A large fishing boat on the banks of the calm Ebro Delta River in Spain

Kickass Fishing in the Ebro Delta – A Beautiful Location with Unforgettable Potential

Published on: January 9th, 2020 at 1:00 pm

If you love your fishing and are visiting the Catalan area of Spain chances are you already know about the amazing fishing in Spain that is offered in this country. The common known areas of Barcelona, Blanes, Costa Brava, Sitges and Tarragona all offer tantalising fishing grounds but what if you want to go somewhere a little different with just as many fishing varieties and techniques on offer? You head 2 hours south of Barcelona to a place called the Ebro Delta. Here you will find amazing fishing, different varieties of fish species and a beautiful natural landscape for your fishing adventure. Fancy Learning more about fishing in the Ebro Delta?

Heading fishing in Spain and looking for a good destination to catch tuna or mahi-mahi? Try the Ebro Delta

Fishing in the Ebro Delta

Below we will look at just why the sea fishing in Ebro Delta in Spain is so good, what exactly is the Ebro Delta, handy things to Know Before Visiting the Delta and even how you can book a family holiday in the Ebro Delta if your family is all into fishing in Catalonia and Spain.

What is the Ebro Delta

The Ebro Delta is a large area of wetlands that have been growing rapidly in recent years, it is also now one of the largest wetlands in the Mediterranean thanks to the soil being continuously washed down through the river. That soil is now used for agriculture purposes to mainly grow rice but some fruits and vegetables are also grown here regularly. Spain has also declared some areas of Ebro Delta classified as a National Park and this is mainly due to the incredible number of wild birds that either call this place home or use it as a migration hub. Some 95 species use this area, officially known as Delta de l’Ebre Nature Reserve in Spain, as a breeding ground and over 300 species rely on this area in total throughout the year.

Marsh Lands at the Ebro Delta National Park in Spain
The Ebro Delta is a wet marshland that is rich in not only fishing opportunities but also fantastic soil for farmers to grow their crops

Where is it

The Ebro Delta is around two hours south of Barcelona and one hour from Tarragona, the closest large city, if using the motorway. If you are in Valencia then you will need to travel north around two hours as well. It is located on the coastline and the Mediterranean Sea makes it a beautiful place to spend a few nights camping or staying in a hotel/motel.

Sport Fishing in the Ebro Delta – what you can catch

Obviously before heading to somewhere off the main path you want to ensure the effort is worth the reward. Luckily for fishermen heading this way the chances of landing a prized fish or multiple species is pretty high as the fishing in the Ebro Delta is really good. This obviously depends on the type of fishing you prefer and where you decided to fish but rest assured whatever you do the fish are every chance to be there waiting for you. The sport fishing in the Ebro Delta Spain is really that good.

A Dorado or Mahi-Mahi being caught by a fisherman in Spain
The Mahi-Mahi fish are one of the most beautiful fish in the water in my opinion and fishing in the Ebro Delta gives you a great chance to catch one. Get your camera ready though they like to jump

The main species of fish you are likely to target while fishing in the Ebro Delta include Bluefin tuna, Bluefish, Leerfish, Mackerel, Melva, Little Tunny, Barracuda, Dentex, Black Spot Sea Bream and Dolphinfish or Mahi-Mahi. In fact, the leer and bluefish fishing in Spain is some of the best in the Ebro Delta. When these fish are found can vary depending on the time of year and season. Typically the best time to fish in the Ebro Delta is over the summer months of July-September as this is when the prized Bluefin tuna are about in big numbers or once Autumn starts because catching a variety of fish including Dolphinfish, Bluefish and Leerfish is common in just one day of fishing.

Fish species caught at the Ebro Delta

  • Bluefin tuna
  • Bluefish
  • Leerfish
  • Mackerel
  • Melva
  • Little Tunny
  • Barracuda
  • Dentex
  • Black Spot Sea Bream
  • Dolphinfish or Mahi-Mahi
A tuna species seen underwater with a fishing lure in its mouth
Tuna is another of the prized fish on offer around the Ebro Delta, these guys are sure to give you a workout while getting them to the boat

Fishing techniques used to go fishing in the Ebro Delta

Another really exciting bonus of fishing in the Ebro Delta is the amount of different variety of fishing techniques in the Ebro Delta you are able to try. It really is somewhere almost anyone will enjoy fishing in Spain. The most common techniques of fishing in the Ebro Delta include trolling live and dead baits or lures, casting and spinning at large frenzies of fish feeding on the surface, popper fishing across the water surface, drifting with live or dead bait or bottom fishing. 

Each method works better depending on the fish you are targeting or the time of year you are fishing. For more information on this or to find a charter option to go fishing yourself for the day I recommend heading to the TomsCatch website. They offer plenty of sea-fishing guided trips at Ebro Delta Spain.

Fishing techniques for the Ebro Delta

  • Trolling live or dead bait
  • spinning
  • jigging
  • bottom fishing
  • popper fishing

Where to fish

With a place like the Mediterranian Sea, it can often be overwhelming to know exactly where to fish. After all, most of the sea looks the same and the chance of finding a shipwreck or perfect rocky bottom on your first few trips out is almost impossible. This is another great benefit of the Ebro Delta as you don’t need to know the exact spots to fish, more of a general guide and a little bit of fishing knowledge will have you in with a great chance.

You can fish in the river itself from its banks or by trolling up and down the river in a boat. Just outside the river mouth is where you can attempt to target the Bluefish and Leerfish by trolling in waters not overly deep, anywhere up to 15m of depth will give you a chance to secure a strike from these impressive fish. Dolphinfish have a reputation of hanging around ocean buoys and structures you can spot from the surface, at around 40-50m deep straight out from the river mouth of the Ebro Delta there are plenty of buoys you can target. Casting around these until you find a school is a good tactic and from there you have the potential to be landing fish after fish. 

The other way of fishing in the Delta Ebro is by following the large seagulls that will be feeding on the surface, this is commonly referred to as a “Frenzies” and is sure to excite any fisherman when found. Once arriving at one of these either trolls around close to the bird and surface action or stop and begin casting poppers or lures. These two options will give you a huge chance to land a Bluefin tuna or a number of other exciting breeds of predator fish while in a feeding frenzy.

With all these fishing options available to an angler visiting the Ebro Delta it is little wonder the area is fast becoming one of the best fishing spots near Barcelona and one of the easiest fishing holidays in Spain to complete.

How to find a boat to use

You really have two main options here if you’re wanting more than fishing the river banks or from the beach shoreline. You can either opt to hire a boat for a desired length of time including half-day, full-day or multi-days. This is great if you have all your own gear, rods, lures, poppers, bait etc, and fancy trying to find the fish for yourself. It is a good chance you will have a great day out on the water and I highly recommend booking a boat with the guys at Pescaebro Sport Fishing, they have different boats to suit exactly what you need.

A beautiful still river with the sun reflecting of the surface and fishing rods and a boat motor also seen
We opted to do a wide variety of fishing methods while fishing the Ebro Delta in Spain. We drifted with live bait, trolled and tried spinning a variety of lures

Of course, if you are on holiday in Spain chances are you probably don’t have all your usual fishing gear or maybe you are a fishing novice just looking to experience a trip of a lifetime out on the Mediterranean Sea. If this is the case, you should head to the website previously mentioned called TomsCatch. It’s a database of fishing charter options in various locations across Europe and throughout the world. You can find all the recommended charter fishing companies in the area you want to fish and then read independent reviews from past clients. This will ensure you find the best boat and captain to enjoy your day of fishing in the Ebro Delta. If your looking to go fishing in Spain in any other destination chances are they have options there too.

I have really enjoyed my fishing ever since I was a kid growing up in Australia. I have been lucky enough to fish in various places around Australia and the world, including a 16-hour fishing trip targeting massive Yellowfin tuna 5 hours off the bottom of Cape Town, South Africa. When I first began travelling in Spain, I had no idea just how amazing the fishing was in the area and only now am I taking full advantage of what is on offer, I don’t what you to make the same mistake while holidaying here. 

Of course, if you are on holiday in Barcelona or Spain in general then I’m sure you would be interested to know more about this amazing city and country. I have lived and travelled throughout Barcelona, the Catalan region and other parts of Spain for over three years. The food, architecture, mountains, beaches and people are some of the best I have met. I have focused a lot of my blogging attention recently to ensuring I can highlight the best parts, share valuable travel tips and information and make your next holiday to Barcelona or Spain the easiest it can be.

Find a selection of Barcelona blogs here or other Spanish destination options via the links.

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A guide to fishing in the Ebro Delta in Spain
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