clourful houses in one of the towns along the Cinque Terre in Italy, Europe

15 Cheap Vacation Locations Around the World – The First Will Surprise You

Published on: March 19th, 2020 at 6:25 pm

Today, people base the quality of a product or experience in relation to the price.  If it’s expensive, it’s assumed to be of higher quality, and vice versa. However, that’s not always true, especially when it comes to a travel experience. Your vacation is certainly an experience but that doesn’t mean it should automatically be accompanied by a high price tag.

In fact, much of the population can’t afford or simply isn’t willing to spend this amount of money anyway on a trip and I don’t blame them.

Howevere, what if I said there are various cheap vacation locations just waiting for you to enjoy? Why would someone want to go on a holiday that is costing them a fortune and all the while on the trip you have this thought in the back of your mind thinking, I will need to work extra hours for months to pay this off when I’m back at work.

Insanely cheap destinations to travel to if you're on a budget

I completely hear you and want to offer a few alternative trips that some may not think about instantly when it comes to a budget-friendly vacation.  Below are several beautiful locations around the world that are wonderful, and at the same, perfect for budget-conscious people, some might even surprise you.

I have listed a selection of budget-friendly beach destinations, hiking locations and favourite fishing grounds that can all be explored without necessarily making you return to work and pay it off for the months to come. 

If you like free things then you might like to download my free travel resources PDF that shares with you some of the tools and companies I use to book and travel at the cheapest possible price. Along with this, I have discussed how to ensure you are getting both the cheapest possible flights and accommodation in separate posts.

Now let’s check out some budget vacation destinations around the world.

Cheap vacation Locations on the beach

Who doesn’t love the beach?  They are great places for family vacations, as well as romantic vacations, solo vacations, and pretty much any other vacation type you could need. A perfect beach holiday always seems to be associated with a high price tag however, that can often be a false stereotype. While plenty of beach travel destinations are expensive, many are not. Here are a few wonderful options.

Corfu, Greece

A man holding his shoes and walking along the beach on a Greek Island with clear blue water near him
Walking along the amazing beaches on a Greek Island with the stunning clear water next to me

Corfu is an island located in Grecian waters. It’s beaches and city make it look like a five-star resort. However, in truth, it is quite inexpensive. Greece has experienced some significant recession, leading to a drop in tourism prices. Hotels in the area can be found extremely cheap, along with great food options, and plenty of activities. Many people recommend flying regional airlines to here to save even more money for such a holiday. 

Find deals to Corfu

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA)

Here’s an interesting fact, Myrtle Beach has been branded one of America’s most family-friendly destinations. The beach is warm and beautiful, though it can be crowded. There are plenty of cheap hotels and campsites in the area for you and your family. Creating a family vacation with plenty of lifelong memories doesn’t have to break the bank.

Search for a cheap holiday in Myrtle Beach

Algarve, Portugal

the beach, ocean and cliff line found at the Algarve coastline in Portugal
One of the most popular locations in Portugal for beachgoers is the area of South Portugal known as Algarve.

Algarve is an area in Portugal known for its inexpensive accommodations and its mild climate. The area is good for getting a taste of the culture while being able to enjoy their beautiful beaches. It’s so wonderful it’s top of the UK post office worldwide holiday list and was, in fact, the first destination I travelled to when I come to Europe for the first time. 

It is also a really good spot to do a bit of game fishing as well, you can find many of the best fishing charters in Algarve.

Compare the prices of accommodation in Algarve

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Many people like to go where the party is!  But there are also plenty of us who don’t. Playa del Carmen is perfect for those travellers who want nothing to do with the party atmosphere. It’s on the road to everywhere with a party, but the area itself is super low-key and chilled. Thanks to its lack of party population, the prices in this area are wonderfully inexpensive.

Check out the holiday options for Playa del Carmen

All of these beach vacations are wonderful for a holiday.  Of course, beaches aren’t the only type of vacation out there. While I was in South America I was able to find some of the most amazing hiking treks I had ever seen. Destinations such as the Machu Picchu trek are extremely popular and expensive though. Below are a few hiking destinations that won’t blow the travel budget.

If you’re wanting to know more about some of the hikes I have done in South America you can find them here.

Hiking locations that are budget-friendly 

When people think of a vacation, many think of a luxury hotel. The word hiking rarely comes to mind, yet it can bring some of the most meaningful experiences. Hiking allows you to see many wonderful sights and scenic locations while being one of the most inexpensive trips. Here are some wonderful hiking paths to consider travelling to and exploring.

John Muir Trail

The John Muir trail is located in California (USA). It runs from Yosemite Valley up to Mount Whitney in a span of about 211 miles or 340 kilometres.  The average run for the trail is often about 20 days but this will obviously depend on your fitness levels. Along the trail are plenty of campsites to set up camp each night and get a comfortable nights sleep.

More information on this trek can be found here

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian mountain trail is one of the most famous trails in North America. Located in the United States, it starts in Maine and winds its way down through the Appalachian Mountains to Georgia. The entire trail is roughly 2,200 miles or 3,541 kilometres and can take anywhere from five to seven months to complete. Of course, this entire trail is more of an adventure rather than a small vacation. However, small parts of it can be hiked for a shorter journey.

More information on this trek can be found here

Tour Du Mont Blanc

This trail is located in Europe and runs through France, Italy, and Switzerland. It’s about 105 miles or 169 kilometres long and is said to take about eleven days to hike (much more ideal for a vacation). There are plenty of villages along the route, which can provide food, shelter and culture experience to break up the hike.

More information on this trek can be found here

Overland Track

A man standing next to Dove Lake in Tasmania with Cradle Mountain in the background
Cradle Mountain in Tasmania offers plenty of activities to do for a visitor to the area.

The Overland track is located in Tasmania, an island to the south of the main country of Australia. This is designed to be a wilderness hike and it will allow you to see many native sights along with animals such as wombats and Tasmanian devils, which are actually almost impossible to find in the wild anywhere else. Due to its popularity, hiking permits are needed for the trail, and there is a limited number available in the summer months. It’s about 40- 50 miles or 64-80 kilometres long and will take around six days to hike the oneway journey. For a summer vacation, this is the perfect length of time!

The walk starts in the popular National Park, known as Cradle Mountain, and it is possible to just do day trips to the area if a walking adventure is not your type of holiday. Find out more about Cradle Mountain in the Island of Tasmania, Australia

More information on this trek can be found here

Queen Charlotte track

The Queen Charlotte track is located in New Zealand and stretches from ship cove to Anakiwa. The area is full of high points with spectacular views. It’s about 44 miles or 71 kilometres long and will take about 3-5 days to complete. If you wish to only do part of the trail, there is a ferry service that runs along the trail and you can choose the area you wish to hike.

More information on this trek can be found here

Laugavegur Trail

The Laugavegur trail is a beautiful and popular trail located in Iceland.  It’s a 35 mile or 56-kilometre trail. This 2-4-day hike lets you see much of the well unknown Iceland beauty. Along the route, there are several lodges so you can rest up along the journey, though it is recommended that you make these reservations several months in advance to ensure you will have rooms available.

More information on this trek can be found here

Cinque Terre

A small and colourful village town you will visit if travelling to Cinque Terre in Italy
One of the small and colourful village towns you will visit if travelling to Cinque Terre in Italy

Maybe none of these hikes really your speed? Many would enjoy spending weeks in the wilderness, and many of us would rather not. Cinque Terre is perfect for people who just want to complete a day trip hike along an easy to manage path. This hike is located in the north of Italy and runs through several small villages. This gives you plenty of sights to see and explore but also allows the leisurely tourist to have ample choice of many different facilities and places to eat!

More information on this trek can be found here

Hiking as a vacation isn’t on everyone’s travel bucket list. Those that enjoy it get to see some amazing sights. For others, there are other outdoor sports they may enjoy more. Fishing is a great example, and there plenty of options for this as well. I have been lucky enough to tackle HUGE yellowfin tuna while fishing in Cape Town and also experience a picturesque fishing trip just to the south of Barcelona to an area known as the Ebro Delta. Both of these fishing trips were amazing travel experiences that I still have fond memories of.

Cheap Vacation Locations for a Fishing Adventure 

Fishing is a wonderful and popular sport.  Many people would love to just spend days on the water. Luckily, there are places that cater to this desire, and to your budget. Here are a few places.

a huge yellowfin tuna in a fishing boat that was caught while fishing in Cape Town
One of the large yellowfin tuna fish that we managed to catch while fishing in Cape Town, South Africa

Cairns, Australia

Located in Australia, Cairns is a beautiful beachside city that runs along the great barrier reef. Not only is this area perfect for catching fish, but the great barrier reef can be absolutely breathtaking for other outdoor activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling. In this area, the fishing is actually renowned as being some of the best marlin fishing waters in the world and you can catch some huge fish. The best time to go fishing in Cairns is between September and December. Be careful, due to the great barrier reef’s uniqueness, many species among it are endangered. Have some sort of guide with you make sure you are releasing the fish you need to. Accommodation in the area can be found at prices that are more than reasonable.

Find a fishing charter in Cairns and chase some prized marlin

Key West, Florida (USA)

The fishing game in Florida is wonderful, and Key West is a location that is smack bang in the heart of it. The area has water that is both shallow and deep. Many have branded it the “World’s Best Place For Fishing”. The area has plenty of camping or hotel options available with good prices and in addition, you can find just about any fishing supplies you would need within the city.

Of course, if you don’t want to buy the fishing gear yourself then finding a good fishing charter that operates in the area is the next best thing. The best charters with past client reviews can be found here.

Orkney Islands, Scotland

These islands along the Scotland waters are magnificent.  Both freshwater and saltwater streams collide here to bring you a wonderful thriving natural habitat. Finding a place to stay in the area is relatively easy on a budget. Both freshwater and saltwater fish can be found here, and you can find fish to catch at any time of the year.

Check out fishing options in the area

Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

If you are travelling with a group that isn’t too excited when it comes to fishing, then this area is perfect! It combines not only great fishing grounds but also beautiful beaches, wonderful places to stay, and plenty of activities for those who aren’t too keen on fishing. This means that those who want to fish have that option while those that don’t can stay behind and have fun too. The best time to go is in the summer.

Check out the fishing options along the Coromandel Peninsula

We’ve seen plenty of cheap vacation locations which are sure to be destinations that will be much more budget-friendly compared to the usual tourist destinations. However, it is also extremely important to remember that the more effort put into saving, the more pennies you keep. Here are a few ways to save money while you are travelling.

Tips to save money when travelling

Travel by car

Aeroplanes may be quick, but they aren’t cheap. If you’re travelling with your family or a large group these may add up to thousands of dollars before you have even left! You can save plenty of money by simply going on an epic road trip. If you’re going overseas then aeroplane travel may be unavoidable, but you can still save by opting to book regional flights.

Check out the best way to travel around Europe that combines independent travel with the convenience of easy on-site support.

Downsize your luggage

Some things are necessary to bring while some just aren’t. In most cases, for example, you don’t need a ton of clothes. Plan your outfits carefully, and you can mix and match! Whether or not you’re in a plane, take travel-sized toiletries to save room. Also, look carefully at the shoes you bring and decide if you really need them. Same for the rest of your supplies. Just make sure to evaluate everything to decide if it’s worth it and completely necessary. This could save you from purchasing checked-in baggage if you’re flying, or save you gas money if you drive. Consider using these extra packing tips to reduce travel costs.

Heading to Africa for a safari? Check out this packing list of what to travel with and most importantly what to avoid taking before you go. Africa packing list

Don’t eat out

Eating out occasionally is obviously fine, after all, you are on holidays remember but when we go on vacation, we tend to normally eat out almost every meal. There are plenty of ways to avoid that though, you can go grocery shopping in the new area, and maybe try out cooking some local recipes. Possibly book a room that includes a meal option, many hotels offer breakfast as part of their price. You can also save the leftovers from a restaurant the night before for a future meal on the trip providing you have somewhere to store it safely.

If you are travelling to the USA then American meal portions are nearly always twice the size of what other countries are used to eating when it comes to visiting restaurants. Instead of trying to finish it all in one sitting plan for the next day and save it for later, this may also help you from putting on the dreaded holiday pounds as well.

Check out some of my most memorable meals while travelling

Look off the typical path

Whenever you travel somewhere, there are always recommendations for the best places to visit. While these sights can be amazing, their popularity allows them to have a higher price tag. Take a look at what else your area has to offer as there are many places that are just as amazing and also tend to be further away from the tourist crowd. These places are always a bit cheaper.

If these cheap vacation locations weren’t inspiring enough and you would like to discover more travel tip ideas that can help reduce your overall travel budget I suggest reading these 52 travel tips to stretch your travel budget as well as downloading my FREE travel resources PDF.

The last thing I want to stress is to make sure you know your safety. Before going anywhere, make sure you know some of the basics of the language, and make sure you can possibly communicate with the police if need be. Also, make sure to keep up to date on your vaccinations, and get any extra that is required for an upcoming travel adventure. Wherever you are going, it’s best to stay safe and protected so you should always look to be covered with some sort of travel insurance as well, I use World Nomads for all my trips, grab a quote.  All that is left now is for you to start planning that budget-friendly travel trip. Enjoy!  

If you go to one of these cheap vacation locations then please comment in the section below and let me and others know how your experience was.

Travel budget tips

Either booking a new travel holiday right from the start or while on such a holiday can be expensive. Things like flights, accommodation, meals, transport and tours can add up fast and put a strain on what should be a fun time. These budget travel tips will assist with booking a holiday at the best price or staying on budget while travelling.

Organise Your Trip: Travel Advice and Tricks I Personally Use

Book Your Flight

Heading to either Skyscanner or Momondo are my methods of choice for this. They are my favourite as they search for flights from different companies all over the world. You can filter the results to suit your needs and ensure you land the best price every-time.

Book Your Accommodation

This is an important part of any holiday you’re going on. Read all the reviews and get the right accommodation via TripAdvisor. They even show you the best prices available at the time for that room from suppliers like booking a hostel your best bet is to start with HostelWorld or possible even use CouchSurfing if you’re on a real budget.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must these days so you have a piece of mind you’re covered for anything that could go wrong while on your trip. I now never go on a trip away without travel insurance. I’ve been using World Nomads for the past few years.

My favourite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (cheaper option to just cover you for health issues)

Looking for the best companies to save money with?

As I have been travelling frequently over the last few years I’ve learnt some great tools to use for saving money when travelling. I have a travel resource page that lists all the trusted companies I personally use and rely on. I think you will find them good as well.

I also have a couple of great blogs that share quick and easy ways to save money on flights or accommodation. Take a look and save some cash on your next trip.

The Best Place To Book Your Tours

If you are someone you likes to have the best tours in one place and read reviews from other travellers about their personal experiences of each different tour then the best platform to use is GetYourGuide.

They offer the best tours, have money-back offers in case your trip is cancelled and ensure the price of each tour is the lowest possible.

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