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Traveling Guide to South Africa

South Africa is unsurprisingly located right at the bottom of Africa. It is a massive playground full of interesting things to do, exciting history, ample wildlife and much more. Arguably the most famous location found in South Africa is Kruger National Park, which stretches some 19,485 km² and is officially the largest game reserve in Africa.

South Africa has a long, rich history and culture. Incredibly this history combines in the area having not 1 but 11 recognised national languages throughout the country. The most spoken of these languages are Zulu. 22.7%. Xhosa. 16%. Afrikaans 13.5%. and English at 9.6%.

Popular cities to visit in South Africa are Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and the most visited of them all Cape Town. Things to do in South Africa include visiting Stellenbosch wine region, hiking Table Mountain, going tuna fishing in Cape Town, heading on a wildlife safari, cage diving with great white sharks and completing day trips from Cape Town or the famous road trip along The Garden Route.

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

Lions Head mountain peak in Cape Town, South Africa

Hiking Lions Head in Cape Town – What you need to know beforehand

There are many walking trails around Cape Town and one of my favourites was hiking Lions Head. Known as the mother city, Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa. It is one of the most historically significant cities in South Africa, as it was here that the first ...
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tips on what to pack for an African safari holiday

Africa safari packing list – Plus a guide on what to wear on an African safari

Going on an African safari takes a little more forward planning than say heading away on a city escape for a few days. Depending on your you are going, you could ultimately see all four seasons in one day. Having a good idea of the best Africa safari outfits to ...
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Wattching a sunset finish while travelling via boat make from fishing for tuna in Cape Town

Unforgettable Fishing at Cape Town in 5 Easy Steps – Chase the fish of your dreams

Fishing might be a practice that dates back to prehistoric times and at least 40,000 years. But it was only from the 16th century when we began releasing our vessels into the oceans and seas. This produced more advanced and mass fishing options that gave birth to many different techniques ...
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Adventure Activities in South Africa

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large fishing rods that are used to go tuna fishing in Cape Town with a beautiful sunset in the background

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