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I’ve been lucky enough to have spent an extended period of time living, working and exploring different regions of the United Kingdom. Travelling throughout the area can throw up a variety of options for a visitor depending on your interests. The United Kingdom is an area consisting of four separate countries which, of course, are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each has its own reason to visit and its own personal charm but all offer areas worth exploring.

The landscape and even the accents of the residence found in each location can vary a great deal depending on if you are in the north or south. The best hiking trails and raw stunning scenery are found in the north of England and into the Scottish Highlands in my personal opinion. Destinations such as the Lake District, Isle of Skye and the West Highland Way near Glasgow are some of the best areas for both day and multi-day hikes and untouched nature.

Popular cities to visit in the United Kingdom are the capital city of London, which I used as a hub for two years while travelling Europe, Belfast, Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bath. Things to do in the United Kingdom include visiting the Cambridge University, explore amazing markets, seeing the chalk coloured cliffs in Eastbourne, exploring the Roman Baths in the city of Bath, getting a birds-eye view of Edinburgh after walking up to Arthur’s Seat, trying and figure out why Stonehenge was created, viewing Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace up close, spending a few days hiking in the Scottish Highlands and exploring the rock formation of the Giant’s Causeway.

Below are travel tips, hacks, advice and adventure stories that will ensure you are ready to travel any destination in the United Kingdom.

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