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Milhouse Hostel – An Affordable Hostel to Base Yourself in Buenos Aires

Published on: May 30th, 2019 at 7:41 am

When you think of Argentina and more specifically Buenos Aires, I’m sure the thoughts of nightlife, mad football fans, tango and great steak come to mind. You’re not the only one as I had high hopes for this energetic city ever since booking my tickets to start my South American adventure here. Once my flights were sorted the next item on my agenda was finding a suitable hostel to spend my time in, I opted to stay in one that I found online with Booking.com before making the switch to one called Milhouse Hostel and it proved to be a great choice which set up an amazing time in the Argentina capital.

Milhouse Hostel actually have two hostels in pretty close proximity to each other right in the heart of Buenos Aires, so it is the ideal location to base yourself and then explore the city by any mode you desire. One is called Milhouse Hostel Hipo and the other is Milhouse Hostel Avenue. While there I opted to combine walking (free walking tour), bus and metro transport while I was there and all the stops for transport were close and handy.

Why Milhouse Hostel is a great choice for your stay

Arriving at Milhouse Hostel was a breeze from either of Buenos Aires airports as they are located a few minutes away from the main street, which just so happens to be the widest avenue in the world, something the city seems pretty proud about.

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As you are maybe aware, BA has a little bit of a reputation for being a little rough around the edges. I was warned repeatably about this from Latin American people during my time in Europe and Barcelona. Arriving in the city I was on high alert, but my mind was put at ease quickly when I arrived at Milhouse and found that both hostels have security reviewing each person that enters the hostel. When you arrive a Milhouse bracelet is placed around your wrist and if you don’t have that chances are you won’t be coming past the front door. A safe and secure setup.

A large metal flower statue in a park called the Floralis Generica in Argentina
Buenos Aires turned out to be an amazing place to start my South American trip after I was first concerned about the safety of the city.

The room also comes with security lockers and safe so you can lock away the most valuable items as well as your bag if required. I travelled with lots of gear including cameras, drones, laptops and video equipment and not once did I worry about anything going missing.

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The staff at the hostel were all friendly and happy to help with offering advice about what to do and where to go within the city. They also have a load of activities you can do by booking directly with the hostel. Some of my favourite highlights of my stay in Buenos Aires includes watching a local La Boca football match, heading along to watch the famous La Bomba del Tiempo drum show and being seduced by the dancing at a local Tango performance. I booked all these hassle-free through Milhouse Hostel or beforehand by following the above links.

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There are many other activities on offer as well so you can expect your schedule to be jam-packed from beginning to end. I also booked transport to Uruguay from the reception desk, so easy.

The rooms themselves are clean and spacious. I landed and after a not so great start at the other hostel (if you get in contact I’m happy to share which hostel you should avoid) I opted to enjoy a private room and it was honestly like staying in a hotel rather than a hostel. The bed was made each day, the towels replaced (if you desired) and room cleaned. Not often I’ve had that treatment in a hostel during my travels. It also comes with a private bathroom that had a great shower with plenty of pressure and hot water.

A large double bed in the middle of the room with brown sheets and pillows and a colourful artwork display on the wall
The room was a huge surprise when I walked through my bedroom door. Hotel or hostel I thought?

The nights at the hostel was about the only time I was actually reminded that I was indeed staying in a hostel. The evenings can get lively and loads of fun and for this, they split the parties up each night at the different hostels. This is a good idea as repeat noise night after night can be a little annoying. If the party is at the hostel you are staying at then expect some noise until at least around 2am. My advice is to go and join the fun for a bit, meet some new friends and possibly find a few travel partners while in BA. After all, travelling is about meeting people as much as visiting new places, right?

The cooking facilities at both hostels were something I used during my stay, I ended up staying at both hostels as after I returned from Uruguay, I had a day before I left for Salta. The facilities in the kitchen area are good but some simple stocking up on utensils would go a long way. I was required to eat from a pot one night as the kitchen had no bowls and the folks and spoons were few and far between. I little bit of a shame as the space and cooking equipment has loads of potential.

A set of double couches in a large room wirth wooden floors and a TV on the wall
The common area in Milhouse Hostel Avenue was an awesome area to chill out in with fellow guests

If cooking is not your thing then you’re in luck as well as the bar area supplies meal options for breakfast through to dinner. Although I would highly suggest getting yourself out and about a few nights to try the local steak and other dinner options on offer in the city.

Depending on your choice of holiday and reason for being in BA would dictate which of the two hostels is probably better for you. If you are there for the nightlife and the evening atmosphere, then Milhouse Hipo is the right hostel for you but if on the other hand, you like the idea of a slightly more chilled vibe then I would suggest staying at the Milhouse Avenue venue. This is the slightly newer of the two hostels as well.

As I mentioned, I stayed in one other hostel during my time in Buenos Aires and I can honestly say that the gap between Milhouse Hostels and the other was huge, the price was the same, but the facilities, hospitality and environment were 100% better at the Milhouse venues.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with hostels in South America as I have heard many different stories but I’m happy to say that both Milhouse hostels were just like any if not better than some I have stayed in throughout my time travelling Europe and Australia.

After talking to some of the staff and managers throughout both venues I can only see things continuing to improve in both facilities in the near- and longer-term future. They have some great future plans and I honestly believe they will be one of the best run hostels I stay in during my time in South America if the first month is anything to go by.

A common area in Milhouse Hostel with multiple table and chairs organised in groups for guests
The calm before the storm. Milhouse Hostel is sure to provide plenty of fun memories for you to look back on during your stay.

If heading to Buenos Aires anytime soon strongly consider these guys as your base for your stay, I’m confident you will have just as much fun as me (apart from the day I was bedridden with a huge hangover).

If you have any more questions about booking your accommodation here or anything else regarding Buenos Aires either comment in the section below or shot me an email, I’ll be happy to help where I can.

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