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Unforgettable Fishing at Cape Town in 5 Easy Steps – Chase the fish of your dreams

Published on: January 30th, 2020 at 7:53 pm

Fishing might be a practice that dates back to prehistoric times and at least 40,000 years. But it was only from the 16th century when we began releasing our vessels into the oceans and seas. This produced more advanced and mass fishing options that gave birth to many different techniques such as gathering, spearing, angling. Now we even have large vessels that process fish on board as well. However, when it comes to fishing for pleasure or competition the history is uncertain, but it mostly points to the first English text that was based on fishing as recreation back in 1496. What does it have to do with recreational fishing in Cape Town?

Head fishing in Cape Town and chase tuna fish

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Recreational Fishing in Cape Town

The above history has everything and more to do with the recreational fishing in Cape Town, as fishing in South Africa and Cape Town, is also an important puzzle piece of culture, economy, and past way of life. Now, thanks to the rise of tourism which is a result of the alluring natural setting, developed infrastructure, and mild climate, the opportunity for recreational fishing in Cape Town followed along with the wave and with it come plenty of affordable fishing charters in Cape Town.

Search for the best valued accommodation options while enjoying one of these fishing trips Cape Town. There are also many other activities to do in Cape Town and I have written a blog of some of the cheapest and best in the city. Or if you are wanting more general information regarding travelling to the city check out the Cape Town travel guide I have online as well.

Some interesting activities in the Cape Town city centre are:

●       Trip to Table mountain by either hiking or cable car

●       Walking Throughout District 6 and visiting the museum

●       Bo-Kaap walking tour

●       Hop on Hop off bus

●       V&A waterfront

●       Lions Head hike

●       Long Street for the nightlife or good African meal

Or, if you are fond of day trips and would like to hear some advice about what to invest your time in around and just outside of Cape Town, you can also find some first-hand experiences in my blogpost “Day trips from Cape Town”.

Here are some day trips from Cape Town you shouldn’t miss:

●       Stellenbosch wine tour

●       Boulders Beach

●       Cape of Good Hope National Park

●       Hout Bay for a meal

●       Langa Township

●       Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

●       Shark Cage diving

●       World of birds sanctuary

●       Adrenaline options: zip-lining, surfing and paragliding

Whether you are the biggest fishing enthusiast out there or just looking to explore new activities and have a blast, the opportunity today to embark on an epic fishing adventure in Cape Town is better than ever. Fish are aplenty, charters operate a high-quality service and waters are diverse and deep. Follow along with these five steps to find out why you should, without a doubt, add Cape Town recreational fishing to your ultimate adventure travel bucket list!

Read all about my 16-hour trip tuna fishing in Cape Town

Tuna fishing in Cape Town

A large game fishing rod in a rod holder on the back of the boat travelling to our fishing area
Going fishing in Cape Town for tuna required many hours of boating to and from the fishing grounds

Step 1: Why Should You Go Fishing in Cape Town, South Africa?

Besides the beautiful marine life diversity, cheap fishing charters Cape Town availability and wonderful variety of fishing spots – the aspects that we are going to step on further in the article, fishing in cape town have its own unique reasons to convince you to embark on this journey.

Fisheries have played a crucial role in South Africa’s journey through history. Fishing in Cape Town and South Africa as a whole provided both indirect and direct livelihoods for more than 140,000 people. While fish protein has been a vital dietary source for traditional fishing communities along the exotic coastline with many of them being considered as food insecure. Fishing is also one of the biggest and most thriving industries in Cape Town alongside such areas as electronics, furniture, hospitality and more.

Fishing in Cape Town is not only an adventurous thrill and excitement, but it is also a part of the heritage and long-lived tradition. Be apart of it while fishing in and around Cape Town and admiring its picturesque landscapes at the same time. These beautiful surroundings and waters of Cape Town, South Africa leads us to our next step where life thrives.

Find a list of the best FREE things to do in Cape Town to assist staying on your travel budget.

Step 2: Embrace Marine Life Diversity

Rich marine biodiversity which results in a large fish selection for catching is definitely something to embrace and take into consideration when thinking about fishing in Cape Town.

South Africa is remarkably gifted with marine ecosystems that harbour a splendid array of life. It composes one of the most valuable South African resources. While you can find fascinating creatures such as African penguin and Cape fur seal on the Atlantic Ocean side and roaming dolphins and whales on the Indian Ocean, the saltwater fish species is the key here. Fortunately, hundreds of the species are calling both South African and Cape Town deep blue waters home!

See cute African penguins up close

Three black and white small penguins calling other penguins while standing on a sandy beach
The locals at Boulders Beach offer hours of entertainment if you have time to watch them while completing a visit to the area from Cape Town

From various Reef fish and Crayfish to the elusive tuna that can weight up to 180kgs to all-year rounder like Cape Yellowtail and razor-sharp Cape Snoek and beyond – Cape Town waters are a fishing enthusiast’s ultimate playground. It can easily deliver an unforgettable dose of adrenaline and moments to reflect on later in life.

Whether it’s the iconic tuna fishing in Cape Town that can easily become the highlight of your trip or a little bit of everything, the great charter availability and selection is bound to deliver that effortlessly.

When finding a charter boat anywhere in the world I find Fishingbooker or TomsCatch to be the best source.

Step 3: Great Charter Availability & Selection for fishing charters Cape Town

With such opportunities for deep sea fishing in Cape Town to catch beautiful and large fish, there should be a great selection of fishing charters in Cape Town, right? Well, of course! And it is yet another reason why experiencing and exploring the recreational tuna fishing or any other fishing is a must for those who are fond of the sport.

Think of half-day and full-day offers that suit both first-timers who want to test it out and those with experience under their sleeve. But that’s just a beginning!

The coastline of Cape of Good Hope National Park
The views you get to enjoy while fishing along the coast or travelling by boat to the fishing grounds make it another good reason to enjoy

You’ll find some charters offering special deals for holidays and distinctive seasons. Others might specialize in tuna fishing while some will offer an amazing selection of fishing tours to catch a specific species maybe even via fly fishing in Cape Town.

Depending on the company, the fleet variety sometimes is also presented to the customer. The extensive list on TripAdvisor only proves that you will be treated with a powerful variety of fishing charter in Cape Town, South Africa. I have found some of the most affordable fishing charters in Cape Town below.

Deep sea fishing Cape Town charters

Heliox Fishing Charter – Cape Town is the one I choose. As I described above, this was an amazing experience and I would recommend it. When I revisit, I will definitely contact them again. Wonderful staff, stunning views from the boat, true fishing experience and even a little video from the trip, which I, unfortunately, lost when I got everything stolen while travelling in Chile.

The best-rated fishing charter in Cape Town is Hooked on Africa Fishing Charter. They seem to have a rather amazing catch rate, beautiful reviews and 20 years of experience. It is very popular for tuna fishing and they are operating out of Hout Bay, another destination I have mentioned in my day trips list that visitors to Cape Town should explore. I looked to go with this charter myself but they were already booked out.

There is also Xtreme fishing charters that are based in Hout Bay and have been on the top list of South African fishing charters for years. They offer amazing skippers, well-equipped boats and a very impressive catch rate and the last one I found worth mentioning was called big blue fishing charters Cape Town.

Compare these charters with others on Fishingbooker and TomsCatch and head fishing anywhere between Cape Town to Paternoster with confidence that your in for a good day of tuna fishing in Africa.

If you just want to go for a fish by yourself head to one of the fishing shops Cape Town and ask for some local advice. When your not fishing think about grabbing a car or tour and doing one of these day trips outside of Cape Town.

Step 4: Wonderful & Plentiful Fishing Spots

In and around ape Cape Town, the alluring landscape is equipped with wonderful fishing spots that can deliver both: freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing.

Freshwater fishing in Cape Town offers quaint lakes, rivers, dams and peaceful fishing with some kid-friendly locations. Check out these top locations for freshwater fishing in and around Cape Town where you can catch fish like carp, bass, trout and more.

·        Misverstand Dam for Mozambique tilapia, carp, largemouth and smallmouth black bass.

·        Rietvlei for carp and Mozambique tilapia.

·        Sandvlei for carp, sharp tooth catfish, mullet and Mozambique tilapia.

·        Berg River for rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, carp, sharp tooth catfish and Mozambique tilapia.

·        Zeekoevlei for carp, sharp tooth catfish and Mozambique tilapia.

For seawater fishing from the shore, you also have plenty of options that include fishing from the shore, on the rocks or in designated fishing areas. These are some of the finest spots for seawater fishing in Cape Town:

·        Melkbosstrand for steenbras, kob, and blacktail.

·        False Bay for bluefin and yellowfin tuna.

·        Rooikrans for kob, hottentot, galjoen and blacktail.

·        Hout Bay for snoek, tuna, and crayfish.

·        Kommetjie Bay for white steenbras, stumpnose, and galjoen.

While recreational fishing permits are organized by your charter company on your behalf, the plentiful spots to fish can also be a chance to try some fishing on your own. If you’re up for that, then note that fishing in Cape Town is regulated by bag limits and getting the recreational fishing permit is required for everyone.

Our last step puts emphasis on the star of the show – tuna fishing in cape town.

Step 5: Tuna Fishing Is King

Out of all the possibilities, tuna fishing in Cape Town easily takes the crown as multiple and different tuna species are available for catching here.

Skipjack and Longfin tuna species are the smallest two and can weight up to 30kg at most. They are still exciting to catch, no doubt, but what about the adrenaline punch that the Yellowfin Tuna and The Big Eye Tuna packs in? If you’re up for a test of your strength, patience and skill or simply interested in experiencing a thrill ride, then heading out to open waters with a charter to catch one of these two. It might be the icing on the cake in your recreational fishing in Cape Town affair:

·        Yellowfin Tuna is often referred to as the strongest fighting fish in the sea and for a good reason! The adult yellowfin tuna can weigh up to 180kgs and combined with the great depths it reaches it can easily become one of the most iconic fish to catch. While it can be caught inshore on the fly, your best bet to find this species is around 20 – 50 nautical miles offshore.

a huge yellowfin tuna in a fishing boat that was caught while fishing in Cape Town
One of the large yellowfin tuna fish that we managed to catch while fishing in Cape Town, South Africa

·        The Big Eye Tuna is also a creature of depths that are usually caught while it roams submerged somewhere from 500 to 1000 meters underwater. It weights similarly heavy to Yellowfin with adults reaching up to 120 kg. A time-tested recipe for a classic trip tuna fishing in Cape Town that is nothing short of spectacular.

All of these four tuna species are the most common to catch in Cape Town waters. They are up for grabs once you decide to go tuna fishing here. The density of the fish, the efforts to keep it sustainable and maintenance of its population without overexploiting it combined with the expertise of charter companies will inevitably result in you catching one of these bad boys. Are you ready?

Conclusion: Let’s Go Fishing In Cape Town!

There ya go! Whether it is the renowned tuna fishing in Cape Town or any other type of fishing, by combining these five easy steps you’ll realize quickly why this sport has become one of the premier recreational attractions at one of the three capitals of the country – the beautiful and nature’s gifted Cape Town. Capitalize on the opportunity and venture out on the diverse waters that surround the city to capture both incredible fish and unforgettable memories that are bound to be everlasting. Good luck!  

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Book Your Accommodation

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Find the best valued accommodation options for your stay in Cape Town.

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Find a great fishing charter and make some memories while in Cape Town.

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