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Below you will find information, tips and guides for taking a safari adventure. Learn how to book a safari tour in remote destinations around the world, what to take with you on a safari trip, ways to save money on such a trip, techniques to avoid motion sickness, tips to stay safe during your trip, personal stories from my own safari adventures and much more.

Popular destinations for a safari adventure include African countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Other safari locations around the world also include Australia, India, Sri Lanka and even in the Antarctic.

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tips on what to pack for an African safari holiday

Africa safari packing list – Plus a guide on what to wear on an African safari

Going on an African safari takes a little more forward planning than say heading away on a city escape for a few days. Depending on your you are going, you could ultimately see all four seasons in one day. Having a good idea of the best Africa safari outfits to ...
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the location of the Tropic of Capricorn in Africa

How To Experience an Epic African Safari at the Okavango Delta in Botswana – Plus more

Africa has consistently been one of those spots I had seen on TV and been mesmerized by. Just the way the landscape is incredibly harsh and empty, how free the untamed wildlife meanders about while fighting for survival each and every day and how basic the everyday lifestyle appeared to ...
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Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust getting a photo with the Victoria Falls flowing fast in the background

5 Priceless Safari Extras Everyone Should Visit From Cape Town to Victoria Falls

When visiting or going on safari in Africa or just visiting a certain part of Africa itself chances are you will be wanting to do some tours and see the amazing wildlife and nature this magical place has to offer. After all, that is probably the main reason you are ...
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