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How to book accommodation at the cheapest price guaranteed

Published on: May 17th, 2019 at 3:30 pm

I get asked the question a lot while I am travelling “how do you afford to do it” or “how can you travel for so long” so today I wanted to try and answer those questions a little more by explaining the places I book accommodation at the cheapest price.

I always take my time and research the place I want to stay at in probably a little more depth than the average. I’d say most would just jump on to one of either, or Hotels Combined and just find an accommodation option that suits them. I understand that and I used to do a similar thing but after travelling now for over 3 years I’ve had to learn to be a little smarter and book accommodation at the cheapest price. It can be done, and the savings can be huge.

Learn the tips I use to book the cheapest hotels every single time I travel. These will keep you on budget.

Nowadays there are plenty of booking websites out there on the internet and some are certainly better than others, some are even better in certain areas than others as they specialise in a specific continent. Today I want to list my most favourable ways to book online and why I use them to book accommodation at the cheapest price.

Before I get to those booking sites though I want to let you in on one of my favourite travel saving secrets out there allowing you to Get Free Cash Back and Earn a FREE $10 Gift Using Ebates. This is a website I use almost every time I book online whether it be via Amazon, booking flights or accommodation or even clothes.

I have written a separate blog about Ebates and I would strongly encourage you to sign up to that as it’s FREE (and you get a $10 bonus with my link) and you will be getting cash back on your accommodation and saving immediately. Check out Ebates now.

What websites do I use to book accommodation? is one of my favourite places to head when booking short accommodation options for weekend getaways. I find their prices are usually the cheapest and their website is one of the easiest to use in my opinion. I have used them a few times now and once you become a “Genius Member” you will find you are entitled to savings on hotels others are not or maybe have breakfast included in your stay.

It is a pretty achievable thing to become a “genius member” with as you just need to book 5 different accommodation trips within a 2-year period. If you do that the following benefits are all yours:

  • 10% discount on bookings
  • 2 hours earlier check-in
  • 2 hours later check out
  • airport shuttle
  • special phone number for genius members.

To start your journey to becoming a member a little easier and to start to book accommodation at the cheapest price use this 10% back voucher on your next stay. Just book your accommodation as normal and once you check out you will be refunded Learn how I travelL% of the total cost making it easier to.

If you have signed up with Ebates you can also save 6% on top of any other savings you make so it soon starts to add up.

I have used this site a few times when I have either left my run a little late to find accommodation or I have found them to be cheaper than my other usual options. As I said above, I usually spend more time than most in finding accommodation as $10 here or there soon adds up to a night’s accommodation in the long run.

This site is one of the favourites for people in the USA I believe but, I generally don’t find the website as user-friendly as the one. If you are a member, they have a great rewards program where once you have booked 10 nights you will receive a free night’s accommodation to use at any time within 12 months. This is worked out at an average price voucher of your previous 10 nights.

You will also get extra saving discount options if you are a member and logged in when you book. Once you have stayed 20 nights you will be entitled to silver class advantages and after 30 nights you will be a gold member. Once at gold you will get to enjoy bonuses such as room upgrades, free breakfast, secret prices and much more.

Find out what the price of your next trip will be with right now.

You will also get 4% CASH BACK on your booking fee if you have joined Ebates.


Airbnb is fast becoming one of my biggest saving methods when it comes to finding accommodation. They are literally everywhere now and with good reason. You generally get to stay with a local in the city you are visiting or have an entire place to yourself, they are much easier to book for a large group rather than separate hotel rooms and can be a HUGE money saver.

Read my The Bonuses of Using Airbnb Plus a Gift for You to Use blog to find out more about why I love to stay in Airbnb more and more now. You will also get to enjoy up to $46 off your booking as a bonus for being an Aussieinwanderlust reader if you book here.

You can also think about putting your own house or spare room on Airbnb to rent out to fellow travellers. It is a great way for you to save some cash for your next trip, meet new people from all over the world and have connections in other places when you visit. Find out how to become an Airbnb host now.


I love this site for the occasions when I am travelling for a long period in-between having a base to chill out in. I have and continue to use HostelWorld as I travel around Europe and have done the same in Australia and Asia at times. I have also already made a few bookings for my upcoming South America trip on here for when I first land in Buenos Aires.

They also know that backpacking schedules can change and for that reason, if you book 7 days or more in advance, they offer FREE cancellation on your booking. This is a big bonus for me as I have often found myself trying to change bookings as I have enjoyed somewhere more than I thought and wished to stay longer.

HostelWorld also offers more than just a dorm room in a backpacker, you will find a selection of hotels and bed and breakfast options to go along with the selection of backpacking hostels.

 Check out the best prices on HostelWorld now.


The last one I want to mention in detail today is the best of the best if you want to book accommodation at the cheapest price because it is FREE. Couchsurfing is a really cool way to travel if you are open-minded about meeting new people, are happy to sleep on a couch or a spare bed if your lucky and are really trying to see the world on the least amount of money possible.

You need to make a profile on the website and get verified before you can start travelling but it really is an awesome way to make friends and also accommodate other travellers in your own place. You can build up connections all over the world really fast and have places to stay in cities or towns anywhere.

Make a profile and start looking into CouchSurfing today.

There it is my most reliable booking options I use when I find myself looking to book accommodation at the cheapest price. If you have the patience and commitment, there are other options out there that can save you some decent cash. Just put in the time and effort and you will be rewarded.

As a bonus here are some more places I have found some great bargains for a cheap holiday:





Let me know in the comments section below if these options have helped you save some money in the past or if you have found a great deal since I suggested these sites. It’s always nice to hear when I have helped someone travel more. Also, if you know of a great place to book accommodation at the cheapest price please let me know as well. Be sure to have a read How to book the cheapest flights possible to further save some money on your next trip.

Don’t forget to sign up to Ebates to begin to save on far more than just accommodation.

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How to book accommodation at the cheapest price guaranteed

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  1. Have you tried Expedia ?
    You can build to Gold/Silver membership to get benefits/upgrades/late check out/discounts at hotel services after so many nights bookings. It also gets you a discounted members rate and points that convert to cash to use to book rooms etc.
    What do you think

    1. Author

      Hey Barry,

      I have used Expedia a couple of times for flights and a couple of accommodation options I believe although I have not signed up to their loyalty program. have a similar system and I have used those guys the most along with Hostelworld when on extended trips like the one I’m on now in South America.

      Are you a member of Expedia? What has your experience been like?

      I can pass on a voucher for a discount on your next stay with if you have an upcoming trip? They provide me a voucher every time I book with them…

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