A medium rare cooked beef steak sliced so you can see the middle

10 Popular Restaurants in Victoria Falls – Budget Friendly Yet Delicious

Published on: January 3rd, 2020 at 11:20 am

When travelling, eating is one of the easiest and best ways to learn about culture and traditions. With that being said it can also be one of the most confusing, especially when you have just arrived in a foreign country. Find out what to expect from Southern African cuisine before you arrive and also allow me to make it a little easier for you to find the best restaurants in Victoria Falls and explain a little more about each one so you can make the right choice for breakfast, lunch or evening meal.

The best restaurants to try when visiting Victoria Falls

The options are plenty when it comes to finding quality food in Victoria Falls. Whether you are searching for traditional African specialities, cheap cafe-style favourites, grab and go fast food (burgers, pizza etc) or even delicious Asian cuisine you can find it all and if your travelling on a budget, that doesn’t mean you miss out on these either. 

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Below are 10 of the best restaurants in Victoria Falls in my opinion:

These 10 restaurants found listed below proved to be the best places to eat in Victoria Falls during my stay. I have listed them in no particular order and hope you have the chance to sample some for yourself during your vacation to Zimbabwe.

Mama Africa Restaurant:

This place is a long-time tourist favourite, chances are you have probably heard about Mama Africa’s restaurant in the past. There are different ones located in Cape Town, as well as in Europe. Not all these are the same though despite the same name.

The one in Victoria Falls produces specialty Zimbabwean dishes that will leave you in no doubt that you’ve tried local food before leaving the area. The must-try dish is Sadza, expect to be served a maize porridge-like substance on your plate with a selection of grilled meats, vegetables and side sauce made from peanuts. You can also find different a selection of African game meats grilled to your liking. 

If your not interested in eating but still fancy visiting for the live traditional music and accompanying dance performances then that is fine also. The restaurant is located just off the main street in the centre of town.

Find the restaurant here

A medium rare cooked beef steak sliced so you can see the middle
In my opinion, a good steak is worth looking for almost anytime. This is cooked just to my liking, medium-rare.

Shearwater Resort Restaurant:

You may have seen my other blog posts on where to stay in Victoria Falls which listed this as my accommodation of choice while staying here but it also happens to have a great selection of dishes to choose from at their onsite restaurant. This is perfect if you do decide to stay here, especially if you get home from an exciting day of adrenaline adventures and feel like just relaxing around the swimming pool and enjoying dinner close to your bed.

Here you can find daily meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of local traditional dishes or some other international favourites. It is a relaxed setting that also delivers a range of wine and beer choices to accompany your meal of choice.

A fillet of steak served on top of a bed of mashed sweet potato and other vegetables
Along with the best accommodation in Victoria Falls, the Shearwater Resort Restaurant offers one of the best budget friendly restaurants in Victoria Falls

Find the restaurant here as well as the perfect place to base yourself for the duration of your stay with my Victoria Falls accommodation guide. Check it out now.

Nam Took Restaurant:

This is without a doubt the best Asain restaurant in town and one of my favourite as well. If you are looking for something different for your taste palate after a few nights of eating strong, gamey African dishes then this place is a must.

The food here is of the same quality you would expect to find in Asia itself. More specifically it focuses on bringing you fresh Thai flavours and you know they are going to be authentic as the owner, Toy is from Bangkok. You can be sure to find all the Thai favourites including curries, spring rolls and noodles.

It is located extremely close to the main street of town, as well as the best accommodation option – Shearwater Explorer Village, meaning that getting to and from the restaurant is never an issue. This place was so good I actually visited it twice during my stay.

Find the restaurant here

A serving of Salmon fillets on a plate with soy sauce and chopsticks
High-quality Asian food might not be what you expect to find in Victoria Falls but it is possible at Nam Took Restaurant

In Da Belly Restaurant:

This restaurant just demands that you are relaxed and feeling your holiday vibes to the fullest. The restaurant is set around a beautiful swimming pool location underneath a traditional-style hut.

The menu is varied and will have enough options for you to return again if time permits. The delicious local specialities that prove a popular choice with the tourists include Impala Stew, the Parmesan Warthog Schnitzel and Crocodile Steak. Expect all the dishes to come with a choice of a side dish of either traditional Sadza, green vegetables, chips or salad. 

It is also open from breakfast time and has one of the more impressive breakfast menus you will find in Victoria Falls. As evening sets from 7pm onwards expect to be entertained by local music and dance options.

Find the restaurant here

Lola’s Tapas & Carnivore Restaurant:

As the name suggests this is a cleverly mixed European styled restaurant that uses local ingredients, the result is something to witness for yourself. It is owned by Lola who is originally from one of the Tapas paradise areas, Barcelona, and the dishes include paella of kuda (African game meat), meatballs of Impala (again game meat) or crocodile ravioli. 

The meat lovers of the world will be in heaven here as it has the best selection of game meats I found in Africa. If you are a big eater or simply want to try a variety of everything then the best selection you could make is to order the $30USD all-you-can-eat game meat offer. An awesome option after a big day out rafting the Zambezi River or swimming in Devil’s Pool.

If not so hungry choose from many of the small tapas-style dishes and mix and match with friends or family. It is a Spanish eating tradition that has made its way to Africa thanks to Lola.

Vegetarians also have a small but less varied selection of dishes here too.

A plate full of BBQ meat in a bowl fresh from the grill
One of the best restaurants in Victoria Falls has to be the Lola’s Tapas & Carnivore Restaurant it is a meat-lovers paradise

Find the restaurant here

The Boma – Dinner & Drum Show:

While talking about big eating options I must mention the traditional buffet-style meal on offer at The Boma – Dinner & Drum Show. This is a must-visit destination of an evening for many reasons but it all centres around the traditional dishes and many cooked on the open style BBQ.

The favourites here include Traditional “Umzingeli” Hunters Stews, smoked crocodile tail, local fish dishes, famous warthog ‘Pumba’ steak, beef, pork and marinated chicken. They will all be available alongside an equally impressive spread of traditional vegetable options before having the chance to finish the meal off in style with a choice of a dessert buffet as well.

Here again, you will find a dance and music experience to keep your feet tapping along during your meal. As The Boma – Dinner & Drum Show is extremely popular booking in advance is a must. Find the booking option here. If you’re really adventurous feel free to stick around for the witch doctor and fortune-telling event after dinner.

It is best to come and go from Boma via taxi as it’s around 3km and 30 minutes away from the centre of town.

Find the restaurant here

The 3 Monkeys Restaurant:

One of the newest restaurants in Victoria Falls is owned by Chef Greg Paymans at The 3 Monkeys Restaurant. It is cleverly marketed to almost all travellers that are passing through here in one way or another. It is a social meeting spot for backpackers to chill out in and sophisticated enough for any other tourist to enjoy. Don’t be surprised if you are not also joined by a few locals as well.

The menu offers everyone’s favourites including burgers, wraps, pizzas and paninis alongside a selection of local flame-grilled meats. You will also have the chance to order starters, sides and desserts or milkshakes meaning that nobody has an excuse for leaving The 3 Monkeys Restaurant hungry.

Again this place is easy to find as it’s located close to the main street.

Find the restaurant here

Shearwater Café:

This is your one-stop place for a hit of European favourites mixed with local products. Think Burgers, Wraps, Salads, Pasta’s & Pizzas or grilled Mozambique tiger prawn dishes and Zimbabwean steaks.

A simple hamburger with a meat burger, lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon between burger bread
A humble burger will always find its way on to a restaurant menu in most cases. They are hard to ignore as well

They also serve up good breakfast options from 8 am that are sure to fill you for the day of activities you have planned. Then you can return later in the day and sample some of their freshly made cocktails or enjoy a cold refreshing beer. If you have a day of relaxing in-store then the strong Wi-Fi can keep you updated with what is happening elsewhere in the world or allow you to be reading this blog and deciding the best restaurants in Victoria Falls, The best accommodation in Victoria Falls or Family Activities to do at Victoria Falls or if your really game have a read through the best Adrenaline activities on offer.

Again, this restaurant is made easy to find as located smack bang in the middle of the main street.

Find the restaurant here

The Lookout Café:

This place is a must-visit location while in Victoria Falls and not even for the food it offers. Before you even have time to look at the menu, your eyes will be taking in the extraordinary views of the rampaging Zambezi River, the Victoria Falls Bridge crossing the river and the steep rocky walls of Batoka Gorge. The restaurant is 120 metres above the river and you can even watch the crazy people participating in the adrenaline activities here including bungee jumping and zip-lining from the bridge. 

Back to the menu, whether your there for breakfast, lunch or dinner the choices are wide and varied. They have breakfast favourite egg dishes of scrambled, fried or poached along with various sides, muesli with fruit, yoghurt and honey or a simple selection of cold meats, fruits, vegetables and cheeses.

For lunch and dinner, the options of salads, wraps, kebabs, rack of ribs, burgers and fish will be sure to have you debating your decision for some time. The vegetarian options here are also a little more varied than many other locations.

If you are not feeling like eating then you should certainly still head for the views and option to enjoy a nice cold drink, tea or coffee.

It is located an easy 15 minute walk out of the town centre but if returning after dark I would suggest getting them to order you a taxi for the way home.

Find the restaurant here

MaKuwa-Kuwa Restaurant:

This is a special restaurant and one of the best dining experiences in Victoria Falls without a doubt. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with various dishes sure to scream your name. Some of the chef’s favourites include slow-cooked coffee-infused beef short ribs, spicy okra and paneer masala, the popular lodge burger in a sweet potato bun, and a breakfast favourite of honey glazed ham and grilled tomato topped with hollandaise sauce. Remember this is just the beginning of your choices though.

I should probably mention this is also the restaurant located the furthest away from the city centre of Victoria Falls and a taxi is almost certainly a must. There is a good reason why it is located where it is though and the reward far outways the hassle. How does watching wild elephant and other types of African wildlife sound while enjoying your meal? Because that is exactly what is on offer at MaKuwa-Kuwa Restaurant.

If you can try and get there when it opens and enjoy the breakfast menu of your choice while the sun is starting to begin a new day, the animals lurking around the watering hole and the incredible landscape views will make the early morning one not to forget.

If you are travelling on a budget this place might not be in your plans but if you can manage to save some cash in other areas of your holiday you won’t be disappointed with the investment.

Find the restaurant here

A large grey elephant with tusks staring at a safari car in Africa
Coming face to face with a large Elephant in Africa is an amazing experience to enjoy

All of these offer a choice of something different and boast not only interesting food options but also a variety of locations and dining options with extra activities. One restaurant that was unlucky to miss the top 10 was the Victoria Falls Hotel. Find out more about the dining options at the Victoria Falls Hotel here.

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You can also read more information about a variety of important Victoria Falls topics and be prepared for travelling on a budget to Victoria Falls.

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A list of the best restaurants found in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
The best restaurants yoy can eat at in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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