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The most convenient way to travel Europe – Plus the safest

Published on: April 9th, 2019 at 10:05 pm

When travelling I look for a few items in a service or product before deciding to use it and they include safety, practicality and convenience and the affordability of the said service or product. This is why I wanted to introduce to you today the company Busabout. I dive into a more indepth review and full review of this amazing service. and also compare it with another leading travel company in Europe throughout other blogs. However today I will explain the reasons why I think this is the most convenient way to travel Europe as well as the safest.

I found Busabout when  I was planning my first summer travelling around Europe. I was looking for ways to see as much as I could, travel the cheapest way possible and be as flexible with my itinerary as I wanted to be. I found Busabout to be the most convenient way to travel Europe and since then many have asked me these exact questions and hence why I have written this Busabout review.

The most convenient way to travel Europe

Busabout allows you to be as flexible as you want with your travels.

Throughout this blog. I will introduce to you who Busabout are, how you can travel around Europe with them and if they are the right fit for your plans. I’m so glad I found out about Busabout before I took my extended trip as they added to my first European summer in such a positive way.

Nowadays there are many different ways to get around Europe and explore the sights and scenery it has to offer but I honestly believe Busabout provides the best of all the options along with the most convenient way to travel Europe.

What is Busabout?

Now you are probably still curious as to what exactly Busabout is right? Well, let me explain in more detail now.

the Bridge of Ponte Vecchio in Florence Italy with Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust travel blog
Checking out the Bridge of Ponte Vecchio in Florence Italy


As mentioned above in the quote from their website Busabout is a unique travel company that offers a social way to travel, they provide access to a travel guide while travelling in-between destinations and provide you with the chance to explore each destination as an individual or with fellow friends you make on the bus service.

While travelling with Busabout you have the chance to be flexible with your travel plans, something you can’t do with trains or planes without spending extra money. If you fall in love with a special place like Lake Bled, trust me you will, then chances are you will want to stay longer, Busabout allows you to change this as many times as you like FREE of charge. They also work with the best accommodation places in each area you will be travelling to, this eliminates the need to worry about if the place you are going to be sleeping at is any good at all. Busabout only work with the best places to stay at and provide a discounted price, they are putting their reputation on the line, so they ensure these are up to standard. Of course, this is an extra service and at times I preferred to find my own accommodation as I’m sure you might as well.

Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust standing with the city of Czesky Krumlove behind him and the sun shining
Czesky Krumlove was a hidden gem I probably wouldn’t have visited if I didn’t travel with Busabout.

Busabout also operates in 38 of Europe’s hottest destinations across 14 countries offering the most convenient way to travel Europe. This also means you will see all the sites that you have pencilled into your packed schedule. You will be travelling between each destination on some of the most comfortable buses in Europe with experienced drivers that know the roads and they will drop you to and pick you up from your door if you opt to stay at the recommended accommodation places. While travelling between each destination you also have the chance to meet like-minded travellers and share stories or pass on travel tips, this was super handy, I made a lot of friends I would have otherwise probably not have made.

A picture of the Busabout circuit and the loops that it takes throughout Europe of a summer period
A picture of the Busabout circuit and the loops that it takes throughout Europe of a summer period

On top of all these awesome destinations, Busabout also offers packages to add even more variety to your trip. They offer sailing trips in Greece, Croatia and Turkey, festival trips to some of Europe’s best as well as small multi-day trips to some of Europe’s best off the beat locations.

The crew onboard with you between each destination have already been to every destination before and chances are have stayed there for an extended period. They are happy to offer advice to help make your stay the best it can be. If you want to do tours or trips in each destination, like the popular Auschwitz concentration camp, Busabout can arrange that all for you while travelling to the destination.

They also offer many flexible ways to purchase passes to travel, I personally had a long time (all of summer) so I opted to buy their unlimited pass but if you have only a few weeks then they also have short trip passes that I’m sure will suit your needs. Prices start at 189 euro and go all the way up to the unlimited pass for 999 euro.

A list of prices of different travel tour options with Busabout
Busabout offers many flexible and personalised options to suit everyone’s travel needs and styles. Here is a quick guide to the price.

When comparing prices with a Europe Rail Pass or a series of flights I think this is a fantastic price. Remember that Busabout also won’t charge you if you decide to alter your stay in a particular place and need to adjust your bookings and this is why I refer to them as the most convenient way to travel Europe. This is particularly handy when you are looking at a month or longer trip, I adjusted my trip multiple times easily and without any extra fees.

Will I spend too much time sitting on a bus?

Lots of people who ask me for more information about Busabout are worried they will spend too much of their precious time sitting on a bus. While travelling by bus is not the fastest way to travel when comparing to say a plane, it does have it’s perks.

Think about when you are travelling by plane for an hour, you most likely need to grab public transport of some description from your accommodation to the airport (15-30 minutes), arrive at least one hour before your flight (60 minutes), fly the hour flight (60 minutes), clear customs and wait for your luggage (15-30 minutes), catch public transport to your new accommodation (15-30 minutes) and finally arrive. While a short flight of one-hour sounds appealing you will find it all adds up to most likely around 3.5 hours minimum to your day.

With Busabout most trips were around the same time, some were an hour and others longer (the Amsterdam to Berlin) but generally, they were pretty painless. They make plenty of stops along the way, offer movies to watch and charging stations for electronic devices and you have the bonus of being able to watch the landscape change as you drive from A to B.

A sunset setting along the coastline and beach area of Nice, France
Nice, France is a must visit i you find the time while travelling with Busabout over summer.

Is this just another tour?

Absolutely not. I was worried about spending my whole summer in Europe listening to guides or being on a time limit in each place and that is what turned me off other tour operators. Busabout is nothing like that.

With Busabout the effective aim of their service is to get you from one place to another in a safe and convenient manner. But on top of this primary task, they have the added bonuses of being able to book your tours at your next travel destination, give you background information of where you are heading, offer clean, safe discounted accommodation and more.

Once at your destination the guides leave you to explore the city or town at your own pace. You might possibly not see that guide again during your trip or even any of the other passengers if you opt not to. I personally enjoyed spending some of my days exploring places with my new travel partners but that is not for everyone and Busabout understands that.

This is why I believe they are the most convenient way to travel around Europe.

Whether you are coming to Europe for a short time or an extended trip of a lifetime I truly believe Busabout offers an amazing service. They provide a safe and comfortable service where you have the chance to travel as independently as you want OR make friends that could last a lifetime.

If it is your first trip to a different part of the world like it was for me then I truly believe Busabout offer the safest and most convenient way to travel Europe. You have many different options that you can make work for your individual trip, furthermore, if you make this while planning your trip you can have all your transport paid for before even arriving in Europe and starting your trip.

Have an amazing time travelling around Europe and please let me know how your trip goes if you use Busabout and what you thought of their services. If you have further questions regarding Busabout or any of my other travel methods, I use to travel full-time leave a comment in the section below.

  • Busabout now offer services throughout Africa, the USA, Canada and Asia as well as Europe so no matter where you are heading now on your trip chances are, they have an awesome way to travel in that region. Certainly, worth checking them out.

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The most convenient way to travel Europe

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