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The world seems a big place until you start travelling around, now I have my sights set on visiting every continent.

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Budget Travel Tips

Travelling is clearly where the fun and enjoyment comes from and the main reason that we desire to see new ways of life. However, taking a trip enables us to gain so much more than just seeing new architecture, eating traditional food from other regions of the world or observing a different culture to our own. As people, we grow a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world, our history and most importantly ourselves. We become more aware of the important things in life and care less about trivial matters.

Learning to do this while staying on our desired travel budget will ensure we can travel cheaper, longer and more often. I have been travelling for some time now and like to think I have learnt some smart travel hacks and tips to keep my costs down in a variety of destinations around the world. Below you will find some links to the best articles I've created for planning, booking and organising your next vacation. These are travel tips that can assist with any type of trip from backpacking for an extended period to escaping somewhere new for the weekend.

Assistance to Book you Trip

To assist you with booking your trip I have added my favourite travel companies I personally use when I travel. Every time I’m planning a backpacking or weekend trip away, I will use these companies to begin quoting my vacation. They are a great resource for flights, accommodation, transport, group tours and travel insurance. Alternately you can find a full list of options in my travel resources page.

Skyscanner – Skyscanner is my go-to option when it comes to searching for flights online. They have a large variety of budget travel airlines and I find their user interface to be the best. I really enjoy the feature where you can “search anywhere” and I have used it many times to book cheap travels.

Momondo – This is my second option when it comes to looking for flights online. I don’t think the site is as responsive as Skyscanner but I always compare both Momondo and Skyscanner to ensure I’m getting the lowest flight prices.

Airbnb – Airbnb is a new way to book accommodation yet still underused by many when travelling. I find Airbnb stays in cities a great option as you can either get an apartment by yourself allowing you to cook meals and reduce travel costs or even share with a local and have a personal travel guide. If you are yet to use Airbnb, I suggest you read this blog on the benefits of using Airbnb then save $35 off your first stay.

Hostelworld – Simply put Hostelworld is the best place to find quality backpacker hostels anywhere on the internet. They have a user-friendly website, the largest listings of hostels in the world and you can see recent reviews from fellow travellers. – When I’m looking to stay in accommodation for a few days that is a little more comfortable and private than a hostel I choose to book with They seem to always have the cheapest hotel prices and also have a great loyalty program. I have been part of this for some time now and save 15% on most bookings, have early check-ins and late check-outs plus usually have a free breakfast included in my stay. To achieve this is easy and you can find out more about the program.

G Adventures – When it comes to quality group tours, I think G Adventures are one of the best companies to book with. They have tours running right across the world in destination such as Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and even Antarctica. They employ many local people in the areas of their tours meaning you are sure to get the best information and guidance on your trip.

Viator – If I’m looking to book day tours, small overnight or multi-day tours then I always head to the Viator website. They have the largest selection of tours around the world for various activities. I’ve completed cooking classes, rafting trips, hiking and wine tasting trips just to name a few.

GetYourGuide – When I’m looking for tours, I usually always cross-check between both Viator and also GetYourGuide. They are a newer company that is fast becoming a quality option. The last couple of trips I’ve done I’ve actually booked with GetYourGuide and had quality trips in Peru and Bolivia.

World Nomads – Nowadays, unlike when I first started travelling, I always by travel insurance before heading off on a trip. It has come in handy more than once now with family emergencies, stolen property and medical needs. The customer service and support offered by World Nomads sets them apart. Get an instant quote now.

SafetyWing – If I’m travelling somewhere that isn’t likely to result in me carrying anything valuable then I have opted in the past to get insured with SafetyWing. They cover medical insurance and flights at a really low price plus you can tailor the package to only cover you for the period of a short trip. Great travel insurance option for skiing or weekend getaways.

For extra resources please head over to my complete travel resources page and find more great companies which I have used and trusted since starting to travel in 2016. These have all made travelling easier, assisted me when I had emergency situations and saved me money on travel expenses more than once.

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