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Build your Social Media

Published on: September 15th, 2018 at 3:01 pm

Have you been trying to build your social media account/s now for months with no luck???

Have you been spending hours and hours LIKING & FOLLOWING people only for your following to hover around the same number???

This is what I was asking myself for months, how to build your social media. Spending my time while travelling or on the train to work LIKING and FOLLOWING different travel Instagram’s, when at home and the commercial breaks come on TV I would grab my phone and begin the process again and even when first waking up or the last thing of the evening before going to sleep this is the first or last thing I would do.

Does this sound all too familiar?

Let me bring you up to speed with the program that has allowed me to free up my time again and start enjoying my travels and life without having to have my face in my phone whenever I gain a free moment. This is your answer to the question, how to build your social media.

The magic is called AMP: IG AUTOMATION EDITION

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Start to grow your business today and begin living the laptop lifestyle

It helped me grow my 3 accounts by over 50k in a couple of months alone. The software is an absolute game-changer, it can completely free up your time and allow your social media accounts to be running on their own day and night.

How it works for each social media platform…

Build your social media on any account :


Follow other accounts to get you noticed, follow back anyone that follows you, unfollow accounts that haven’t followed you back, repost to your feed or to your stories, like or comment on other people’s photos and auto-delete posts after a set time (Good for short term marketing).


Find, join and unjoin groups in your niche, automatically find and contact potential customers /clients.


Follow other accounts in your niche, follow back accounts that have followed you, unfollow inactive users, favourite and retweet posts automatically.


Follow other boards, follow back people who followed you, unfollow accounts, automatically repin and comment.


Auto-follow other channels, unfollow channels that haven’t followed you back, like, comment and auto watch others videos.

boost your online business and working online potential
boost your online business and working online potential

To allow this software to work its magic you basically have 2 options:

Option 1:

Install the ATM: AUTOMATION EDITION software yourself by following the link here and follow the step by step guide to installing it.

Andrew Johnston is an online entrepreneur who has created the software. He went from broke to a 6 figure digital nomad earner and world-wide traveller in under 12 months.

He will take you through the step by step guide on how to download and set up all the required computer software, the settings you will need to start off within the program and how to slowly step it up to gain real traction for your social media account.

Cost Involved to set up and run AMP

One of fee 

$97.00USD  – Sign up for AMP

Monthly ongoing costs

$19.95USD – Jarvee 

$12.00USD – Blazing SEO Proxies

$19.95USD – Solid SEO VPS

Total monthly costs = $51.90USD

While this may sound expensive for a one-off account if you are trying to grow your social media following on numerous accounts then this is a very reasonable price to pay. Believe me, this software really works, I’ve seen it first hand.

Option 2: 

Let me grow your social media account for you

If you are not confident enough to set up the software yourself or simply don’t have the time or equipment then allow me to run your social media account through my automatic growth software.

Before you commit fully to the monthly fee of $51.90 let me grow your account for you through the software. This can be for a short or long term period and all you need to do is sit back and watch your follows come in without the time and commitment you have been spending for the last period of time.

For me to do this it will be a one-off fee of $40USD per month, per account. If you want more than one account get in contact with me to discuss a fair price.

Please get in touch with me via Facebook or send me an email to discuss this further. The results will speak for themselves and having a strong social media following has assisted me greatly in beginning to work online full-time.

Don’t worry trying to learn how to build your social media pages. Let me do all the hard work

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