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Comprehensive G Adventures Review With A List Of Affordable Travel Tours

Published on: June 2nd, 2019 at 11:30 pm

Many times, travelling somewhere new can be as daunting as it is exciting. I know that feeling all too well, especially if you are travelling solo. Finding a good value but also more importantly reliable tour company to travel all or part of your trip with can eliminate some of these pre-vacations nervous. That is why I’m writing this G Adventures review today.

Personally, I had a trip that I really wanted to complete since first arriving in Europe. This trip was to travel to ANZAC Cove for the ANZAC ceremony and for this I needed to book a tour. Sleeping out at ANZAC Cove the evening before the event is only possible when booked through a tour.

The Best Tour Company I have Travelled with is...

Some people love travelling in the comfort of a tour group and others just downright hate it and I was probably in that category until before this trip. Now, however, I have seen the benefits of travelling in some places of the world in a tour group and have since done tours in Egypt and a safari trip across four countries in southern Africa.

Why chooses a tour?

Why you choose to look at travelling on a tour will vary from person to person, but each are valid and acceptable reasons to do so.

For me, as I mentioned above the first time, I travelled with G Adventures was through a need to gain access to where I wanted to go. As going with a tour was my only way to achieve this, I set out to find the best tour company I could with the best price and travel itinerary.

Others often opt to travel with a tour because of the ease in which your holiday will run. If you book a tour then really once you do that your work is done, from there the company is responsible to ensure you get from A to B ok and that you see all the sites that you need to see in an area. This appeals to lots of people as holidays are meant to be relaxing after all.

You might be nervous about travelling solo and prefer the comforts of having a tour guide and fellow travellers not too far away from you. There is a high chance you will make many new friends on a tour after spending so much time together.

The other reason I have opted to do tours in the past is that the areas I wanted to travel to have a question mark or two over their safety and ease of travelling around them. Remember I mentioned I had done tours in Egypt and Southern African countries and travelling in some of those areas alone is not recommended.

Why choose G Adventures to complete a tour with?

If you have decided that a tour is the right fit for your next trip, then I want to mention in this G Adventures review a few of the reasons why I think they are your best and most reliable choice to trust and travel with.

Firstly, G Adventures are one of the world leaders when it comes to travel trips and they offer tours almost anywhere you can think of ranging from USA, Africa, Asia and everywhere in-between including Antarctica.

When you first make the booking up until the time your tour ends you will have complete and full support through G Adventures. They offer this 24/7, whether you have a question before during or after the trip they are there to help right away.

Their variety of tours in each region of the world is matched by no one else. Think of a country and they almost certainly have a tour in or around that region to suit you.

Have the chance to enjoy the trip at your own pace, this was a huge reason why I opted for a G Adventures tour in the first place. I hate the feeling of travelling on a conveyor belt and just getting passed by destinations without having the chance to explore more. With G Adventures they supply plenty of opportunities during your tour to go out and get lost in an area by yourself. After all this is why we have the urge to travel in the first place right?

You will have the chance to stay in a variety of different accommodation options depending on your chosen trip, but they will always be of high quality and comfort. You can also upgrade your accommodation if you are travelling alone and not comfortable to share a room. Likewise, with the transport options during your trip. You will feel safe and have more time to just sit back and enjoy the amazing place you happen to be in.

The last reason but not least important is the competitive price G Adventures aim to bring to their customers. You don’t want to have to spend hundreds of $$$ extra just to travel with the best and luckily G Adventures understand this.

What if I can’t end up going on my trip?

G Adventures are the first company in the world to offer a 100% departure guarantee meaning you can be sure that once you book the trip you are going. On the other hand, if you have booked a deposit for the trip and need to postpone it for whatever reason then the deposit will still be there for you to use on a different timed trip whenever you can have your next vacation. Or if you end up not being able to go at all simply pass it on to a lucky friend. The deposit you make lasts a lifetime.

Some of the best trips G Adventures have to offer:

Southern Africa:

Dunes, Deltas & Falls Discoverer

Kenya & Uganda Gorilla Adventure


Delhi to Kathmandu Adventure

Indochina In-Depth

Central America:

Central American Journey

Costa Rica Adventure

Northern Africa:

Israel and Beyond

Highlights of Morocco


London to the Mediterranean on a Shoestring

Trekking Mont Blanc


Complete Australia

New Zealand Encompassed

USA and Canada:

Coast to Coast Road Trip Eastbound

National Parks of the Canadian Rockies Eastbound

South America:

In Search of Iguassu–Buenos Aires to Rio

Inca Discovery

Polar areas:

Antarctica Classic

Spirit of Shackleton

As you can see from the small sample of trips G Adventures has to offer, they cover almost every corner of the globe. Feel free to check out the hot deals they currently have on offer.

Having first done a tour purely out of necessity, I found I really had a great time with G Adventures, and they have since had me join them for other trips as well. They offer guides from the area that you are travelling in so that was another important factor for me when I come to choose G Adventures and something worth remembering from this G Adventures review.

If you have any extra questions about what to expect, why you should opt for G Adventures over another tour company or just some general travel advice or chit chat then feel free to comment in the section below or get in contact with me via email or through this website.

Likewise, please share any of your own experiences you have had while travelling with G Adventures or another tour company you have found. I hope you have found this G Adventures review both interesting and most importantly informative.

This G Adventures review is only one of many I have taken the time to complete since I started this blog. Check out all the reviews I have completed on places I’ve stayed or items I’ve used during my travels.

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Why G Adventures are the best travel company I have travelled with

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