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Best Travel Instagram Accounts On The Planet – Follow these and Get Inspired

Published on: August 9th, 2019 at 3:28 am

Everyone who is travelling these days is posting pictures of their time away on social media and the biggest picture platform out there these days is Instagram. Those that are not currently travelling are most probably sitting at their work wishing they were doing exactly that, so I wanted to share with you my Best Travel Instagram pages out there.

These days more than ever we are wanting to travel more and discover new places. It’s a major shift in the way people are living. My parents have recently both just got passports, my father recently did a trip to Europe to see me, you can read about us visiting Europe’s most Active volcano, and since returning home has managed to convince my mum to also jump on a plane for 30 odd hours to return again in a few weeks now they are on Instagram and following my travels as well as many of my Best Travel Instagram recommended pages below.

Best travel Instragram

Who knows maybe he has now been bitten by the highly contagious travel bug now himself?

best travel Instagram accounts include this one
I love sharing my travel trip on IG these days.

They are even like many nowadays and posting pictures on Instagram, they even posted their first story the other day. By the way nice work on the flower’s dad, first time in 30 plus years is impressive.

I was asked the other day what Instagram accounts I follow, and which ones inspire me the most so I thought I would write a list of my Best Travel Instagram accounts I just can’t live without. I haven’t been a huge social media user up until around a year ago, so I was a little late to the party compared to many.

Here are my favourite travel Instagram accounts to follow right now:


earthpix pictures




One of the Best Travel Instagram is 
lonely planet


nat geo


One of the Best Travel Instagram is discover earth


One of the Best Travel Instagram is south america


One of the Best Travel Instagram accounts


One of the Best Travel Instagram is exploorperu

Personal accounts I love are:

@travel_pics_bjdeverell (I run this account, shameless promotion)


















There you go a selection of the Best Travel Instagram accounts I have found and love to follow.

It's hard not to want to travel when watching the best travel instagram accounts
It’s hard not to want to travel when watching the best travel instagram accounts, this is a shot I loved.

Please let me know if I have missed any travel accounts you think I should be following by commenting in the section below.

If you are looking to get your own IG or social media account building to a point you can be working with travel brands or anything else contact me so we can discuss some ways to help you.

If you love to be inspired by the Best Travel Instagram accounts, then please have a look at my personal account @travel_pics_bjdeverell and @checkin_together follow along as I continue to tick off many countries you might be planning to go to yourself.

Food I find travelling is becoming one of the best travel instagram accounts
I also love to share the food I discover while travelling. That account of mine is @backpackandfork

If you are looking to get into the social media and blogging world yourself or are already in it and looking for some inspiration on how to take it to the next level, please check out the below blogs:

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Best travel Instragram accounts

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Happy Travels, Brodie

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