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5 Incredible Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me Since Starting Aussieinwanderlust

Published on: June 19th, 2019 at 2:12 pm

We are all looking for role models and inspiration in whatever field we are working in right? Someone or a group of people to keep us motivated and on track. Today I want to share the bloggers who have inspired me over the past 12 months.

I’m coming up towards one year of being a travel blogger with Aussieinwanderlust and by being, I mean having a WordPress website and HostGator account and just writing blogs. I wouldn’t say I’ve hit any amazing heights in my first year as far as having one piece of content going viral or landing any amazing deals with travel companies but let’s be honest in this day and age that is getting harder and harder to achieve within a year.

Even with this not being the case and me just staying Brodie Deverell (which I hope to stay even with a globally loved blog) I have found enough bloggers who have inspired me in the industry to keep pushing towards the goal of enjoying a slice of the digital nomad lifestyle pie.

Bloggers who inspire me

Find out who I am and how I started my travel blog journey

I have made some huge strides in my first year and have been making an income from my blog now for the past few months, but I have a lot more to learn and improve before I’m mixing it with anyone important. In fact, it’s at around this time that many bloggers decide that the work required is not worth the effort. I’m determined for myself not to become another statistic in the failure percentage of the blogging world and that’s why I’m constantly looking for the positive and inspiring stories rather than the negative stats and these five bloggers who have inspired me to deliver that.

Focusing on the positives and being rewarded is something I learnt in Off the Record training.

The course from one of the bloggers who have inspired
The “off the record” training and mentor course was a good place to learn the basics and find other travel bloggers.

I have decided to share with you today the 5 bloggers who have inspired me and who have kept me eager and keen on chasing my own success in this industry. All come from different backgrounds or have different stories, but I believe they all offer lessons to us all.

Johnny at Onestep4ward.com

The first one and probably the journey I find most inspiring is from Johnny at onestep4ward.com. He is an Irish lad who was born in Galway before moving and growing up in Northern Ireland when times in that part were pretty full on.

He himself admits he grew up in a pretty tough environment and had to live from the basics most of his young life which only makes his story that much more inspiring. He just had a real love for travel and desire to see much more than his own backyard in Northern Ireland and as the saying goes if you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it work.

And boy has it worked for him.

He has now completed his goal of visiting every country on the planet as well as earnt over $1.5m from his blog. That stat just blows my mind completely. I have reached out to Johnny a few times where he has been kind enough to offer me advice along my journey and I hope to join him one day on one of his amazing trips where onestep4ward organise to make improvements to living conditions in different parts of the world.

Find out more about Johnny at Onestep4ward.

Johnny Ward is one of the bloggers who have inspired
This guy is all class. I have been amazed the more I learn about him and his programs

A Walsh Life

The next blogger duo I have had lots of contact with over the 12 months thanks to having them mentor me through their program Off the Record is Mario and Rebecca. They are a couple from New Zealand who had a crazy plan to walk the length of their home country. Yep, mad hey. They and their relationship survived that 6-and-a-half-month trip and after that life-changing hike, their lives have never been the same.

Since then they realised how much the 9-5 life isn’t for them and have gone about setting up a program to enable themselves to live the laptop lifestyle via the blog A Walsh Life while also teaching others who want to be digitalnomads how to do something similar.

These guys are super friendly and always available to talk to even though we are on different sides of the planet and truthfully, I don’t know how they manage it. If you are looking to get some guidance with your own blog be sure to reach out to either Mario or Rebecca today.

Earl at Wanderingearl.com

The third blogger to make my list is Earl from wanderingearl.com. Earl has been travelling around the world for an incredible 20 years now non-stop. Makes my 3 years seem insignificant indeed. His real name is Derek and his adventure started from a plan to travel Asia for 3 months after graduating Uni.

Wandering Earl is a bloggers who have inspired
Another guy with a great story.

He has been to over 100 countries himself now spread out over 6 continents but it’s not the number of countries or the amount of cities that keeps Earl (we will call him Earl as I think he is more known as that now) travelling but instead the love for the lessons learnt by travelling to different regions of the world.

He is a little different to some bloggers I guess in the fact that he has worked many different jobs to fund his travels before starting his travel blog, including working on cruise ships, teaching English and general short-term jobs to fund his love and passion before deciding to start his blog some 10 years later.

It is always inspiring to me that so money people can survive and live with less than $500 and then proceed to turn survival into a full-time business. I hope to manage to do exactly this and will keep surrounding myself with these type of people until it happens.

Earl even gave me a contact to discuss designing my new website after I was 9 months into my blogging journey, see told you I can call him Earl, we are buddies now.

Kiki at A Blonde Abroad

The next blog is from someone I have not talked to or in fact even reached out to in any form as of yet, but I hope to sometime soon, maybe even with this blog post. It’s Kiersten or Kiki from the travel blog A Blonde Abroad and she has built up an amazing blog over the past few years focusing mainly on solo female travel as well as working with amazing brands that I could only dream of having contact with.

blonde abroad
I hope to learn more from Kiki in the future

Kiersten has been recognised as the #2 Top Travel Influencer by Forbes, not a bad title to have on your resume I’d say. She has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Trip Advisor and many others along with Forbes and has built an amazing blogging empire.

Her 1 million plus email subscription is another inspiring achievement that I struggle to comprehend, like 1 million, come on that is a serious fan base. She has now moved to Cape Town, South Africa and has a team of 6 running her blog and the day to day tasks involved with being such a successful figure in the travelling world.

You can find Kiki’s blog called A Blonde Abroad here.

Matt at Nomadic Matt

The last blogger and the one I purposely left until last is arguably the most successful travel blogger in the world. It is, of course, Nomadic Matt and the blogging empire he has built is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Combine this with the fact that Matt didn’t travel overseas until he was at the age of 23 is even more staggering but let me tell you he has made up for lost time ever since then. His secret to success is the fact he has gone down and stayed down a very different path to most travel bloggers out there today. He still travels as he would if he didn’t have a travel blog, he stays in hostels, catches buses and only reviews or writes about items he has used personally.

This is something that has really grabbed my attention and I am trying to take some of these lessons and make them work for me. Matt has also written a book about travelling that made him a New York Times Best Selling Author, not bad for a travel blogger hey. Since this he has published more great travel books and has a new one on the way.

He has an amazing travel blogging course called Superstar Blogging Course, where he personally answers and assists new bloggers with all their questions along with his team. I really like how grounded and level headed this guy seems to have stayed even with all the success he has achieved.

blogging course superstar blogging is a great course
This is a premium course from the best travel blogger in the industry. Learn from the best makes sense.

I would highly recommend completing this course yourself if you are looking to make an impact in the blogging world. Find the course here and start today.

There it is my top five most inspiring bloggers I have encountered since starting this journey with Aussieinwanderlust. I hope you have taken something from this blog yourself and continue to follow along with my own unique journey I’m creating in this crazy blogging lifestyle.

After one year and plenty of lessons learnt if it wasn’t for reading their stories, personally reaching out to find these bloggers who have inspired me and chatting to these people or drawing inspiration from their personal blogs I may well have ended up another failed blog that spends its remaining hosting life unloved on Google.

Instead, I’m looking forward to the future and hoping for a slice of the blogging nomad life for myself.

Remember you can start a blog today in no time at all, maybe I can make your own list of bloggers who have inspired you. Find my step by step guide on How to Start a Blog or if you have a blog already instead of quitting and thinking its too hard look into one of these great programs Off the Record or Superstar Blogging Courses.

bloggers who have inspired have kept me wanting to learn and travel further
I have learnt so much in my first year of blogging and have no doubt the second year will be just as challenging.

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If you take the time to read their stories I’m confident you too can use these bloggers who have inspired me and become a success story of your own.

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Bloggers who have inspired me since starting with Aussieinwanderlust

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