A cute dessert that I enjoyed at Bo.Tic restaurant near Barcelona, Spain

Bo.Tic Restaurant – A Story Told Through Quality Food

Published on: April 12th, 2019 at 10:00 am

It was always going to be a memorable night for me, being invited to my first ever Michelin Starred dinner at Bo.Tic Restaurant just outside of Barcelona, Spain. I had been like many others and watched numerous TV shows and seen many incredible dishes in magazines and online and been completely envious and craving the opportunity to experience a night like that.

I was now going to write a blog for a Bo.Tic Restaurant…

I started by getting myself scrubbed up to Michelin Star standard by dressing up in my one and only suit in my travelling collection. It is not often I get to dress up these days and it was nice to be wearing something different other than the Primark/K-mart clothes or Kathmandu outfits I usually live in.

Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust eating at Bo.Tic restaurant near Barcelona
It is not too often I get to dress up like this these days with so much travelling but it is always great fun when I do

Arriving at Bo.Tic Restaurant I was a mixture of nerves and excitement as I was not sure what to expect, would I be out of my comfort zone or not feel comfortable in the restaurant? Would I like the food since it would be so different from anything I had eaten before?

These feelings quickly left as soon as I entered the stunning building of Bo.Tic and met Cristina at the front desk. She gave me a lovely warm welcome and quickly showed me to my table for the evening.

I opted to experience the Chef’s Menu for the dinner option and once that had been finalised, I then had the more challenging job of looking through the wine list via a tablet laptop that had been provided to me. The list was full of many options and had wines from all the main wine districts in the world. The list had over 400 wines that were located in the cellar on site. I was close to choosing a wine from Chile but sort the advice of one of the knowledgeable waiters on hand.

A large selection of wines available at Bo.Tic restaurant in Spain
This is just a small selection of the different wines that were available at Bo.Tic Restaurant
A cleverly built plate of food from Bo.Tic restaurant
It was clear early in the night that Bo.Tic Restaurant was going to be a meal like nothing I had enjoyed before.

With the Chef’s Menu which I had chosen, I was advised of a more suitable wine that was from the local Catalan district of Spain called Montsant. It was a red wine from 2011 which proved to be a perfect suggestion and quickly proved that the staff on hand at Bo-Tic know what they are talking about. At 58 Euro a bottle it also quickly becomes the most expensive bottle of red wine I had ever purchased, I’m sure that is just small change to many that dine in these extravagant places regularly.

The menu was staggered into different sections to tell a story during your dining experience. The different sections included from the bar, the station, roast meal, the bakery, starters, mains, and of course desserts. All in all, there were over 20 different dishes to experience throughout the menu and each one was a sight for the eyes and a delight for the palate.

The first selection of food that arrived to the table from the bar section gave me a quick indication of the standard and deliciously clever tricks I should come to expect for the rest of the evening. As written on the menu the cockles, olive and bread with tomato and anchovy were far different from what I expected. Most notably the anchovy was layered over a pillow of bread that inside was filled with an olive and tomato puree, this burst out with flavour once you sank your teeth into the delicious first bite.

A dish that I enjoyed while dining at Bo.Tic restaurant
This was the first dish that arrived to my table and it was clear that the standard had been set from then onwards

With a detailed description presented on arrival about the inspiration behind each beautiful dish the serving staff delivered me, it was like being on a magical food story from beginning to end.

Around halfway through the night, I opted to enjoy my second bottle of the red wine. I was advised that if I didn’t finish the bottle, they would gladly re-cork it allowing me to take it home to finish at a later date.

The food journey that evening offered by Bo.Tic Restaurant was one of the dining highlights of my life, the 20 plus dishes all had a great story to go along with their incredible flavour infused taste. The highlights of the evening dishes for me was the Codfish that was served in the shape of a white asparagus and a complete shock to hear it was fish, to begin with, the oyster served with green apple, cucumber, lime and basil, the crispy pork belly and the desserts of deconstructed or “weathered” cheesecake and the picnic basket of apples that were not quite what they seemed.

A main deal on offer at Bo.Tic restaurant in Spain
These are some of my favourite dishes I had over the course of the evening at Bo.Tic restaurant
A clever and attractive meal on offer at Bo.Tic restaurant
Not everything was as it seemed throughout the evening dining at Bo.Tic restaurant. The white asparagus is, in fact, codfish here
A dessert at Bo.Tic restaurant that looks like apples in a basket but are much different
How amazing do these apples look? Of course they are not apples but instead an amazing dessert

Albert Sastregener and Cristina Torrent excel at offering an incredible gastronomic experience that pays tribute to traditional Catalan cuisine. The ingredients used throughout each and every dish is of the utmost highest quality and the cellar of over 400 local and imported wines ensures there is a wine on offer to accompany any taste.

These key pillars were behind the core reason Bo.Tic Restaurant received it’s first Michelin Star back in 2010 and since moving to a new modernised establishment in 2017 none of these qualities has been lost.

Obviously with an establishment like this booking ahead in a reasonable time is essential to ensuring your desired evening in culinary heaven can occur, it is worth noting that they are closed Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesdays.

Enjoy your dining experience in Bo.Tic Restaurant and I hope your lunch or evening is as special as mine. If you are a real food lover like me be sure to check on eye out for my other food-inspired blogs throughout the world and follow my Instagram @backpackandfork.

You can find Bo.Tic Restaurant at Avinguda Costa Brava, 6, 17121 Corçà, Girona.

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My last dessert eating at Bo.Tic restaurant near Barcelona, Spain
I couldn’t hide my disappointment when told that this was my last dish of the night

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