A kayaker paddling on a still and wide river with the sunset turning the water a slight pink colour

Safe Tame or Family Activities at Victoria Falls – 9 of the best

Published on: December 24th, 2019 at 5:02 am

Victoria Falls is known as a little bit of an adventure playground to most tourists that travel there. It has one of the best rivers to do white-water rafting, a bungee jumping location that sees 50,000 people leap head first from it every year and is home to quite possibly the world’s scariest natural swimming pool. Now all that sounds great fun if you are into those things but if you not an adrenaline thrill seeker and just want to enjoy a slower-paced holiday I have some good news for you, not all of the best activities to do in Victoria Falls need to be scary or terrifying. In fact, I have made a list below of 9 tame or family activities at Victoria Falls you are bound to have just as much fun at.

A list of great activities to do in Victoria Falls for the whole family

Just in case you are someone looking to get your heart pumping I have you covered as well, find the 9 Best adrenaline activities to do at Victoria Falls in a separate blog post and see if you are up for the challenge or try to mix and match a few trips from each list.

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9 Best tame or family activities at Victoria Falls

Each of these activities below is family-friendly and sure to make for a great day out while visiting Victoria Falls. I have no doubt they will bring you as many lasting memories as they did for me, I still find myself daydreaming about my rafting trip down the Zambezi River. Please let me know if you complete one of these trips in the comment section below as I love to hear of the adventures you’re going on.

List of best activities:
  1. Zambezi River Sunset Boat Cruises above Vic Falls         
  2. Cultural boma dinner & village tour
  3. Chobe National Park Safari
  4. Half-day Zambezi Canoeing Trip
  5. Vic Falls Helicopter Flight of Angels
  6. Wildlife Safaris at Vic Falls & Chobe Day Trips
  7. Horse-riding Safaris at Vic Falls
  8. Visit Victoria Falls waterfall
  9. Traditional Village Tour

Zambezi River Sunset Boat Cruises above Vic Falls

The most relaxing way to soak in some of the pure beauty of Victoria Falls and surrounding areas is by doing a riverboat cruise upstream from the falls themselves. This ensures you are far enough away from the category 5 rapids of the Zambezi River below.

There are many different cruise options to choose from but the one I suggest is the sunset cruise. It is an incredible experience to watch the sun dip into the harsh African landscape, it is still one of my favourite places to witness this happening. The cruise gives you a chance to enjoy a quiet drink or if you fancy something more, the dinner (four courses) and cruise option is a little touch of romance sure to make for the perfect evening with a loved one.

Find the selection of sunset cruise option and choose which one suits you.

An African sunset on full display over a river with the sky a range of reds and oranges
Watching the sunset in Africa whether it be on a sunset cruise or just from a great viewpoint is an incredible experience

Cultural boma dinner & village tour

I have mentioned this place in some detail when I listed the best restaurants in Victoria Falls to eat at but I didn’t mention too many details about what to expect apart from a delicious meal. When you arrive you will be handed a traditionally styled robe to wear for the duration of the evening. You will enjoy a traditional feast that includes game meat cooked on the BBQ, accompanied by other local dishes and also the chance to taste the now-famous dried Mopane worm.

Ok, now forgetting about the food for a moment, read more about that here, let’s discuss the show you will witness afterwards as this is where the fun and uniqueness of the evening really begins. You will be privileged to witness and interact in an amazing live drum and music show. There will also be traditional singers and dancers wowing you with their outstanding talents.

This is an event that is fast becoming one of the best activities to do in Victoria Falls and almost criminal to miss. See if a date is still available for when you are visiting.

Chobe National Park Safari

Let’s face it… most of us want to have the chance to see some of the incredible wildlife when visiting any part of Africa, in particular, the big five. Luckily an amazing destination to do this is only a short drive away from Victoria Falls itself and day trips are easily organised to the Chobe National Park

When visiting the National Park you will have the chance to witness crocodiles, hippos, herds of elephants and many breeds of African birds from an included river cruise that will last for 3 hours. Then after lunch, the fun will continue with an afternoon safari game drive inside the Chobe National Park, this is where you will be on the lookout for herds of elephants crossing the road only a few metres in front of you, giraffe, buffalo and even leopards and pride of lions are spotted here.

If one day isn’t enough and let’s be honest, it probably isn’t, then you can also have the option of an overnight or multi-night trip. I spent one night camping in the Chobe National Park and it is highly recommended. For more details on this outstanding place visit Why you should visit Chobe National Park and do some more research.

Half-day Zambezi Canoeing Trip

Canoeing tours are a popular half-day trip for visitors with families, couples or even the solo traveller. You can enjoy a relaxed day on the water without too much stress and even have the chance to spot some wildlife along the way. Elephants, giraffes, hippos, birds and even crocodiles (from a safe distance) are the animals frequently spotted during your time on the water.

All the required safety gear is also supplied so if you do happen to end up in the water, hopefully away from crocodiles, you will float and be in no danger whatsoever helping to ensure this is one of the family activities at Victoria Falls you won’t want to miss.

A kayaker paddling on a still and wide river with the sunset turning the water a slight pink colour
Kayaking is a great trip to enjoy while in Victoria Falls, some people think it gets a little scary when the crocodiles and hippos start appearing on the banks of the river though

 Things to think about:

  • You don’t need to have previous canoeing experience
  • Most trips will include the option of lunch
  • They will pick you up from your accommodation
  • Dry bags will be supplied for personal belongings 
  • Wear shorts, shirt, sunglasses, shoes and a hat
  • Remember sunscreen and if possible mosquito repellent

A typical itinerary for the canoeing trips:

Half-Day Zambezi Canoeing Safaris

  • Departures Daily all year
  • Pick up time: 08.00hrs from your accommodation in Livingstone (out of town, by arrangement)
  • Return time: 13.00hrs approx
  • Minimum number: 2 pax
  • Minimum age: 12 years
  • Included: Transfers, guides, safety equipment, instruction and drinks

If you think that a half-day tour is not enough time on the water then a full-day option is also available.

Full-Day Zambezi Canoeing Safaris

  • Departures Daily all year
  • Pick up time: 08.00hrs from your accommodation in Livingstone (out of town, by arrangement)
  • Return time: 15.50hrs approx
  • Minimum number: 2 pax
  • Minimum age: 12 years
  • Included: Transfers, guides, safety equipment, instruction, lunch and drinks

Find out more about either of these trips or look to turn this excursion into an overnight experience camping on the banks of the Zambezi River.

Vic Falls Helicopter Flight of Angels

This is a unique way of seeing Victoria Falls. The platforms and viewing areas are great at ground level but this really is one of the best activities to do in Victoria Falls if you’re wanting to fully understand the size of the waterfall. As you can imagine gaining an appreciation for the 108m drop of Victoria Falls is possible from ground level but the same can’t be said for the 1.7km of width it has. A helicopter flight is just what you need for this, it puts it all into perspective.

taking a scenic helicopter flight in clear blue skies overhead
Taking a scenic helicopter flight allows you to discover a different view of the surrounding areas below

Depending on what time of year you go, this could be the only real possible way of seeing the waterfalls at all. If you are visiting when the waterfalls are at their most powerful, April and May, the mist in the air makes them almost impossible to witness from the ground. Choosing the best time to visit Victoria Falls and the main reasons you are visiting will ensure you have the best time possible.

Wildlife Safaris at Vic Falls & Chobe Day Trips

If you are wanting to experience the natural outback that Africa has to offer then you will want to break away from the town of Victoria Falls and head on a safari adventure. You will have the opportunity to do game drives and view wildlife in their natural habitat. I did enjoy plenty of different game drives in various locations throughout Africa and every day was a unique and exciting experience, you just never know what to expect or what you might see.

I have mentioned above the possibility to visit Chobe National Park which is a great option to choose but it is by no means your only option. Other nearby safari options include visiting either the Victoria Falls National Park and Zambezi National Park, (in Zimbabwe), Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve in Zimbabwe or Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia. All of these options are in close proximity to Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls National Park and Zambezi National Park

These large parks cover a huge area of 56,000 hectares and both, despite the name, are located on the Zimbabwe side of the Zambezi River. The areas offer many different options for visitors that include fishing trips, walking tours, game drives and cruises. The two main areas of the parks are separated into sections called The Rainforest and The Game Park.

The Rainforest area, it is all about exactly that, the forest. You will learn about the plants and nature that make up this area while also having the opportunity to see smaller mammals and insects that call this area home.

Game Park is where the main excitement is in my opinion. There you can spot all members of the BIG FIVE, Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard and White Rhino. You can complete a variety of different game drives in the hope of spotting these local favourites and if you don’t find them all then chances are you will have spotted herds of Eland, Sable Antelope, Zebra, Giraffe, Waterbuck and Kudu amongst other smaller species instead. Be sure to bring a camera to these types of trips.

Fishing for bream or tiger fish is also popular in the Zambezi River.

A group of zebra feeding on dry grass in Africa
Walking on the ground when a group of Zeba or Buffalo are standing only a few metres away makes you realise just how small and unimportant you really are

Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve

The Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve is only 10 minutes drive from Victoria Falls but feels like a lifetime away. It is located on the boundary of the Zambezi National Park and offers an area of 2500 hectares to complete game viewing drives.

The reserve is known for having large herds of buffaloes and elephants living here and roaming across its pastures. There are many different safari and game viewing options offered by tour companies that visit this region.

You can choose between day or night game drives that will each offer different experiences. You will visit lakes, basalt plains and a natural teak forest. This will give you a chance to learn more about the flora and fauna of the park. The added bonus of the night drives is the inclusion of a delicious Bush dinner.

If you dare, the option of a walking safari is also something not to be missed. I completed one of these in the Okavango Delta when visiting and they are a great but humbling experience where you realise just how small and insignificant you are when standing in close proximity to an elephant or buffalo. 

FYI, this is more of an adult walk though and not one of the best family activities at Victoria Falls you could choose.

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

This park is on the Zambezian side of the river and covers an area of 6,600 hectares, that includes the Victoria Falls themselves. The park once again has two main sections of interest called The Falls and The Wildlife Park.

The Falls section as you would expect includes different areas of interest along the river. The main points to visit include the Knife-edge Bridge, Boiling Pot, Rainbow Falls and the first and second gorge. Just before the main waterfall is a common and exciting spot to witness elephants playing in the water or crossing the river. You can also spot hippo, crocodile and smaller animals such as otters in this area as well.

The Wildlife Park gives you a chance to spot some of the animals that are usually trying to hide from predators. This is because the park has no predator animals and Zebra, Giraffe, Buffalo, Rhino (a rare sight in Zambia), Sable, Eland, Impala, Warthog, a variety of birds and other smaller animals can somewhat relax here. Monkeys and baboons are also frequently spotted here too.

An adult male lion eating the remains of a zebra under the shade of a tree
Heading on a safari to any of the nearby National Parks located close to Victoria Falls is sure to give you a day out you are unlikely to forget for a long time

Horse-riding Safaris at Vic Falls

This is a unique and different way to complete a game viewing experience in Africa. It is an ideal activity if you have previous riding knowledge and allows you to cover more ground than a  traditional walking safari would. 

You will find yourself completely emerged in the African landscape and one with the surroundings. The best tours and prices for a horse-riding safari can be explored here.

Traditional Village Tour

If you would like to learn more about the local culture and traditions that are still well and truly used today throughout both Victoria Falls and other parts of Africa then a Village Tour is a must. I think it is a really impressive eye-opener to both adults and children and is why I have mentioned it as one of the best activities to do in Victoria Falls.

You will have the chance to visit a local village not too far out of Victoria Falls and learn exactly how they go about their daily lives. You will see the animals they keep, the houses they live in, the tools they rely on and the equipment they use on a daily basis. This really is a great tour to do.

Visit Victoria Falls waterfall

I saved this one to last as it is the most obvious on the list. I’m not sure anyone would make the effort to visit the town of either Livingstone or Victoria Falls and then not visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world and it goes without saying that this will be one of the easiest family activities at Victoria Falls to complete.

The falls can be viewed at your own pace by following along the specially built path and stopping at each of the 15 viewing platforms for as long as you desire. This is the preferred method I would suggest as you can ensure you have all the pictures you require and enjoy each stop for the duration as you wish. 

the Victoria Falls waterfall with a large amount of water going over the edge and spray forming at the bottom
Visiting Victoria Falls at the right time of year to do the activities you want means you need to plan ahead and think about when to visit

If your looking to learn specific information about the falls themselves then a tour of the area might appeal to you. These are run at different times throughout the day so just check with the staff at the ticket booth on entry or book one in advance.

There is also an onsite cafe called Shearwater Rainforest cafe that is a nice place to relax and have a refreshing beer after visiting the falls or use these suggestions to find the best restaurants in Victoria Falls.

The price of entry to Victoria Falls and it’s opening hours are listed below:

CategoryEntrance Fee
International Visitors$30USD
SADC visitors$20USD
Zimbabwean citizensRTGS $30
Zimbabwean residentsRTGS $40
Lunar tour (all visitors)$40USD
  • Children between 6-12 years old are half the price of an adult fee and under 6 years old are free of charge.
  • If you leave the falls and want to return the same day a new ticket is required
  • For evening viewing a different ticket is required
  • Victoria Falls is open from 6am – 6pm daily

FYI, there is also 4 viewing platforms on the Zambezian side of the river if you want to look at the falls from a different perspective. To learn what to expect from each different viewing point and to assist you in deciding if the extra 4 platforms are worth it use this great resource.

There are a complete list and detailed description of the 9 tame or family activities at Victoria Falls I recommend. I have also made a list of the 9 Best adrenaline activities to do at Victoria Falls if you fancy getting your heart racing a little faster during your trip. Whichever list is more your style be sure that these are some of the most popular and best activities to do in Victoria Falls and you will have an incredible time. Find other useful and informative posts on Victoria Falls below, all are designed to ensure you have the best time with the least amount of stress.

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Recommended Accommodation in Victoria Falls:

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