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The ONE thing that has been an absolute game changer for my blog

Published on: September 17th, 2018 at 4:03 pm

Have you always dreamed of being able to travel as often as you like?

Being able to ditch the 9-5 life?

Not having a boss breathing down the back of your neck?

Have you ever thought about starting a travel, lifestyle, health or any other sort of blog?

April 2018 I decided to do exactly this.

Ever since then I’ve been travelling more than ever and earning as I explore the world. I thought it was a dream but it’s as achievable as anything else.

I want to share with you the mentor that has guided me from the start.

Learn how Off the record training has helped my blog

I had been travelling around Australia working in various locations for around 3 years before I took the plunge and moved from Australia to London. It sounds scary but once in London, it seemed as though half of Australia was already there and I had a great time.

I travelled every chance I got and just fell in love with the travel life and the excitement of discovering new places and cultures. I’m now living in Barcelona, Spain and once I arrived here, I decided I wanted to create my own travel blog website


So with no real computer skills, I took the plunge.

I watched video clip after video clip on YouTube trying to understand and figure out exactly how other people made their sites so amazing. 5 months later I had a product I was pretty proud of, but still knew it wasn’t where it needed to be if I wanted people to be enjoying Aussieinwanderlust.com as much as I first planned.

I soon come to realise that there are clues in success. If my dream was to be able to have a great website and enjoy my own success, I needed to find someone who had already achieved it.

Enter Off the Record Training

That’s when I decided to set out and find a mentor that had been down a similar path to me already and understood the issues I was facing but more importantly had solutions that could help me advance further.

Finding a mentor is not an easy task either though, believe me.

Everyone on the web these days seems to be an expert at this and promises lots of things. For me though most just seemed interested in selling themselves or their programs/courses to you rather than taking the time to get to know you and your ideas and plans.

After another month or so of getting frustrated with this, I came across an Instagram account and got chatting to Mario at “A Walsh Life“. I learnt how he and his wife Rebecca have been living the dream and travelling for the past two years while working online. They had managed to walk the length of New Zealand, as hiking is a massive hobby of theirs as well as travel to various places like Bali.

I could tell straight away that he was different, he actually listened to my plans and gave some simple and helpful advice. I felt comfortable with him and his wife Rebecca instantly and this was an important and comforting thing for me going forward. So when he told me about their “off the record” training to help others get started working online and actually earning, I knew I had found the mentors I had been looking for.

That’s why I decided to join the “Off the Record” training program.

Join Off the Record and learn how to become a travel blogger

Check this video out for yourself and you will see why I felt so comfortable from the start allowing Mario and Rebecca to guide me through the process

Since joining and beginning their mentoring program, the help and friendliness of both has only increased. They don’t think of me as another sale and I can hear and feel the excitement and passion they both share in making sure I succeed in my chosen path.

Initially, the off the record training started off with ensuring the mental side of myself was ready to succeed. As Mario explains so many times, your mindset is one of the key ingredients to you being successful, so obviously this is the perfect place to start and get right. This was far more helpful than I ever realised and once I started thinking more positively everything started to flow much easier.

From there the off the record training started to coach me through various changes and adjustments I needed to make with my website layout and writing. None were large changes but more subtle tweaks to finish off my initial work.

They introduced me to some insider secrets about how to start making an income online and build my email contact list so I could engage more with my followers. They have also introduced me to methods on how to grow my social media platforms fast and effectively. I have seen steady growth since starting to implement small but efficient changes. The most beneficial change has come with the introduction of a software automotive program called AMP, I have written, a blog about how you can have this set up for yourself here.

The off the record training also includes ideas on how to start a niche website, 101 blogging ideas if you are struggling to find your exact platform, ways to start making an income through your online website, tips to market through social media and the one thing I like over almost anything is that they publish a monthly PDF guide on new things they have discovered or problems they have found for themselves throughout the month. This is super handy as it is “now” relevant, fresh and up to date.

But, the aspect I love most about the Off the Record training, find the training here, is the personal feel it has. It is not just another “online training program,” I have constant contact with both Mario and Rebecca and they are never long in getting back in touch with me and helping to resolve any issues I have. I have had great phone conversations with Mario over the time and it feels like we have been chatting away for years rather than months. I’m sure over time we may even meet up somewhere while we are both sharing our passion for travelling.

So let me ask you, have you always wanted to travel as often as you’d like? Have you looked into working online but you still don’t really know how it works? Have you started a blog and your social media but it’s not really going anywhere? Do you think you could benefit from training that offers personal mentorship included in the already ridiculously low price?? For me getting a mentor was a no brainer, and I’m glad I chose Mario and Rebecca at A Walsh Life.

Find out more about the Off the Record training program now or use this link to get started, so you too can start living your dream lifestyle.

Join Off the Record and learn how to become a travel blogger

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Happy Travels, Brodie

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