi-day tour options

Go, explore, enjoy!

Whatever transport option you choose to travel with, there is no doubt the round trip around Ireland will be a unique experience. This mystical, fairy-like land offers experiences like no other place on Mother Earth. Get out and discover the best places Ireland has to offer.

How to arrive in Ireland

Flights to and from Dublin can be found pretty easy from all major cities throughout Europe, a lot of international flights also land straight into Dublin as well if you fancy starting or indeed finishing your European adventure from here.

Check out the latest flight deals

You can also catch a variety of ferry options that will arrive in Ireland and also Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom. If you are planning to combine a road trip in Ireland with an adventure around England, Wales and Scotland then this is a good option.

Accommodation in Ireland

Your Accommodation shouldn’t be too hard to find throughout the whole of Ireland. They have all the usual suspects included B&Bs, Air BnB, Hotels and Hostels. Remember you can get cashback on all your accommodation and flight bookings if you join Ebates for FREE.

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Travel budget tips

Either booking a new travel holiday right from the start or while on such a holiday can be expensive. Things like flights, accommodation, meals, transport and tours can add up fast and put a strain on what should be a fun time. These budget travel tips will assist with booking a holiday at the best price or staying on budget while travelling.

Be sure that you make space in your heart and your mind for some amazing experiences and views. The ideal blend of the green and the urban areas will fulfil all your desires. Who knows you might even end up like me and begin planning almost annual vacations to this amazing country.

Other useful companies I use in Europe:

GetYourGuide – A company that offers a selection of popular tours for almost every destination you are likely to visit. 

Viator – Viator also offers a range of tours and private excursions you can do in popular destinations. Always good to compare prices between companies.

FishingBooker – If you enjoy a fishing trip then Europe has plenty of exciting destinations to choose from. FishingBooker is a website that lists the best local charters in different locations around the world

Ebates – This is a great tool to use when booking almost anything online. You will automatically get a percentage of your paid price credited back to you after you complete your tour, accommodation stay or flight. Find out more about Ebates here – One of the companies I use the most when I’m travelling. It allows me to search for good accommodation and see pictures, and fellow travellers reviews of the hotel. Always offers great prices as well.

HostelWorld – If I’m not looking for a hostel then I always book through HostelWorld 

Europe on a shoestring by the Lonely Planet – The travel bible as it becomes known to me during my travels around Europe. Shares plenty of information and provides a great source of knowledge. An easy to read book, which features attractions, accommodation travel advice for different parts of Europe.

World Nomads Insurance – If you are travelling for an extended period or almost any period in general then it is always best to have reliable travel insurance. Unfortunately you just never know when your travels will need to be altered or someone decides they like your belongings more than you.

Organise Your Trip: Travel Advice and Tricks I Personally Use

Book Your Flight

Heading to either Skyscanner or Momondo are my methods of choice for this. They are my favourite as they search for flights from different companies all over the world. You can filter the results to suit your needs and ensure you land the best price every-time.

Book Your Accommodation

This is an important part of any holiday you’re going on. Read all the reviews and get the right accommodation via TripAdvisor. They even show you the best prices available at the time for that room from suppliers like booking a hostel your best bet is to start with HostelWorld or possible even use CouchSurfing if you’re on a real budget.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must these days so you have a piece of mind you’re covered for anything that could go wrong while on your trip. I now never go on a trip away without travel insurance. I’ve been using World Nomads for the past few years.

My favourite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (cheaper option to just cover you for health issues)

Looking for the best companies to save money with?

As I have been travelling frequently over the last few years I’ve learnt some great tools to use for saving money when travelling. I have a travel resource page that lists all the trusted companies I personally use and rely on. I think you will find them good as well.

I also have a couple of great blogs that share quick and easy ways to save money on flights or accommodation. Take a look and save some cash on your next trip.

The Best Place To Book Your Tours

If you are someone you likes to have the best tours in one place and read reviews from other travellers about their personal experiences of each different tour then the best platform to use is GetYourGuide.

They offer the best tours, have money-back offers in case your trip is cancelled and ensure the price of each tour is the lowest possible.

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