The Beginning

I was born and raised in the smallest state of Australia called Tasmania, yes, it’s part of Australia and you don’t require a separate passport to the rest of the country. After finishing school, I got an apprenticeship as a Refrigeration Mechanic and began living the normal socially accepted lifestyle of working Monday-Friday 8+ hours a day, overtime on weekends when required. I always had something happening and was rarely standing still in my spare time. I played football (AFL) through the winter months and once summer rolled round it was time to dust of the camping and fishing gear and get away for cheap and entertaining breaks as much as I could.

Tasmania is a beautiful part of the world and has some incredible scenery.
Here I’m just finishing one of the small walks at the gorgeous Cradle Mountain National Park.

The initial reaction when you see someone travelling the world so much is that they must have grown up wanting to explore and travel. For me that isn’t exactly the case and I was generally happy and enjoying my life. I had built a house, brought a 4wd and a boat… What more does a bloke want?

When it Changed

This all began to change when I got the opportunity to leave Tasmania and play football in the off-season with a team in Darwin, Northern Territory. For those that don’t know, these too places couldn’t be more opposite. Darwin is the smallest capital city in Australia but for me moving to a city was nerve racking. It took 4 days driving 12 hours and a ferry ride to even arrive to Darwin, yep Australia is as big as it looks on the map.

Once leaving Tasmania and throwing myself out of my comfort zone I quickly realised I was loving the chance to change up my life, my routine and my social circle, don’t get me wrong I had the best mates a bloke could ask, but the change was simply amazing. I felt free, work was different, the beaches were different but overall the way of life was different.

The fishing and general way of lifestyle in Darwin suited me amazingly, the fishing was insane as well.
I just had to remember to watch out for those little things called Crocodiles.

This got me thinking much more about travelling and it wasn’t long before I wanted to explore much more than just my own country. I had my sights set on much bigger plans.

Making it Happen

After my football stint finished in Darwin I went back to Tasmania and come up with a plan on how to save money and get travelling. This involved me again moving and I took up a job offer this time in the middle of Australia in a dusty mining town called Mount Isa. I had a plan, 2 years in a mining town, save hard and head to Europe.

All pretty much went to script, I was earning good money, managed 2 trips to Bali to further ensure I was ready to travel and managed to see some amazing places in the middle of Australia. The only thing that I probably wasn’t counting on was finding so many amazing people in Mount Isa, they even had a football team, I made some of my closest friends over those 2 years and leaving ended up being much harder than I thought.

This amazing crew of blokes helped make my 2 years in Mt Isa some of the best in my life.
We even happened to go back to back in the footy which topped off a great 2 years together.

Leaving Australia

I left Australia bound for London at the start of 2016. I had been given a 2-year youth mobility visa by UK and planned to use London as my base as I travelled Europe every chance I got. This is exactly what I done although the job and opportunities I got to travel far exceeded my expectations.

One of the most iconic sites of London and one I strangely got used to seeing on a regular basis.
My first few months were spent admiring it every time I could, by the end I’d walk past without even noticing.

When in Australia I had only ever worked as a “tradie” since I left school but once arriving in London my career path done a complete 180 and I found myself back at school. I signed up with a teaching agency when arriving in London and from there I found myself teaching science and sex education (possibly my hardest ever days pay) at an all-boys school, being maintenance man at a primary school and then being posted to a behavioural management school as a teacher’s aide. This is the school I remained at for the duration of my time in London and without a doubt my time at this school and the overall time spent with the ANZUK teaching agency certainly helped improve my time in London.

If you are interested in working with ANZUK yourself or want more information check out the blog I wrote here.

The Travelling

With the job mentioned above I forgot to mention just how many holidays you got and how often they occurred. I was brought up working with only 4 weeks a year vacation time in Australia but once in London I was getting a one-week mid-term break on average every 6 weeks followed by a two-week term break after another six weeks. This was amazing and better still allowed me to travel so much more than I ever thought possible. Then once summer rolled around, I was able to take 3 and 4 months off to travel with Busabout and just return to the agency when I was finished travelling or broke and ready to earn some more money.

Checking out some of the smartest guys to have ever lived.
Still have no idea how they managed to build those impressive piles of sandstone behind me.

I was seeing so much of Europe it was blowing my mind and also fuelling my travel bug at a ferocious rate. In the two years I was in London I had managed to tick off over 35 countries throughout Europe and Africa. I travelled with some amazing travel companies such as TravelTalk, Busabout, G Adventures and Onthego Travel as well as complete plenty of solo trips. I went to some amazing festivals including Tomorrowland (twice because it’s that good), San Fermin, Rock Werchter Festival (hidden gem) and managed to sail the amazing blue seas in Croatia and Greece.

It’s not always sunny skies and sandy beaches when travelling but it doesn’t mean it can’t be just as beautiful.

The 2 years again disappeared before I could even manage to blink and before I knew it I was on a plane back to Australia with my visa expired. I was hungry for more though and determined to continue to travel and see more.

The things I got to see and do throughout Europe spin my mind still to this day when I sit back and reflect.
One of the best trips I’ve done was white-water raft and explore the Emerald River. Find that tour for yourself her.

What happened next

The day I arrived in Australia I met my father and brother in Melbourne and spent the weekend watching a local sporting event. The day I landed in Melbourne I started sourcing prices for flights back to Europe and by the end of the day I had booked new flights thanks to STA Travel and was flying to Barcelona in only a few weeks.

It gave me enough time to apply and receive a working Visa for Ireland and spend some much-needed time with family and friends.

Birth of Aussieinwanderlust

In 2018 I had now realised that travelling was something I loved doing, I had met others along my travels that were making careers out of it and I thought why not give it a go. Now this for me was a big deal as I have extremely limited computer knowledge, zero social media experience, I had a deactivated Facebook page and used Messenger to stay in contacted with people while travelling and no idea how to start.

I did what everyone does in this modern world, googled it thousands of times and got more confused and more unsure but it was something I wanted so I stuck with it. Signed up to the website host HostGator and before I knew it, I was using my new best friend “YouTube” to completely design a website.

I soon found out that blogging was the easy part but getting noticed on the big wide world of the internet would prove more difficult.

I stuck at it for a month or so and had a product I knew wasn’t perfect but nice enough to start loading content and share past experiences. I had opened up numerous social media accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so I could share my content as far as possible. Turns out that wasn’t too far at all!!!

I began to realise I needed better answers on how to improve than what Google was providing. I so soon reached out to a New Zealand couple who have achieved what I was seeking out to achieve. They are Mario and Rebecca from “A Walsh Life” and they run the mentor program Off the Record. Since joining I have learnt so many tricks and strategies to expand my website and brand.


Since then I have managed to work with Surf Camp Berbere and other tour companies in Morocco, check out the largest active volcano in Europe and one of the world's most frequently erupting volcanoes thanks to Etna Tours, dine at Michelin star restaurants and review different accommodation options. I’m continuing to expand and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me online.

In 2019

In 2019 I have plans to again travel as much as possible, I’m leaving Europe behind and heading to South America and looking forward to experiencing the challenge of a different continent.

I plan to work with companies and volunteer programs throughout my 8 months in South America and hope this continues to push the rise of Aussieinwanderlust to new heights. If you are interested in working with Aussieinwanderlust please contact me here.

What I hope you get from Aussieinwanderlust

I aim throughout this website is a basic one, I want to show that travelling is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in life. It has the potential to open up your mind, create amazing opportunities you would never otherwise get, enable you to meet some of the humblest people on the planet and challenge you to the absolute limit at times.

Throughout my journey I will aim to bring you a realistic account of what to expect, the highs and lows I face and ultimately solutions and resources for you to use for your own vacations or extended travels.

If earning online and travelling the world as a digital nomad sounds like something you would like to do, then I’m only to happy to offer any advice I can to make that dream a reality for you as well. The blogging world is a friendly place and there’s plenty of room on the internet so please don’t be shy.

Get in contact

Got a question, need some advice or after a little bit of inspiration? Don’t hesitate to drop me a message and I will aim to answer it as soon as possible. If you think you and I are in the same corner of the globe and fancy a cold beer or a day out somewhere get in touch, after all, that is why I started travelling to begin with and that continues to be the most important part.

Talk soon and safe travels crew.

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