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How to book the cheapest flights possible every time

Published on: May 26th, 2019 at 7:30 am

Following on from my previous blog about how to book accommodation at the cheapest price I wanted to explain another way I continually save cash and book the cheapest flights possible when I fly.

It’s super important for me to be able to continue to travel and see the world, it’s what I’ve fallen in love doing and what I hope to do for the foreseeable future. I love sharing my discoveries with you and I hope that you like to read them just as much.

Learn how to use these travel tips to book the cheapest flights for your next vacation

For this to continue though I need to ensure when I book travel items, I’m doing so at the best price and that is why today I wanted to share with you the techniques and tools I use to book the cheapest flights possible.

Where do I book my flights?

When it comes to booking flights I usually have only a few places I generally look and compare with. Each has provided me with cheap flights at one time or another, so I usually do a quick search on all just to be sure I book the cheapest flights possible.

My favourite places to book the cheapest flights possible are:


This is almost my go-to site nowadays when looking for flights for my next trip. Easy navigation, a graph showing you the rising and falling prices of flights, and the fares are probably the cheapest of all flight search engines.

Check out the prices of your next flights with Momondo.


This used to be my go-to flight finder and I still always check here before I make any bookings. It has lots of filter options so you can narrow your search to exactly what you want. Good search results for flexible dates and country-to-country trip without a specified city destination. The best extra is the option to choose “everywhere” and compare prices from your closest airport.

I use the “everywhere” option quite a lot when I just get the urge to go on a trip and don’t want to blow my budget too much. Try out the everywhere” option yourself and choose a random holiday spot for your next trip.

If not just go to Skyscanner and search the destination and find all flight options at competitive prices.


Cheapflights is a global flight search and travel deals website similar to Skyscanner mentioned above. They find the best value flight, hotel and car rental prices quickly and easily. A great option to check when planning any holiday.

I always ensure I look at this site before I commit to booking anything as they have been a cheap option for me on numerous occasions. Go to their website and compare prices now yourself.


Another competitive option to use when looking to plan your next trip. One of the best and most popular search sites for finding great flights. It offers some really good fares. I have heard that Kayak can be a real gold mine to book the cheapest flights possible, but I have only found them the cheapest on the odd occasion. Still worth a look though I think.


These guys are a great option if you don’t mind which airline you fly with. The reason for that is they combine all the airlines and provide a combination of the cheapest flights to get you to and from your destination.

Have a look at Kiwi.com for yourself as many have not used this site before.

It’s all well and good to know what search engines to look for your flights on but over the years I have found that other important tricks can make a huge difference as well to the overall price of your flights. Some are additional websites and some are just tricks I have learnt along the way. Combining some or all will save you money though.

Brodie at Aussieinwanderlust holding a camel in Agadir, Morocco
My first visit to Africa was possible thanks to finding some great flight deals to Agadir.

Tips on how and when to book the cheapest flights possible:

Use Google flights:

A really cool search engine for your flights from the best search engine out there. You simply enter your departure point and date, and Google Flight will show you a map of the world with destinations and prices that suit your budget. It’s an easy to use interface and the fastest return of results.

Browse Incognito:

Believe me when I say that companies are sneaky these days. They often can track what you have searched previously, and they adjust the price accordingly. I know, it seems so wrong, but it happens. So, if you have been checking the prices for your get flight to say London and the prices have been going up then it could be because of this.

You get these searches for your flights in Incognito or a private browser by going to your internet browser page and finding this setting. It will vary depending on what device and browser you are using but I think you will find it or ask Google.

Fly to/from smaller airports:

Most major cities these days have multiple airports in and out of the city and depending on which one you choose can have a huge impact on your overall flight price. The budget airlines usually do more flights to one airport than others.

Using London as an example again they have 5 airports you can fly in and out of and they all vary in price. Just be sure to do your research to make sure there are transport options from the cheaper airport, and you won’t be spending the money you saved on taxi or other expensive transport options.

Be happy to fly with the budget airlines:

Nowadays airlines are under some pretty strict guidelines in regard to maintenance and other things which is great. This means that budget airlines can be used with a lot more confidence and can save you a lot compared to premium services.

While travelling around Europe I have used Vueling, Ryanair, EasyJet and the likes on many occasions. They are comfortable enough for a short trip and most places in Europe are only a few hours away. I’ve always done the same in Australia or to travel to Bali as well.

On longer trips, I still recommend going with a more reliable and comfortable airline.

Fly on the days that are cheaper:

Traditionally you might have heard that flying mid-week is generally cheaper and that usually stands true. I try and end or start my trips on a Tuesday-Thursday if possible, to ensure I grab a good price or at least that was the case.

Nowadays I enjoy an even easier way to find the cheapest price by going to Skyscanner and instead of choosing a specific day to fly I choose the “whole month” option. This then loads the month I am looking to travel and tells me the cheapest days to fly out and return.

If you have the flexibility in your schedule this is a great tool to use.

Follow airlines on social media:

As like most of us in the world now, airline companies are staying up to date with technology and advertising on social media accounts. If you follow a few of the airlines you like or have used before it is probably the place you are going to see them first advertise their latest sales.

Quite often airlines release a certain number of seats for a low price so seeing it first is really important.

Research flights early and set alerts:

If you have the time and the nerve to wait, then researching in advance a rough time you are going to travel and setting a price alert is a great way to find out when the price is going up or down.

I use this method a lot and have found it really handy. Typically, domestic flights are statistically cheapest at 47 days out from departure, but international flights are much harder to predict so having an alarm set can be great.

Sign up to Ebates:

I want to let you in on one of my favourite travel saving secrets out there allowing you to Get Free Cash Back and Earn a FREE $10 Gift Using Ebates. This is a website I use almost every time I book online whether it be via Amazon, booking flights or accommodation or even clothes.

I have written a separate blog about Ebates and I would strongly encourage you to sign up to that as it’s FREE (and you get a $10 bonus with my link) and you will be getting cashback on your flights and saving immediately. Check out Ebates now.

Search different sites:

I hope this way to book the cheapest flights possible is an obvious option for you now after mentioning this above but searching across a selection of sites will guarantee you are landing yourself the best deal possible at the time you book.

I’m sure if you follow the above tips and search with the search engines provided you will be travelling for less and possibly even more often in no time at all. If you have your flights booked and want to find out how to book accommodation at the cheapest price head over to my blog and start saving even more today. Put into place what you learn from those two blogs post and combine it with these 50 plus budget travel tips and you will be saving money and travelling more in no time.

If you know of a great way to save money on flights, I would love to hear it, please add your favourite way to save on flights or anything else travel related in the comments section below.

A view of the city of Barcelona with a theme park ride to one side
The view of the city of Barcelona from Mount Tibidabo, one of the destinations that is most famous to visit when travelling around Europe

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How to book the cheapest flights possible every time

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