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This step by step training guide has been created especially for those looking to either begin a travel blog from scratch or to improve and begin monetising an existing blog.

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    “Very interesting course. What I really appreciate is the great and detailed list and description of resources. Also, style and language are plan and easy to read. Congratulations”

    Davide Trentarossi

    Past student

    What you get:

    Inside this E-BOOK you will find 7 easy to follow lessons on how to not only start a travel blog from scratch and get it online faster than you ever thought possible but also ensure it is created in the right way.

    Learn how to understand SEO, use different social media platforms to your advantage and which ones don’t really help, learn how to get organic and social traffic flowing to your blog, starting to build your email list from day one of having a blog and most importantly for many of us, learn different options and techniques to begin monetising from your blog straightaway.

    You don’t need a ton of content or thousands of page views (they help of course) to start earning a side income online. With access to a full list of resources and descriptions on how they can help explode your blog as a bonus as well.

    What is it all about?

    This course has been created in an easy to stand and laid back manner rather than full of over techy and confusing language that many of us don’t understand when we are first starting out online with a travel blog.

    Allow me to strip back the confusion and assist you with starting an online blog today. I personally held off starting a blog for two years and it is still the biggest regret I have with my blog, Aussieinwanderlust.

    Learning from someone that has walked the path you are currently taken and survived is not only of great comfort but as it is FREE you can invest only your time without having to be concerned of the cost.

    I look forward to guiding you through this exciting journey and having you reach your blogging goals far easier and much faster.