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France is one of the Europes most visited countries and much of that is thanks to its capital city Paris. Paris is recognised as one of the most romantic cities in the world, find out if I agree, and the French language is thought to rank highly when it comes to beautiful sounding languages also. Travelling to France is often a sought after destination in Europe for someone looking to ask a partner for the hand in marriage or when a couple is newly married and celebrating their honeymoon.

If you are not in France for the pure romance of the country then there certainly are other things to do throughout the city. Popular things to do in Paris include climbing the Eiffel Tower, visiting locations such as Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, Sacred Heart, Triumphal arch or walking down the most famous street in Paris Champs-Élysées. Another attraction on many travellers itinerary list is watching a cabaret show at Moulin Rouge. Find the most popular things to do in Paris.

Apart from the capital city of Paris, France has many more beautiful places to visit. Other popular cities for backpackers and weekend travellers are the coastal town of Nice, the beautiful Bordeaux, film festival city of Cannes and the third-largest city of France, Lyon. If cities are not what you are after then the French Alps offer some of the best snow skiing and snowboarding found in Europe. There are also popular hiking trails such as Tour du Mont Blanc, which can lead you to the summit of the highest mountain in Europe Mont Blanc, the GR20 hiking trail in Corsica and parts of the famous medieval pilgrimage route known as Camino de Santiago can be found in France as also.

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