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5 Must Visit Places Around Ireland

Published on: February 3rd, 2019 at 6:43 am

Throughout Ireland there as some beautiful cities and towns, friendly people who love a chat (even if you can’t understand what they are saying to you) and some truly special countryside so listing just 5 must visit places around Ireland was hard. It is a country that reminds me very much of the state in Australia that I grew up in and for that reason, I instantly fell in love with the place on my first trip a few years ago. Since then I have been back half a dozen times, I’ve hired a car on multiple occasions and just took off in search of somewhere beautiful to spend some time. Below are just 5 of some of the places I have enjoyed during my time there.

5 must see places in Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher, this one is pretty obvious and I dare say it’s on everyone’s list of must visit places around Ireland. The Cliffs themselves are located 80 km South of Galway. I stayed in Galway the night before visiting these and got down there mid-morning to avoid some of the tourist crowd. They do guided tours/buses from Dublin and Galway to the cliffs if you don’t fancy hiring a car. Personally, I found hiring a car the best option but it’s not what everyone likes to do.

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
The Cliffs of Moher really make you feel small while in their presence

The cliffs are quite an impressive sight when you are there. They are absolutely huge and it gives you the real impression that you are standing on the edge of the world. The weather is rugged and usually very windy, so the locals told me. Some care needs to be taken when trying to get those precious holiday snaps as the edge is slippery and uneven in places. The entry cost of 6 euros is also pretty fair in my opinion.

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Cliffs of Moher Admission
Cliffs of Moher day trip from Dublin
Cruise at Cliffs of Moher


Galway, I have put Galway down simply because I have had an amazing time here on each occasion I have stayed. The locals are super friendly and just generally lovely people who are happy to have a chat with you and find out more about the adventures you are on and what brought you to their city. The Galway Cathedral is impossible to miss on your entry/exit from town and worth a look at as you drive by. The city has remains of the old medieval town walls throughout and the Corrib river runs through it as well.


At certain times of the year this river comes alive with Salmon as they run up the river to spurn, there is also Sea Trout as well, so if your a bit of a fisherman check out when these fish run and you might find an extra excuse to visit this city. The area is also famous for some pretty tasty oysters.

Galway is very much a student town and as you can expect lots of pubs and clubs can be found around the area as well. Eyre Square is a good place to start if you’re after a refreshing pint of Guinness or to simply listen to some live traditional Irish or standard music.

Connemara Day Trip from Galway
Cliffs of Moher Day trip from Galway
Galway Food and Drinking Walking Tour

Connemara National Park

Connemara National Park, this National Park is one of six located throughout Ireland and is around 85 km from Galway. The drive once out of Galway is a highlight in itself and provides some amazing views and photo opportunities before you even reach your destination. If you have the time and don’t mind driving then I’d suggest checking out google maps and doing the circle navigation of the park. Turn right at Glynsk town to go to the park and on the way home return via Cleggan. Once you check it out on a map it will become very clear.

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The rolling hills, lakes and grazing sheep make this very special indeed. If you have turned right at Glynsk then before entering the national park you will come to Kylemore Abbey. It is well worth stopping and checking this place out. There are some beautiful spots to take some holiday snaps, use the toilets or visit the cafe. It does, however, cost to enter past a certain point to visit the Abbey.

Ireland lake with a sheep in the picture
Looking out over one of the stunning Irish lakes with one added extra in the picture

The scenery here makes even me look like a handy photographer. Simply a stunning part of the world so don’t miss it.

Kylemore Abbey in the nearby National Park of Ireland.
Kylemore Abbey is worth a stop while you are exploring the nearby National Park.

After finishing there the entrance to the national park is only another short 10-minute drive down the road. At the park there are lots of walks and activities to do, I suggest looking on their website if you would like to check out some of the walks in more detail.

The website is here

Beautiful reflection of the mountains in the water in Ireland
This is one of my favourite pictures of my time in Ireland

After enjoying the park make your way back to Galway via Cleggan way or stop off at one of the many charming small towns and spend the night. You won’t be disappointed and will be glad you made this one of your must visit places around Ireland.

Wild Deer viewing safari Connenmara
Connemara day trip from Dublin
The Connemara Experience 7 days

Dublin – Temple Bar District

Dublin – Temple Bar district, this place is where the fun is to be had if you are spending some time in Dublin. The cobbled pedestrian lanes are just absolutely full of pubs playing traditional music or DJs spinning a mix, restaurants serving the local classics as well as other cuisines you might fancy and this is also a great spot to find your Irish souvenir with the many souvenir shops throughout the area.

The most famous pub in the area and well worth a look in is appropriately named The Temple Bar. It has pretty much always got a crowd inside and the atmosphere is certainly a great way to start your evening or at the very least do what thousands of others do and get your selfie out the front of this red building.

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Where you go from here or if you, in fact, leave at all is completely your choice but one thing I can almost guarantee is you will have a great night and that is why it made mymust visit places around Ireland list.

The temple bar is a must on St Paddy's day or when visiting Ireland
One of the most iconic places in Dublin

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Dublin Pub Crawl
Whiskey Tasting Tour Dublin
Temple Bar Tour

Guinness Factory

The last must visit places around Ireland is the Guinness Factory, the most famous beer in Ireland and one that can be found in loads of places throughout the world should be on your list of things to do while in Dublin. It is a fun tour that gives you all the information on how this beer company started and who it began with, the information on how this beer is made and what the special ingredients are used to do it, how its been finding its way all across the world for so long, taste test (best part of any tour) and also learn how to pour your own before sampling another beer which is included in your entry ticket and then finally after seeing all this you can enjoy the top floor and all its views of Dublin. They also have food options and a Guinness champagne that is worth investigating while you’re soaking in the Dublin views.

St Paddy's day celebrations and the national drink of Ireland
Cheers Dublin for a great evening of singing, dancing and meeting plenty of friendly people

It is worth setting aside 2-3 hours I’d say to fully enjoy the experience of the Guinness factory and longer if you plan to enjoy a meal. It costs under 20 euro to enter and you do get to enjoy a small Guinness in the tasting room and a pint after you pour one yourself.

Guiness Tour Dublin are a great activity to do when in Ireland

Handy hint, the guide showing you exactly how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness isn’t allowed to drink his while working so if you are friendly enough or the star student you can score an extra pint. It would be a shame to waste a perfectly good pint after all.

There is it, mymust visit places around Ireland. What do you think? Have I missed somewhere you have loved? Please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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5 must visit places in Ireland

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