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How to start blogging and earning from anywhere in the world

Published on: February 3rd, 2019 at 6:42 am

Have you ever wondered how to start blogging and join the people that are travelling and earning money online while having the time of their life?

I bet you have seen all the blogging site out there nowadays yes???

Have you wondered how to start one for yourself and start reaping the rewards like all the others?

Well, you are in luck as right now I’m going to explain to you how I have gone from having very limited computer skills to have my own travel blog website in no time at all.

How to start blogging

First thing I found hugely beneficial when researching how to start blogging was to think of this as a mini business and plan accordingly, you never know, if done well and with a bit of luck it could turn into much more.

Gator Website Builder
Gorgeous view I have been able to see thanks to starting a blog
what a view hey???

Why are you starting a blog?

To write – A blog can be as simple as a comfortable place to share your ideas and stories in life, encourage others or just to build a following. I blog is a great way to do that no matter what the subject

Build an existing business – If you already have a business then a blog is a great way to market this and generate a higher profit. It is very low cost to achieve this as well. Finding out how to start blogging could be a huge business move.

You want to earn money – Many now days make money from blogging online, many travel and blog others blog about becoming a new mother, whatever your interest you can turn a blogging or writing hobby into an extra or main income.

Become a published author – Nowadays most publishers want a client that already has a local following and presence online. Kick start your dream of getting your work published by learning how to start blogging and publishing your work.

Before going any further really think about this step and find something that is going to hold your interest and passion for blogging.

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Lets work together

Steps to having your blog online…

Step 1 – Decide what to blog about

Step 2 – Choose a blogging platform

Step 3Find a host

Step 4 – Pick a domain name

Step 5 – Get going using WordPress

Step 6 – Design and use your blog

Step 1 – Decide what to blog about

This is the first and one of the most important steps in “how to start blogging” you will need to think about. What are you starting this blog about? What are you passionate about? If you don’t know these to things then chances are you’re not going to stay excited in this project for very long.

If you operate your own business then obviously these things need to relate, promote the products you sell and the services that you can provide to customers. 

If you are an individual just starting out in the blogging and online world then you have a lot more flexibility with your topic but this can also make things little harder to choose. So remember the following:

Blog about something that is going to hold your interest. You will be spending lots of your valuable time on this so you want a subject that is going to keep you interested and engaged otherwise you won’t keep at it and worse still your audience won’t connect with you either.

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Ensure the topic you choose has plenty of room to grow. A blog needs a lot of quality content to a. get it going and b. remain interesting so ensure you can expand.

Find something you can relate to whether it be travel, shopping, fishing or just about anything if you can relate to it go with it.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd and find a point of difference to every other blog out there. Chance are others are already blogging about the topic you have chosen but narrow down further and become the expert at it.

One of the ways I make an income online from my blog
Learn how I am earning an income online

Step 2 – Choose a blogging platform

If you are a mechanic you need a workshop and if you are going to become a blogger then you will need a blogging platform. Simple as that.

There are loads out there these days with platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Squarespace and Weebly just to name the most common.

All of these mentioned have some sort of pro’s and con’s but by far the most user-friendly and popular is WordPress and with good reason.

I use WordPress for my site and would recommend it to others every time. It is free to use, easy to set up, simple to use with no tech coding or anything scary to set up and has a large community of users who frequently share knowledge and ideas. 

You can even download WordPress onto your mobile and work on the go… super handy.

If you want to be serious from the start get a premium theme or run your blog with WordPress Engine

Just quickly I need to explain the difference between the two WordPress options out there, hosted or self-hosting – and

I use and recommend

Hosted – These are free and often referred to as As is often the case free does not mean better and if you chose this option your limited with how you operate and the way you can potentially earn an income

Self Hosting – This way is by far the best if you are wanting to potentially create an income online from your blog, who wouldn’t really. It does cost you a little bit but the option I use costs me less than $4 a month. This is sometimes referred to as

To research, more about the differences in the 2 options follow this link. 

Step 3 – Finding a host

OK so by now I hope you have been convinced to opt for WordPress to be your blogging platform. If you are hoping to build a successful business and make an income from it I also hope you have decided to go with the option.

Now that is decided you will need to find somewhere to host your WordPress (or other platforms) site. This means you need to buy some server space. Without this, your platform would only be seen by you from your computer and not shared for the world to discover.

Like everything, there are options out there everywhere for this. I personally did a lot of research and probably went over the top trying to compare each leading brand out there. The one I went with and have extremely impressed with is HostGator. They have been fantastic ever since my site went live.

They have a fantastic support team that are only too willing to help in your setup and everyday running of your site. Any time I have had even the smallest of question they have been there and answered it in a matter of minutes. Fantastic customer service goes a long way in my book. Above all else, the site has been nothing but a dream to use, fast and extremely wallet friendly.

Find out how you can save up to 60% on your hosting

Ok once you follow that link it is time to choose the plan that suits you best. I have started with the “Shared” plan as this is the basic one I required to get my blogging website started. You can always upgrade later if you are requiring something extra. This plan is only $3.95p/m, less if you use my link.

Let’s move onto to the exciting part… naming your blog

Step 4 – Pick a domain name

Ok so now comes the time to choose a domain name. A domain name is your web address that people will need to type in to find your website, mine is Try and think of something catchy, short and easy to share. 

If you get really stuck on this you can do it later. Likewise, if you already have a domain registered you can enter that and use it.

hostgator domain register

The area to enter your domain name

Enter account Information:

Enter your personal information for the account. Make sure the email address is live as this is the email address that will be sent all your login details.

Hostagator Personal Information page

The area to fill in your personal information

Ok, almost setup… Now you need to choose the length of your plan for your hosting. It is best to try and pay for 1, 2 or 3 years in this option as the longer you choose the more of a discount you shall receive. You will pay all upfront with this option but it is a one off payment and then you can work away knowing that your site is yours for however long you may have chosen. You can choose to pay monthly as well but honestly, it is not a great option and you will end up paying more.

You will have the choice of some add on options when choosing this plan. Have a look through and choose any that you may desire. I personally would certainly have SiteLock Monitoring as this helps to protect your website.

hostgator billing information
hostgator billing information

Remember you can save up to 60% on your hosting here

Enter billing information:

Here just enter in your payment options, read and check the fine print box and submit.

payment method on hostgator
Enter payment details here and be sure to check the terms and conditions box payment method

Once submitted you will have the chance to choose your password for your account… make it something you will obviously remember and others won’t think of.

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Step 5 – Get started with WordPress

Ok, now you can log in with the details you just made and get started building your new website with WordPress.

Choose your theme

You will be asked now to choose a theme for your website. Have a look through and choose one that suits you are if you prefer you can skip this for now and choose one at a later date. 

Start building your site

Here you may notice that your site is on a temporary domain but don’t panic this is completely normal. It will take up to 24 hours for your domain name to become fully registered and once this occurs WordPress will update it automatically.

Go ahead and click the “Start Building” button you will see on your screen. Once clicked it will take you to your new WordPress dashboard site. The column on the left is like your control panel and will soon become your best friend as you get more comfortable with WordPress. 

wordpress default dashboard

WordPress dashboard

Step 6 – Design and Use your new blog

OK, congratulations you now have a WordPress website. Look to the control panel on the left-hand side and look for “page” here you can set up your welcome page to your website.

After doing that try adding a few blog pages to your site as well. This part is all trial and error and getting familiar with the setting. Play around and get comfortable.

wordpress new page

Here is where you can add a new page to your website

While you have been having a look and adding a few pages and blogs your site has been in a “draft” setting, meaning it is yet to go live online. Once you are ready to show people what you have been up to click the “Launch” button.

Wordpress launch site area

Click launch and prepare to go live

The last thing to do before it goes live for all to see is to give your blog a title and description. Once done it is out there for the world to discover and for you to share your story.

Launching your hostgator and wordpress website

Time to go live well done
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Congratulations you are now live on the internet. What is your plan with it now? 

Is your goal to make an income online and help support yourself???

Would you like to learn how to make money from your blog and get it in front of a larger audience???

21 Ways to earn online
21 Ways to earn online

I am part of a thriving community of bloggers who are doing exactly that at “Off the Record“. The mentor program is run by the successful travel blogging duo at “A Walsh Life“.

We assist each other in growing and reaching our individual goals all with the support of our fantastic mentors Mario and Rebecca. They have been successful in making an earning online and travelling while doing so. They take you through step by step how to monetize and grow your blog, how to build a strong social media following and how to gain subscribers to your blog plus many more tips and tricks. 

Learn more about the “Off the Record” program or check out the blog of Mario and Rebecca

off the record mentor training

If you are interested in how to monetise your blog now the question how to start blogging is sorted jump on over to my next blog to cover “How to earn from your Blog” or grab my “21 ways to earn online Ebook”

I hope this post on how to start blogging has convinced you that it shouldn’t be something that intimidates you. It is a cool process and hugely enjoyable once you overcome the fear of starting. Contact me today if you would like some more guidance on how to start.

Remember you can also claim up to 60% off thanks to my partnership with Hostgator so save today just for being a reader of Aussieinwanderlust.

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step by step guide to starting a blog

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Happy Travels, Brodie


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