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G Adventures – 3 Day ANZAC Day Memorial Tour

Published on: February 3rd, 2019 at 6:42 am

Recently I was lucky enough to be part of a tour group in Turkey to celebrate ANZAC day. The group that put together the few days was G Adventures, and the tour itself was called the 3 Day ANZAC Day Memorial Tour. I decided to do this Particular tour in a group as I know that Turkey can, at times be an unsettled place to travel, I was also aware that visiting the ANZAC day service is only generally possible when travelling with a tour company.

I booked the tour at a local travel expo in London while living there, by doing this I managed to score myself a nice saving off the trip while the expo was on, thus making it an offer to good to refuse! I had done my research and new the type of tour I was after, this one, in particular, seemed to tick all the boxes.

ANZAC trip Review with G Adventures

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From the moment I booked this tour with G Adventures they were easy to communicate with and extremely accommodating, they gave me the option to pay the deposit only at the time of booking and then further payment instalments until it was paid off in full, this was handy as while I was living in London my income was not very high.

G Adventures exceptional service continued as room check was a simple process that the team at G Adventures had taken care of for me, even though the tour officially didn’t start until the next morning. This was an additional cost to me but the hassle of finding accommodation for one night was not there.

Reefs layed in honour of the fallen at ANZAC Cove which I visited with G Adventures

Some of the wreaths laid at the morning service to remember the efforts of so many brave individuals.

The day I arrived at the hotel there were simple and clear instructions waiting for me, this included what time we would all meet and start our tour the following morning.

Throughout the tour we were spoilt with a small and comfortable minivan that had ice cold air conditioning, this was an absolute lifesaver in Turkey trust me. The great thing about the tour was instead of having one large bus full of a large group of people that didn’t really get to know each other very well, G Adventures opted for two small vans and two tour leaders, this made the tour feel a lot more personalized, and easier to engage with the terrific tour operators as they were only too happy to answer all and any questions that you may have at any time.

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The tour guides themselves were unbelievably knowledgeable and passionate about their country, you could see the joy they received when doing their job and it was lovely to witness. The driving throughout the tour was to the safest standard, and no undue risks were taken even when we were caught behind traffic or had taken longer at a certain stop. The guides even took us out to one of their favourite restaurants in Canakkale, one of the tour guides even brought his mother for the day as it was his hometown and her birthday, it was a great personal touch that was well received by all on tour.

The accommodation was all comfortable and clean, they had breakfast provided and all that was listed on the tour was included, there were no nasty extra surprises that they had tried to hide from us.

Overall this tour was a complete pleasure to be on and I was also a little sad to finish. It allowed me to see a lot of Turkey in a short amount of time, while not ever feeling rushed or under any time pressure. The tour was well organised from the moment it was booked to the moment we said our goodbyes to the tour leaders on the last evening.

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If I was to ever return to Turkey in the future, which I really hope I do then I will have no problems getting in touch with G Adventures again to book the appropriate tour. They also have different tours all over the world so if you are looking to jump on a certain type of tour chances are these guys are doing one that will suit you.

Check them out and inquire with them next time you’re looking to book a trip. You won’t be disappointed.

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G Adventures Tour Review ANZAC

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