Travelling tips and advice for the Middle East

Middle East Travel Facts

Number of countries: 17
Climate: The climate in the majority of the Middle East is a hot and uncompromising one. Expect high temperatures and be prepared to be drinking lots of water each day.
Population: 411 million
Highest Mountain: Mount Damavand (5,610 metres)
Famous Locations: Amadiya, Iraq, Lebanon Trail, Lebanese Republic, Jerusalem, Israel, Petra, Jordan, The Dead Sea, Jordan and Israel, The Pyramids, Egypt, The Nile River, Egypt, Istanbul, Turkey
Budget Level: Travelling in the Middle East can vary greatly in price depending on which countries you plan to visit. Destinations such as Egypt and Turkey offer great budget travel locations whereas locations such as Jordan and United Arab Emirates can be far more expensive than people think.
Safety: Travelling in the Middle East is generally a lot safer than most people think. You obviously should stay clear of areas such as Iraq, Syria and the majority of Afghanistan as they are very unstable at the moment. Other destinations such as Jordan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Israel are considered popular and safe backpacking countries to travel through. As with everywhere travel with care while in streets and moving between locations.

Travel Destinations in the Middle East

Choose your Middle Eastern travel destination from the list below and find travel tips, destination guides, recommendations for things to do in each country, accommodation advice, personal stories from my travels plus more. Be prepared to travel in the Middle East.


Turkey Travel tips and advice
Travel tips, things to do, accommodation ideas, personal stories and outdoor adventure activities for travel in Turkey


Egypt Travel tips and advice
Travel tips, things to do, accommodation ideas, personal stories and outdoor adventure activities for travel in Egypt

Middle East Travel Tips and Advice

Some handy travel tips and ideas to ensure you have your next trip to the Middle East all planned out. Travelling via tours, enjoying off the map city escapes or spending time studying the past of our world can all be done while exploring here. Unlike other travel destinations it is important to plan ahead with what to pack, understand how to travel safely in each location, have your accommodation planned and transport booked. Below are some items to help you before heading to the Middle East.

Safety advice for travelling in the Middle East
Travel insurance options for travelling in the Middle East
Handy things to know before travelling in the Middle East
What foods you will eat while on a travel adventure in the Middle East

Budget Travel Tips

Things to do in the Middle East

Middle East Blog Posts

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